Magniwork – Real Generator To Produce Free Electric Energy?

Today's household has so many costs associated with simply keeping the basic utilities running. From water, to property taxes, and costly repairs, even the most basic costs that are taken for granted can be astronomical.

Electricity was historically once a luxury, but for decades has become one of the most fundamentally basic necessities in our high tech lives, yet its cost has not leveled out to be anywhere near as basic as it should be.

Most consumers believe they are paying far too high of a bill for this simple need. They would rather their energy companies showed them some consideration for a life that requires their services from birth to death.

Here is the great news for all who want to pay less for energy: Magniwork Generator System.

Magniwork is a relatively new innovation of our modern, technologically centered world, manufactured with the intent of providing other alternatives to conventional solutions.

What is The Magniwork Generator System?

According to a Do It Yourself e-book entitled “Magniwork—Energy of the Future, in Your Home Today accessible at, it is a pollution-free source of energy.

As claimed by the guide, you could power your home with this technology and is quite simple to build and maintain.

Using Magniwork would reduce your electricity bills by anywhere between 50 to 100% according to setup and usage.

According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and run your household entirely from this renewable source of energy.

How Does The Magniwork Generator System Work?

As is inferred by the name “Magniwork,” the generator employs the theory of perpetual motion to produce energy using two magnet bars.

This technology makes the use of gigantic hydro-electric power plants seem entirely obsolete. It’s even an improvement on solar power, the commonly accepted clean, green alternative, and when Magniwork is fully integrated, wind-to-electric turbines will be confined to history.

The book explains that it converts magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion to produce electricity, and elaborates further that it is such a simple process that someone with very little or no technical skills could assemble it.

The basic principle at work is that two positive magnetic poles will always repel themselves. It is this repelling force that the manufacturer claims will spin a suspended plastic or wooden plate.

The other bars of the magnet will be assembled at the other side of the plate. They will naturally attract one another while their repelling force creates a gap.

These magnetic bars thus become centrifuges that automatically exert their force on that circular plate. As they spin the plate, electric energy is produced in accordance with the rotation speed.

The manual explains how to channel the generated energy to make it usable by household electrical systems, including the use of a belt that will be put into motion by the movement from the plate and connected to an electric generator.

A visit to the website of the producer,  educates the reader with more information about the feasibility of the device.

Why is this system needed?

In modern times, electricity generating companies are increasing their rates with more frequency than the usual, demonstrating a compelling need for a viable alternative.

The alternatives that have been discovered and are being innovated today are deficient in so many ways including:

  • Fuel-powered electric generating sets are tenfold more expensive
  • They also contribute to and increase the greenhouse effect
  • Wind and solar energies are said to be pollution-free, but they are not efficient and are severely limited
  • Other local electric energy sources are not yet able to freely generate enough wattage for a promising future
  • Magniwork is completely pollution-free
  • It is capable of turning out 24 watts of electricity
  • Once you got the technology right and assemble it in an accurate precision, you would generate electric power; you only need to increase the number of plates spun by increased attracting and repelling magnetic forces to increase the output in watts and volts
  • When properly assembled it can power more than 80%, if not 100% of your home, depending on what you consume
  • Above all, the cost is pocket-friendly. Never forget, the main reason for searching for an alternative source of energy is the expensiveness of the present one from the generating and distributing companies. However, with just about $99 or less, you can experiment with free electrical energy
  • It is said to be maintenance-free
  • Since it is said to employ the theory of perpetual motion, the likelihood of power failure is reduced drastically, if it ever existed with this technology
  • The inventors promise an after-sales service
  • They also promise to return your money in case of any unforeseen issues


As noble as the idea of generating electric energy from magnetic poles appears, the manufacturers will have a hard time marketing it.

Though the DIY manual describes the technology behind it as perpetual motion, scientists don’t really believe there is any such device is possible.

It must require another mechanical or electrical energy to run and be able to produce an energy-producing force.

Mathematicians, physicists, and electrical engineers are having a hard time deciphering the manual and relating the contents to contemporary theories of energy.

It is being seen as a scam by reviewers and researched, due in no small part to the e-book's claims that the device generates more energy than it consumes. That defies all known laws of physics and motion.

Others who have tried working with similar devices are not able demonstrate that technology like this can be easily invented.

The usual commercial interest blurs the line between a truly scientific invention and marketing mix.

The question arises then: If it is such a simple process, why sell it in an e-book? Why not simply manufacture the generator on a large scale and dominate the world's electricity market.


The Magniwork website lists the price of the DIY guide at a low price of $45. The 140 page guide will walk the buyer through the step by step process of installation, and all the materials needed for the build are available for an estimated $100.

Magniwork Review Summary

The possibility of generating renewable energy from magnetic field is not to be taken without skepticism.

A scientific breakthrough such as this demands that a claim of this nature should be subjected to a series of practical tests. If there is a deficiency, it ought to be remodeled to make it workable.

The ideas behind most hailed scientific discoveries of our time were in the past scoffed at, and have now become the foundation of theory and practice. However, only through experimentation and proven concepts is this possible.

The cost of assembling this generator is not more than, at most, 6 months electrical billing.

It is insignificant to expend the sum on experimentation if there is a possibility of it working. However, current scientific knowledge seems to indicate that Magniwork’s claims are impossible with today's available technology.


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