Survival Fast’ Tact9000 Flashlight Review – Does It Work?

Tact9000 Tactical Flashlight Review

Whether you are camping, organizing a security space for your home, or are just thinking of practical purposes, having a flashlight on hand is imperative. Flashlights are designed to provide you with extra illumination when you need it most.

While there are certainly main flashlights on the market, very few operate as well as those that are designed with tactical features in mind. That is to say, you need a flashlight that has specialized focusing mechanisms, a durable encasing, and all the other “bells and whistles” that can greatly enhance your experience.

This particular review covers the Tact9000, a tactical flashlight unlike the other options that you have seen before.

What is the Tact9000?

Many companies design flashlights for many reasons. Perhaps it is to improve your camping experience, to give you extra light when undertaking a home improvement process, or to provide you and your family with additional security. Much like the most popular tactical LED model the Shadowhawk X800, the Survival Fast Tact9000 falls into the last category. This flashlight was designed upon the premise sometimes, you need a handy tool like a flashlight to protect you and your family and in some instances, the flashlight can be so powerful that it may just save your life at some point.

Features Of The Tact9000

The Tact9000 is a sleek and simple design that is slender and bulkier in all of the right placed. The design enables you to grip the flashlight properly and to use it quickly when need be. There are a number of ways that this flashlight acts as a duel protection device.

A Powerful Material

The Tact9000 is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a durable and tough material, which means that the flashlight will be able to withstand nearly anything. The powerful material is not only durable, but it also enables you to use the flashlight as a weapon.

Since aluminum contains allows that can be as strong as mild steel, the flashlight can be used as a powerful tool. To use the flashlight as a tool, you should simply keep it close to you frequently. In doing so, you can take fast action and use your flashlight as a weapon to protect yourself and your loved ones. When using the flashlight as a weapon, you can either swing it using the woven dangling cord or you can simply yield it as a club and use it in that manner. Either way, you can feel confident that the material and design make a great weapon.

Location Services

The type of location services that this Survival Fast flashlight can be used for many not be as advanced as your mobile technology, but nonetheless it does get the job done. If you are hiking or camping and are lost in the wilderness somehow, you can use the flashlight as a location service. The flashlight is military grade and as such, it has a range of 500m. With such a substantial range, you can use the flashlight as a way to signal to others where your location is.

To do this, just point the flashlight to the sky in the evening. Any flying objects in the area will perceive the signal and will find you.

Powerful Illumination

There are few things more disappointing than purchasing a flashlight, only to find that it does not provide you with the powerful illumination that you need to see clearly. The Tact9000 is unlike the traditional flashlight.

Here, you receive 1000 lumen, which is similar to level of lumen that the sun outputs. In addition, it is ten times more powerful than a flashlight that you buy at the store. With the high level of visibility, you can ensure that you are not blanketed in darkness or a dim light to get you through your obstacle.

Rechargeable Battery

Dealing with batteries is a thing of the past with the Tact9000. This flashlight comes with a 1860 Li-ion rechargeable battery. You can now simply plug the battery into the charging station and let your flashlight power up before you use it again.

If you still prefer traditional batteries though, then you are not precluded from using them either. You can equip your flashlight with traditional batteries and it may even be a good idea to do so in cases where you are using your flashlight for camping purposes and there are no outlets available.

Anyone Can Use the Flashlight

The tactical flashlight can also be used by anyone. The makers of the flashlight market it as a product that can be used by you or given as a gift to friends or family, regardless of their age. Even your elderly parents or your children can make use of the protective properties of this flashlight in any circumstance.

If you would like to order the flashlight, then the company ships them free of charge to whomever you want. This makes the flashlight not only more affordable, but also accessible.

 Lightweight for Travel

Finally, since the flashlight is made out aluminum, it is a lightweight device. As a result, you or a loved one can easily travel with the flashlight without having to worry about carrying a heavy object. The flashlight is also small, which means that it fits neatly into any compartment, container, or backpack during travel.

You don’t need to worry about the flashlight getting destroyed during a bumpy ride either. The durable aluminum will protect the device and keep it in tip-top condition no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Survival Fast Flashlight Summary

If you are ready to take your protection to the next level, then the Tact9000 is the flashlight for you. the powerful device provides you with location services, it illuminates the darkest spaces with a powerful ray of light, and the battery is completely rechargeable for your own convenience and ease of use.

If you do not need the flashlight for yourself, then feel free to purchase one for friends or family who you think will benefit from having such a high-quality and powerful flashlight for their protection and illumination needs. Shipping is also free and you cannot beat that.


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