Wearhaus Arc – Wireless Headphones For Sharing Audio Socially?

Wearhaus Arc is a set of headphones that has the ability to wirelessly connect with others in the area. These headphones are customizable, and have been funded for production because of a lucrative Kickstarter campaign.

What Is Wearhaus Arc?

One of the best things about music is the way that it brings people together. Music is a universal language, helping to express emotion or passion or sadness or even victory. It’s meant to be a common denominator amongst people, but you can easily see division when you take a stroll down the street or go into a coffee shop.

Look around at everyone’s ears, and they are covered with headphones, having individual experiences apart from each other. The Wearhaus Arc looks to change that.

The Wearhaus Arc comes from a company that was born just a few years ago, as a creator of two ex-students of Berkeley. While their major was in engineering, the time that they bonded over was their love for music. Out of their passion came the Arc, which offers the ability to connect with your friends for a shared musical experience.

With the Arc, you have a device that can be customized to your needs and preferences, offering impressive sound and the ability to hear what your friends are listening to. If both you and your friend are using these headphones, you can synchronize up with the music your friend is listening to with a tap.

There are plenty of different models that give you the ability to wirelessly connect with your mp3 player, giving you the ability to do away with cords. However, there are no other options to help you share your music, unless you want to allow a friend to use one of your earbuds.

Even though you both can hear a minute level of the full music, you want to experience all of it, without being tethered within a foot or two of your friend’s face. With Wearhaus Arc, you can enjoy the full power of the song with your friend, even if you’re both just walking in the same vicinity.

How Does Wearhaus Arc Work?

The technology of Wearhaus Arc isn’t a new concept, since it relies on wireless connection via Bluetooth. Rather than connecting to an mp3 player or similar audio device, all the headphones can connect with each other.

The whole concept of these headphone is to act as a way to connect socially with other people to share music. However, you can still play music on your own, until you run into someone that you want to share your tunes with.

Using Wearhaus Arc

Connecting with the Wearhaus Arc is fairly simple. First, someone needs to be the host. The host will use the touch panel on the side of the headphones to start the audio for anyone else who aims to connect with the device.

When the next person with a Wearhaus Arc headset wants to join, they will just need to double-tap on the same panel on their own headphones.

They automatically connect to the nearest host, so you will need to make sure the other user is the closest headphones to you. If you find that multiple stations are presently available, you can use the buttons on either side of the touch panel to skip through the options available.

You can synchronize your device that is up to 100 feet away.

Pricing For Wearhaus Arc

If you want to start sharing music with your friends, one pair of the Wearhaus Arc headphones will be $199.99. You can choose to purchase them on the website, you can order it at:

  • Amazon
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • NewEgg

By purchasing it from the website directly, you have up to 14 days to initiate a return, if you don’t like the results. But what’s not to like about a Bluetooth pair of headphones that you can use to share with your friends?

Contacting The Creators Of Wearhaus Arc

With a new type of technology like this, you want to know everything there is to know about the Wearhaus Arc, before you make an investment. The customer service team doesn’t include any phone number or email address, but you can use the online request form to submit your inquiry.

Wearhaus Arc Review Summary

Wearhaus Arc gives you the opportunity to finally have the same experience as one of your friends during their music experience. The headphones are easy to link, and you can get in touch with any friend in the area, which makes these the perfect addition for any road trip or an outing with your friends that would be boring sans music.

You don’t need to experience your music all along. Sharing your experience is the best way to connect and thrive with others, which is exactly what the Wearhaus Arc can offer.


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