Whistle Review – Innovative On-Collar GPS Pet Tracker?

In such a fast-paced world, losing a pet is an unfortunate possibility. Yet, this has become a reality for a misfortune many, a reality that has prompted tech makers to scramble to whip up modern means of preventing such losses. When options such as invasive micro-chipping are shown to not offer a pinpoint location of the lost animal; what could be a more comprehensive solution?

Fret not, as The Whistle GPS claims to provide the whereabouts of your lost pet in real-time.

A high-tech solution to the problem of losing track of our furry friends is now at our fingertips with the Whistle GPS. However, that is not all this nifty device is said to do. The Whistle GPS is an empowering tool for the average pet parent looking to take good care of his or her pet. In this review, all benefits and drawbacks of such a device will be listed for added clarity, as well for the pet owner’s ease of mind.

What Is The Whistle GPS?

Simply put, the Whistle GPS is an on-collar pet tracker that enables the user to track the movements of their pet. This can be done from anywhere using a simple mobile app that comes with the product. Additionally, the Whistle GPS functions anywhere the customer has cell service in the United States.

It’s also the first device to join tracking and trend monitoring into one easy-to-understand experience. This means to say that the user can watch their pet’s activity levels, sleep habits, and even be reminded when the pet needs medication or food via this product. This, and your pet’s pinpoint location, is invaluable information for any concerned pet owner.

The Whistle GPS website claims that 1 in 3 pets become lost in their lifetime. Additionally, the manufacturer website boasts that the Whistle GPS is the start to a new era in pet care. When something is amiss, the Whistle tells you, as well as when everything is alright.

Who Is The Whistle GPS For?

Anybody who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet or knows someone who has can make great use of the Whistle GPS at a reasonable price. Even more so, the prevention of such loss makes the Whistle GPS appropriate for any pet owner. Gone are the days of having to put up “Lost Dog” signs around the neighborhood with this smart product.

How To Install It?

The Whistle GPS uses cellular networks to operate properly, as the accompanying app is all-necessary to its proper use as well as the consumer’s choice of three monthly plans. In three simple steps, the consumer can easily set up their Whistle GPS:

  • First, start with activating the device online or through the mobile app
  • Second, power up the provided Base station
  • Third and lastly, attach your device and look for the LED light confirmation

What Are The  Features?

Understandably, pet owners could be concerned about their dogs comfort and safety as it pertains to this technology. According to the manufacturer, the Whistle GPS features

  • Lightweight portability, weighing in at 1.3 ounces
  • Alerts and notifications straight to your phone
  • Ergonomic design, as it easily snaps on to any collar or harness at least 1 inch in width
  • Durability, having been rated at IP67
  • A waterproof design, encouraging weekend trips to the beach
  • A 10-day, continuous use battery
  • Nationwide Coverage anywhere you have cell service in the U.S.

How Does It Stand Out Above The Rest?

Unlike other GPS Pet Tracking devices, The Whistle GPS is comfortable for your dog or cat as it rests safely and beautifully on your pet’s collar and is not cumbersome, nor an eyesore. Additionally, while competitors boast a battery life of 4-5 days, The Whistle GPS has a battery that lasts 10 days through continuous use.  The Whistle’s price is also seen as an advantage, as it does not soar into the 100’s as many others do so often.

What Are Complaints About The Whistle GPS?

Ease-of-use provided by means of an app is a double edged sword, according to some users. Though it is convenient, some complain that the app has too much social media involvement as the consumer will be operating only within the application. The app’s response time to a missing pet is said to be sub-par at times as well.

In addition to complaints about shoddy service, some users report poor support for the product upon trying to come in contact with the Whistle support team. Interestingly, Whistle recently acquired the Tagg pet collar company which has been the purported reason for lack of proper support for some of the Tagg collar’s former users.

What does The Price Tag Look Like?

In addition to the initial $79 price tag, The Whistle GPS also requires a monthly plan to receive its benefits. According to the manufacturer’s website, the plans are as follows:

  • $9.95 per month
  • One year plan is billed at $7.95 per month
  • The two-year plan is billed at 6.95 per month

Aside from the monthly plans, Whistle also offers other additional accessories to go with the main product.

  • Replacement Base Station, $29.95
  • Protective Guard, $17.95
  • Replacement Collar Attachment, $4.95
  • Replacement USB Charger, $14.95
  • Additional Tracker, $69.95
  • Replacement Power Adapter, $9.95
  • Replacement Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Collar Attachment, $4.95

Where Has the Whistle GPS been featured?

The likes of

  • C Net
  • USA Today
  • Wired
  • TechCrunch
  • Associated Press
  • com
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Good Morning America
  • Buzzfeed

All of these reputable sources have featured the Whistle GPS.

The Bottom Line

Though the Whistle GPS is a useful innovation, it is not without some setbacks. It is said to be useful by many, but somewhat buggy by others. The usual limitations of any given GPS or cellular network will have a heavy hand in your experience with the Whistle GPS; however there are also plenty of individuals who claim success in keeping track of their beloved furry friends. Keeping a watchful eye on your furry friend is always recommended and even necessary, however the Whistle GPS can be useful for those who wish to have eyes in the back of their head.


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