NiteCore Products Review – Top Tactical Flashlights?

NiteCore Products Review

NiteCore is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gears and tactical tools that are used in hunting, fishing, outdoor camping and law enforcement. With a core focus of LED flashlights and USB chargers, NiteCore is poised to position themselves as one of the best and top tier product producers in this growing space of tactical and practical gear and equipment/electronics.

Who Is NiteCore?

The company is China-based in terms of manufacturing the best and high quality lights and tools including its NiteCore EC4S, rechargeable MH40GT, TM16GT (Tiny Monster), Multitask Hybrid 2MH41, All Climate Tactical Blaze MH27, EC4SW, 4000 lumen TOM6S Searchlight, P12GT, TM26GT, MH12, SRT7, P20, EA41, TUBE, TM26 models that are distributed globally. All of their tactical flashlights and LED/USB products are being distributed around the world covering over a hundred countries since 2007.


NiteCore Searchlights & Flashlights Features:

High lumen and long-lasting

If you’re looking for a tough looking and working flashlight with high lumen, NiteCore EC4S 2150 is what you need. This searchlight can emit light very fast in a second with its 2150 lumen feature. It also produces a very bright light once you turn it on. Aside from emitting light so fast and beaming the EC4S’s brightness, it can last up to 325 hours. Once you turn it on, you can really witness how fast the light emits and how long-lasting it is. The NiteCore EC4S can go as far as 280 meters—that is pretty far for a flashlight to go.

Compact and strong design

This product has a compact and tough-looking design. It is not just the firm design in the outside, but it is truly constructed to be tough, rigid and solid. It is to make sure that it does not leave any gap in between. The NiteCore EC4S is utilized with die-cast technology and was built with aero grade aluminium alloy for a tougher build that makes its strength 200% better than a normal flashlight. This product also has a flat rear design that allows the searchlight to stand rigidly on its tail.

Integrated Reflector for Wide Angle Lighting

In order to have a better view of what you’re intending to look at, it is really important to have a wide angle lighting in a flashlight. The NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight offers CREE XHP50 LED reflector for a wider beam angle. It will allow you to view a broader and smoother angle from your perspective. Though with a wide angle view, it will surely not change the quality of the brightness that will be produced.

Easy Access to Ultra and Turbo Light

Unlike other normal flashlights, NiteCore EC4S contains two buttons: on and off switch and mode switch. If you prefer not to boost the brightness of your flashlight, by pressing the on and off switch, it allows you to have a dimmer light. If you decide to see the brightest mode of your flashlight, by pressing the mode switch, it will allow you to enjoy the 2150 lumens bright light.

NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight Pros:


NiteCore EC4S 2150 is built to be water resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and impact resistant. Its exterior design is extremely compact which is also constructed for a higher resistance to prevent damages. If you’re afraid that you’ll drop your very own NiteCore EC4S on hard surfaces or in the water while fishing, there’s nothing to be worried about. This searchlight can go underwater for 1.5 meters with its IPX-8 and it can withstand hard falls for at most 1.5 meters high. This amazing flashlight can also withstand potential damages that some chemical reaction can make.Lightweight

Most sturdy and well-built flashlights are expected to be heavy because of its components and tough design that contributes to its weight. But this flashlight is the other way around. NiteCore EC4S weighs 171 grams only. It is extremely lightweight as compared to any flashlight with the same size as EC4S.

Outdoor Operations and Photography

In photography, you totally need good lighting to have a greater view or look of your photo. You may need a brighter and wider lighting for a photo shoot,but you won’t be able to use it properly because it doesn’t have a thumbscrew for the tripod. Fortunately, the NiteCore thought that putting a thumbscrew lock on its flat rear would be a great idea.

The NiteCore EC4S can now be used in photography by connecting its thumbscrew lock on the tripod. It can also be connected into tripod to give light to the field for outdoor sports, and it would totally be a helpful tool for people who enjoy night photography.

NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight Cons:

Tripod Mount Location

It is very exciting that a flashlight has a tripod mount to be used in outdoor activities and night photography. However, some people seem to find the mount’s location very uncomfortable. The tripod mount is located on its tail that makes it somewhat uneasy to use. Though, the tripod with flashlight can always be angled or moved to give light to the target or subject.


Today, rechargeable batteries are readily available and cheaper as compared to non-rechargeable batteries. NiteCore EC4S runs with two 18650 batteries that can last your flashlight up to 325 hours. Few had complaints about not having a rechargeable batteries for this spectacular model. But even if your batteries aren’t rechargeable, you have nothing to worry about since it is very long lasting. It will not surely die in the middle of your hunting or activity. Despite this, you can always bring extra batteries with you in case your flashlight had gone out.

Verdict On NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight

NiteCore EC4S gives a brighter and wider view as compared to other flashlights. It is supported by long lasting batteries that will allow you to enjoy it longer than you expected. You can bring it with you on your fishing and hunting trips with no worries of dropping it on a hard surface or in the water because its resistance to water and impact makes it extra special. Its strong and compact design makes it a real must-have.

Overall, NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight is a total package. It is highly recommended for someone who’s looking for flashlights with firm design and bright lighting.  If you’re interested in buying a flashlight for your next hunting trip or camping, we suggest not tosettle on something that is not worth your money. Go for something worthy and long-lasting. Grab the chance to own such an incredible searchlight.


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