EverStryke Review – Lightweight Waterproof Fire Started Lighter?

Conventional matches are a thing of the past and you’ll only really need to use them when all other options are unavailable. To replace conventional matches, you need a lighter that works well, consistently, and that provides you with a strong enough flame for all of your needs. The perfect lighter is able to function well for projects, camping, and even traditional household uses.

While you’ll find that there are many different lighters on the market, none works as well as one option that has both men and women impressed throughout the web.

EverStryke Match is everything you need in a lighter, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Best of all, the product will be sent to you for FREE; it doesn’t get any better than that.


What is EverStryke Match?

EverStryke is one of the most interesting match systems that you have ever countered. It is about the size of a keychain and can be stored anywhere in case you need it. Ultimately, the product can be best characterized as a hybrid between a firesteel lighter and a zippo.

The firesteel component is based upon the product’s ability to provide you with a fire through the use of a metal strip of steel that you drive the rod against and it is similar to a zippo based upon the fully metal appearance of the product.

How Does EverStryke Work?

As the brand explains, this gadget “has it all.” It generates a fire through the use of a ferro rod and quick. These two components make up the fire starting kit that you can take with you on any venture.

Once your strike the rod against the metal body of the gadget, it will conduct a fire that is just over 3000 degrees. The flame heats up with time, eventually reaching 600 degrees, at least according to what the brand claims. There is also no commentary disputing these findings.

The high heat element to this lighter system is one of the main reasons that many choose to carry it around. Traditional flames are unable to reach such a high burning point and as a result, you may find yourself limited in what you can do with your matches. Instead, this product offers you a welcome alternative to most products and better yet, it is easy to carry around and it can even be conveniently cooked to your keys.

A Long Lasting Light

The trouble with traditional matches is that they burn quickly. On the other hand, lighters can lose their gas fast as well. If you are looking for a lighting system that will last long, then the EverStryke Match is a great gadget to add to your collection.

Every match that the product is equipped with is able to reach 15,000 long burning strikes. To ensure that it meets this quota, the product is designed with an O-Ring. The O-ring design prevents the fuel from evaporating, thereby saving you the trouble of having to find a way to refill your fuel reserves.

Moreover, as the brand explains, the fuel component differs greatly from even some of the most famous brands on the market, such as the Zippo lighter. EverStryke is different from the Zippo, which can dry out in about a week.

Sleep or Snow – You’ve Got a Fire

One of the best qualities to this product is that it is one of the most durable and effective lighters that you’ve ever encountered. Unlike most products whose performance is limited to the current environmental conditions, the EverStryke gadget is designed to light no matter what the weather is like.

You can strike a fire in sleet or snow, thereby ensuring that you never find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of. Also, you do not need to spend too much time trying to light the match either. It is designed to work at its best no matter where you are.

No More Burnt Fingers

There are many disappointing qualities to regular matches and lighters, one of which is that they can easily burn your fingers if you are not able to use them fast enough. Fortunately, the EverStryke is designed to promote a fire and once you achieve it, you don’t need to struggle to light what needs to be lit. Instead, you can take your time because the product will not cause you any painful and uncomfortable burns.

A Survival Tool

This gadget can be best explained as the ultimate survival tool no matter where you are. The ability to light a fire easily, quickly, and without a struggle is key to ensuring that you can transition to the next tasks. In general, those who purchase this product enjoy using it on camping trips, for day-to-day household uses, and even for chores that require the use of tools.

Bonus Materials

Not only is EverStryke a free product, but it also comes with more free items that you can add to your collection and that will certainly be of use to you. When you order EverStryke, you also receive an e-book called Ultimate Survival Skills. This book teaches you everything you need to know on how to make it through challenging and tough situations using your lighter and other tools.

The second bonus material that you receive is a 2-hour survival class. The class further demonstrates the actions that you should take and how you can use the product to your advantage so that you are never without hope.

An Introduction to the Survival Life and Family Protection Association

Ultimately, you may be wondering why you are receiving a free lighter, e-book, and class. The answer is simple – it is the brand’s way of introducing you to the Survival Life and Family Protection Association.

This association is dedicated to ensuring that families throughout the country are able to fend for themselves in the most pressing of situations.


Overall, there is no way you can go wrong with the EverStryke system. This product doesn’t cost you a dime, it is useful and interesting, and you also receive bonus materials. To order, visit the brand’s website today.


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