Toyji – Worlds First Smart Toy Platform for Personalized Learning?

Toyji is a company that produces toys that help you refine a multitude of skills that your child needs to develop. This is still in the production stages, and it has a campaign on Kickstarter to gain financial backing of willing contributors.

What is Toyji?

From the moment that you become a parent, you constantly are striving to find the best way to teach your child the skills that they need to grow. Watching their mind expand with each new experience is a touching and often emotional moment, since everything is new to them. It’s your responsibility to help them gain the right tools along the way, but standard toys can’t give them the same motivation that Toyji can.

Toyji is self-described as the “world’s first smart toy platform.” The company is responsible for creating toys that go beyond the typical options for toddlers that are three and up. Rather than having the standard set of blocks and stuffed animals, these products are educational and help you to develop motor skills and social habits that they will take along with them for the rest of their lives. If you have children, or you’re responsible for taking care of children, their brain development is at the forefront of your mind, which is why you should give them the tools they need to grow.

Some people are reserved about the different technological advancements that they offer to their children. Even though society is moving towards high-quality products to help you improve your skills, you may be more old-fashioned about the way you approach your lessons. Unfortunately, you may be holding your child back by keeping them from the different options that the world has available to offer nowadays. Toyji helps you to find different toys that meet your child’s intellectual level while challenging it.

How Does Toyji Work?

With the Toyji set, your child can play with toys of a virtual surface that teaches them different reactions from the program. The entire device a motion-sensitive board that tracks the movements your child makes across it. You will get several characters from Toyji in your purchase, and your child can use these toys to move across the board, seeing the reaction on the screen.

You may compare this product to a video game, but it’s so much more than that. You will be able to control the impact on the screen with slow and steady movements across the base, which is wirelessly connected to each toy. You connect it to your phone or tablet to watch the changes on the screen, as long as you use an Android or iOS device.

Even though the display shows a replica of the toy that you’re using, you have the option to modify the way it looks on the screen. You can work with your child to help change the look, while letting them learn math skills and coding information at a level that they can understand.

Due to the technological structure of the Toyji board, you can include up to 16 characters on the Pad simultaneously. Each character can be modified still, which means that you can even use this tool to engage with your children in a new way that reaches them on a deeper level intellectual.

To try out different skills (coding, sorting, and counting), you can choose from three different shapes on the bases of the toys, which are included in the set. There’s even a “toy creator utility” that helps you make new 3D figures with your kids, matching the design that you want and replicating different characters that your child already loves.

Pricing for Toyji

When Toyji is available to the public, your total cost for the set is $199. However, you may be able to get a discount by ordering early or ordering multiple products, starting at $89 each.

The successful development of Toyji will largely depend on meeting the goals of their Kickstarter campaign. The goal is $75,000, and the company is presently under $20,000 at the start of 2017. However, you can still contribute, if you want to be a part of this innovative product. The deadline to meet this goal is January 9, 2017.

In fact, the company offers incentives for your donations, which have a limited number of available backers per reward.

  • Donate $10: Receive a coloring book and a storybook with the Toyji characters
  • Donate $89: Receive the starter pack for Toyji, which includes the Pad, three Character toys, and access to the Farmhouse game
  • Donate $99: Receive the same merchandise as the $89 donation
  • Donate $129: Receive the same merchandise as the last two incentives, plus five toy bases
  • Donate $149: Receive the same merchandise as the $89 and $99 donation, while still getting a discount off the suggested retail price

Sets that are available for school packs start at $999, while distributor packs start at $4,999.

Most of the products should start being delivered around October 2017.

Contacting the Creators of Toyji

Since Toyji hasn’t even been released to the public, you probably have plenty of questions about the way the system works. While there’s no phone number or email address on the Kickstart website for their campaign, you can send a message to the team through the website.

If you go directly to the Toyji website, you can fill out the online form to request a response.

Toyji  Conclusion

Toyji is a revolutionary way to approach your child’s intelligence with technology that is perfect for their young mind. Too many parents put their children in front of the television constantly, which is bad for their vision and for their learned judgment in their decision making as they grow. Children tend to learn better with hands-on experiences, but technology will be a prevalent part of their life for the coming generations, so it helps to engage in experiences that include it. If you want to help expand your child’s mind beyond what classic toys can offer, Toyji can help you.


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