WiOn – Phone Powered Indoor Smart Switch Technology?

Welcome to the Future

The future is beautiful.

Some may disagree and that’s totally understandable. For a few people, the world we live in where things are constantly in a state of change is scary.

We are literally connected to all parts of the globe by way of the internet, most of our currency is digital, and a lot of our sensitive information is reachable by hackers.

All of this can be frightening.

While this is true, our futuristic society does come with a lot of benefits. Yes, technology has it’s downside at times but that is balanced out by a tremendous upside.

Information comes at us at the speed of our fingertips, making us smarter and more informed than we’ve ever been.

More and more opportunities become available by the day. Our phones are our new computers and keep us up to date with the happenings of the world.

Because of all of this, never has there been a better time to be alive. Technology is slowly but surely becoming a part of us, turning us into a super-race.

These innovations show no sign of slowing down. Some of the most innovative technological ideas make their way into our lives by syncing with our phones, which are basically our lifelines.

One of the companies working to make our lives easier by way of technology and apps is a company called WiOn.

Let’s see what they are up to.


WiOn is a company that makes a product called the Wion Indoor Smart Switch. That’s a cheesy title, isn’t it? Hopefully the product is better.

So exactly what does this Smart Switch do?

Well, the Wion is a product that is designed to let users control the electronics in their home remotely. That means from anywhere on this planet, people can control what’s going on in their homes.

We’re talking every electronic in your home. This includes lights, flat screens, appliances, game systems, fans, flat irons, pool pumps and heaters, irrigation systems and more.

Never before have people been able to control what goes on in their home from an outside location. But that day is upon us.

Yes, that sounds cool and next level, but why on earth would someone want to control their electronics when they’re not even home?

Good question. Well, for starters it saves energy. In our busy lives we may forget to turn something off or want to leave it on for a little while longer.

With Wion comes peace of mind. This peace of mind is furthered when people consider that when lights are on in the house that usually means that people are there. This will keep away burglars.

Another benefit to having Wion is that there’s no type of monthly fee associate with it. All people will have to do is purchase the Wion plug-in and be the owner of a smart phone.

Speaking of which, let’s get into how this thing actually works.

The Nuts and Bolts

Many may wonder how exactly does the WIon allow people to control their electronics from anywhere. It almost seems like magic.

But it’s not magic, it’s actually far from it. The Wion works simply by syncing to a smart phone.

There’s no hubs are crazy configurations to set up Wion, like there may be with similar products on the market.

All users would have to do is plug in the Wion device and install the Wion app on their smartphone to connect.

It’s really as simple as that.

In fact, up to 12 Wion devices can be connected to any 1 smartphone. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apple or android device. So whether someone is team apple or team android, it really doesn’t matter.

The Wion app is a simple one to use. In fact, it’s been said that if a person can set an alarm on their phone, they should be able to use Wion. This should put those who aren’t technologically savvy at ease.

Wion is the perfect product to help simplify our lives. To create order out of the chaos. This product shows us just how much of our lives we can control with just the touch of a button.

WiOn Wins

Wion is an innovative technology that aims to make our lives easier and more simplistic.

It does this by offering us the option to control all of our electronics remotely with the touch of a button on our smartphones.

This product only costs $34.99 which is baffling consider all of what it can do. It can make us safer, it can save us money, it can bring us into the future.

It can do all of these things, but only if we let it. Do yourself a favor and get this product and give yourself the control that will make everything much easier.


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