Vortech Extreme Vortex Mixer Review – New Protein Shaker Technology?

Vortech Review – High Quality Vortex Mixer?

Vortech is a company that makes a high-powered blender that can break down any powder or smoothie mixture in just five seconds. This is our review.


What is Vortech?

Getting healthy often involves a lot of new meals, some of which are replaced with protein shakes and smoothies. However, when you mix up all of your ingredients, you usually end up with clumps of protein powder, which definitely does not make your drink appealing. Soon, you blend the drink beyond what you need to and all of the other ingredients are destroyed in the process. Luckily, Vortech has created a blender that can remedy this issue.

Vortech has created a mixer that has a 9000 RPM motor, which is the whole reason that it can break through all of the different textures, including powder, for a smooth drink every time. Regardless of the thickness of your particular recipe, this blender can break through everything in only five seconds. That’s less than the time you need to prepare your recipe in the first place. Some common drinks you can easily blend include:

  • Pre/post workout smoothies with protein powder
  • Cocktails
  • Juice
  • Scrambled eggs mix
  • Milkshakes
  • Pancake batter

The design of this cup makes it incredibly user friendly, since it has a pre-formed spout to eliminate the mess as you drink straight from the cup or pour it into a separate cup. To prevent any spills, the leak-proof lid is designed to twist on firmly. On this cup, you will also find:

  • A scientifically engineered blade
  • A rechargeable battery
  • A detachable base
  • A USB charging cable

Make sure to keep all of the components of the mixer together to avoid losing a crucial piece. However, almost all of the pieces remain attached to device anyway, so you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with finding anything but the charger.

Vortech Technology

The whole reason that the Vortech mixers are able to break through anything is due to the high-powered motor, which can be recharged. In fact, you don’t even actually need a cord to use the mixer at all. All you need to do is to charge it up before you go anywhere. Then, you can get your fresh ingredients on the way to the gym or work and blend up your drink the car.

The fact that this product can be taken along with you without any kind of power source is probably one of its greatest strengths. This versatility helps you to take it along to the gym, on vacations, and just about anywhere else. In fact, this is a great way to bring along fresh produce during a camping trip, but without having to sacrifice your healthy eating plan.

When you need to clean the device, you can take off the base to wash it. There is no indication on the website regarding the requirements for washing it. To be safe, you should probably hand wash the mixer and let it air dry between uses.

Pricing for a Vortech Mixer

With all of this information about the technology, you are probably waiting anxiously to get your hands on this mixer. When you go to order the product, you can order up to three mixers in one batch. Each additional mixer earns you a discount on the overall cost.

For one mixer, your total cost is $44.95. If you decide to purchase two mixers at the same time, your total cost is $69.95, which saves you $20.00 from the total cost.

However, the best deal is when you purchase three mixers at the same time. The total cost would be $89.95, which is a total savings of $45.00.

You will not have any shipping costs when you make your purchase.

Contacting Vortech

If you want to speak with someone about this technology, then customer service representatives are waiting to answer your questions. To speak with someone via phone, call 1-877-624-2840. The website does not have any hours of operation listed.

If you cannot reach someone via phone, you can also email your inquiry to [email protected].

To keep updated on any new products or new developments in technology, you can follow along on the company’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also enter your email on the website to join their newsletter mailing list.


The Vortech mixer is designed to make it possible to blend up your drinks and smoothies anywhere, which eliminates all of the excuses that you may have for not eating healthy or lacking the time. All you need to do is charge up the mixer before you leave the house, and you can bring it along everywhere.

The best way to save money on this device is by ordering multiple mixers. You can keep one at home, while you keep one at the office and one in your gym locker. No matter where you go, you can have a healthy meal with the Vortech mixer.


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