Unbeatable Mug Review – Avoid Spills With Innovative Travel Mug?

The Unbeatable Mug is a $30 mug available through an exclusive online offer. Find out if this mug is worth the price today in our review.

What is the Unbeatable Mug?

The Unbeatable Mug is a travel mug available online through StuffInsta.com and a number of other retail websites. The mug uses a unique technology to ensure it can’t get knocked over.

Basically, the mug forms a suction-like airlock with your desk, table, or any other surface after you place it down. When you lift the Unbeatable Mug vertically, you can easily break that airlock and drink whatever is in the mug. However, pushing the mug horizontally will force the airlock to stay intact – which means you really have to work to knock it over.

As the makers of the mug explain, “you need to try it to believe it.” They claim it’s not actually a suction cup – instead, it’s a unique airlock technology.


Unbeatable Mug Features

Some of the key features of the mug include:

-Available in red, black, or green

-16 ounce capacity

-Made from ABS, PP, and 304 stainless steel

-BPA free

-Forms airlock with surface to prevent spills

-Car cup holder-friendly

-Dishwasher safe

-100% happiness guaranteed policy

Basically, the bottom of the device looks similar to a suction cup. The makers of the Unbeatable Mug describe it as a “vacuum grip device”. When you press the mug down onto a surface, it stays in place. Lifting it up vertically breaks that seal – but moving it horizontally does not.

Unbeatable Mug Pricing

Unbeatable Mug is priced at $29.87 on certain websites.

That price can be found on StuffInsta.com, which recently offered a time-sensitive online deal for the Unbeatable Mug. At the time of writing, over 4100 people had already claimed the deal.

The mug can also be found on a variety of other websites and online sources. PremiumStash.com, for example, has it available for $24.95.

No matter where you buy it from, the Unbeatable Mug is listed as part of a time-sensitive offer. You’re often told there’s “only one left in stock”, for example, while a countdown timer counts down from 2 hours. Ultimately, these are just fake things designed to push you into making a rushed decision on your purchase.

Orders are shipped within 5 to 10 business days. Most online stores that sell the Unbeatable Mug accept all major credit cards.

What Do Customers Have to Say About the Unbeatable Mug?

The Unbeatable Mug is a straightforward product: it latches onto your desk or table using a suction cup-like technology, helping to prevent the mug from being knocked over. That’s it.

Most customer reviews we found online are also straightforward: they claim the cup works as advertised to prevent accidental spillage.

Customers typically say the same thing: it won’t take a full speed punch or other heavy impact, but it will prevent accidental bumps and touches from knocking your mug over (after all, how often do you full speed punch your mug while it sits on your desk?).

Many customers also praised the design of the mug, stating that it accented their desk in a sleek, modern way.

Mighty Mug Versus the Unbeatable Mug

Whenever you see a unique product appear online with limited reviews, it’s a good idea to Google Search to see if the manufacturer is just white-labeling a similar product, increasing the price and selling it under a different name.

That’s why it’s interesting to note that when you Google Search “mug with suction cup”, you’ll find a separate product called Mighty Mug. That mug looks alarmingly similar to the Unbeatable Mug and comes with the same suction cup-like design on the bottom.

Mighty Mug is careful to state that their mug doesn’t just use a suction cup: it uses a patented technology to prevent itself from tipping over. This technology is also called “Smartgrip”, which is the same named used on the Unbeatable Mug.

Overall, based on this information, it appears the Unbeatable Mug and Mighty Mug are the same product – or at least remarkably similar.

The thing about the Mighty Mug is that it’s typically available for a cheaper price: like around $20. You can find it on Amazon – which is probably a more reliable source than scammy-looking websites with countdown timers.

The Mighty Mug was launched on Kickstarter back in 2014, when over 2,000 people pledged over $100,000 to bring the project to life. You can view that Kickstarter page here.

In any case, you may want to check prices on the Mighty Mug before you spend $10 extra on the Unbeatable Mug.

Should You Buy the Unbeatable Mug?

The Unbeatable Mug appears to be an alternative name for a product called the Mighty Mug, which was launched on Kickstarter back in 2014.

Whatever you call it, the mug uses a unique technology that prevents it from being tipped over. That suction cup-like technology (it’s not actually a suction cup) prevents horizontal force from knocking over the mug, but still allows you to pick it up vertically, as normal.

Make sure you check the prices on the Unbeatable Mug before you purchase it online. You can find the Mighty Mug/Unbeatable Mug for as little as $20, so you may not want to shell out $30 for it.


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