Vizeri Tactical LED Flashlights VZ230 and VZ460 Review

Vizeri Focusing Review

The Vizeri Focusing or Vizeri Tactical Flashlight is a high-power flashlight manufactured by Vizeri in Nashville, Tennessee. It, along with its new VZ460 companion, are strategically designed flashlights that can efficiently and effectively brighten up bigger areas for practical self-defense or night time activities.


What Is The Vizeri Focusing?

This highly technical flashlight can brighten up the surroundings and will never allow overall darkness to envelop the whole surrounding. This portable high performance flashlight is easy to handle and manage. It is user friendly; hence, it will always be a good buddy all the time.

No matter if you are involved in the personal protection and security industry or the military, law enforcement, emergency, army, firefighters, police, hunting, medical, photography, camping, and many other outdoor uses – many can find the basic benefits and fancy features of why tactical flashlights are quickly rising upon the must-have horizon.

The Vizeri flashlight has many features to offer that can help anybody to be on top of the situation whenever confronted with some lighting problems.

Vizeri Focusing Features:

Some of the important features that this flashlight has are as follows:

Memory Modes

The Vizeri VZ460 (double the lumen output of the VZ230 flashlight) is equipped with 5 powerful memory modes to choose. It has a very efficient focusing capacity for every situation. When set to its standby mode, the memory retains all the last activity which can be recalled  the moment the unit is switched again. The memory modes include High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS. The SOS signifies an emergency signal. This flashlight features an advanced LED bulb or the CREE XML T6 or XRE Q5 type for superior lighting.

Threaded Components

The Vizeri flashlight has threaded mechanism inside its body. This prevents vibrations and loosening of parts assembled inside the tube.


Vizeri is water-resistant and can stay under water (if dropped intentionally or unintentionally) without getting damaged or losing its functionality. It has a water tight seal which prevents water from getting inside the tube. It has O-rings placed between each segment, which stops water from penetrating the tube. This feature also makes the unit durable.

Made of High-quality Materials

This flashlight is made of superior quality materials like aluminum. Aluminum makes Vizeri flashlight corrosive-resistant. The high quality material that is used to make the flashlight makes it durable and highly functional.

Battery used as a Power Source

This lighting unit operates using two options (alternately). These options are by using batteries or using the lithium-ion. The batteries can be alkaline type CR123 which can be recharged or the triple A batteries which are less expensive. The lithium-ion is also rechargeable and using it will cost less. Using the two options can help save power and will help stretch out the budget. The flashlight has also provided efficient lighting services by just using batteries to power it while helping the user to save more.

Lifetime Warranty

Vizeri offers a lifetime warranty, which makes it a really good deal. If the user or buyer found out that the item they have purchased is defective after purchasing it or if the buyer is not satisfied with the item, the buyer can contact the dealer and have a replacement for the unit that was purchased. Replacing the unit or repairing is free, and they will not obligate the buyer to pay even a single centavo for the repairs and replacement. For more information regarding this matter, you can read its full details in the user’s manual.

Gold-plated Springs

Unlike the cheaper flashlights that use a steel spring to tighten the batteries to the cylinder, Vizeri flashlights use gold-plated spring. This gold-plated spring resists corrosion even if it gets wet (unintentionally). This makes the flashlight more durable.

Usable Accessories

Upon purchasing the flashlight, some free items are included in the purchase. Some of these free items are lamp diffuser, holster, carabineer, which can be used to hang the flashlight while inside the tent or in another place.

All of the features that Vizeri flashlight can provide has made it more efficient and reliable. There are many brands in the market that offer their own creation and brands, but after considering the different features of the flashlight made by Vizeri, some advantages and disadvantages (Pros and cons) can already be identified.

Vizeri Focusing Pros (Advantages):

  1. Additional Light – When you purchase an item, you will be given free items, like a lamp, which can provide additional lighting services. The lamp can be used for emergency purposes, whether you’re at home or travelling. It could be installed as a warning sign, a diffuser or a strobe light.
  2. Portability – The flashlight is handy and can easily be carried and handled. It can be safely tucked into the jacket or slipped into the pocket. It can also be hidden safely in the bag or purse.
  3. Vizeri flashlight is a military inspired creation which is manufactured and tried using military precision. This made Vizeri flashlight distinct from other flashlights available in the market.
  4. The unit can be powered using any 18650 batteries.
  5. The manufacturer of Vizeri Flashlight assures the buyer of a full refund if the buyer is not satisfied with the unit. The manufacturer also assures the buyer that the unit can be replaced if it does not meet the requirements.

If there are pros or advantages, there are also cons or disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that the batteries and charger are not included when the flashlight is purchased. Instead, the batteries and chargers are ordered and purchased separately.

Despite the petty con, Vizeri Flashlight is a very reliable companion or buddy. It can also be used in the office, schools, hospitals and in some other places where an emergency situation suddenly occurs. This flashlight is very reliable, especially during emergency cases when the electric power suddenly shuts off or when there is a blackout.

This flashlight is an important “must have” to everybody. Whether you’re a student, an office worker, a policeman, a soldier, a housewife, or just anybody, this flashlight can really be depended. Those who love wandering and doing activities outdoors at night can also take advantage of this product. It is user friendly and very easy to use.

Vizeri Focusing Verdict:

The Vizeri flashlight is worth buying because of its amazing features that can really help anybody. Compared to other flashlights, this flashlight can always place anybody on top of every situation that they’re in.


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