Qube Smart Bulb – World’s Most Affordable Wi-Fi Lightbulb?

The Qube Smart Bulb calls itself the world’s most affordable multi-color smart bulb. Find out how it works today in our Qube Smart Bulb review.

What is the Qube Smart Bulb?

The Qube Smart Bulb is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled lightbulb that changes color on-demand. The Smart Bulb is priced at $24

The lightbulb is so popular that it’s currently sold out. When you order the Qube today, it won’t ship until February. Currently, the company is trying to fill all its back orders. The $24 price is the early bird price, and the Qube will retail at $29 after February 2017.

The lightbulb is made by Qube, LLC.

How Does the Qube Smart Bulb Work?

Qube calls itself the “next generation smart lightbulb”. After installing Qube, you never have to come back to a dark house again. In an introductory video for Qube, people are seen activating their Qube when they pull up to their dark house, or when they’re setting the mood for a movie night.

Qube is just a light bulb: it plugs into your existing lights and lamps.

Like other smart home devices, you control Qube using your smartphone. With a couple taps, you can change the lighting to whatever suits your mood or situation. You download the app for free after buying the Qube light bulb.

The app is straightforward to use, and comes with large, simple buttons. You can go to the “moods” page of the app to switch between moods like “nature” or “sunset”, for example, or go to the main page to switch between six different colors (blue, orange, red, white, yellow, and green).

Another neat feature of Qube is that you can set it to “dance” to the beat of your favorite songs. In this mode, Qube pulses to the beat of your music.

If you leave the home without switching off your lights, then Qube will send you an alert telling you to switch off your lights.

Qube even syncs with weather apps to tell you when it’s raining outside. If your light pulses with certain colors before you leave the house, then you might want to take your umbrella with you.

Qube will also flash when you’re receiving a phone call, message, or notification.

There’s also an “alarm” mode for Qube, where the light gradually gets brighter in the morning to help you wake up.

There’s even a mode where you can use Qube to find a lost item in your home. This mode requires multiple Qube lightbulbs in your home. In this situation, Qube will light up the lamp closest to your lost item.

Qube Features

We talked about some of these features above. However, here are the core features you’ll find with your Qube smart bulb device:

-Sense Automation: Detects your location within the house to create automations on your light.

-Moods: Creates the perfect lighting for any occasion, whether it’s a dinner party or a romantic evening in (you select the mood from the Qube app).

-Schedules: Set your lights to a certain schedule, so they gently wake you up in the morning or turn on when you come home from work.

-Remote Access: Turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world.

-Long-Lasting: Designed to last up to 50,000 hours (the equivalent of 27 years).

-Notifications: The lights notify you of incoming calls or notifications on your phone.

Qube Smart Bulb Pricing

Qube Smart Bulb’s final retail price will be $29.

In December 2016 and January 2017, the bulb is available for $24. On the initial Indiegogo campaign, the bulb was priced at $19.

You can choose between an E26 and E27 lightbulb on the sales page. E26 bulbs are used by the United States, Canada, and most of North America, while the rest of the world uses E27 lightbulbs. The makers of Qube have a detailed breakdown of which countries use E26 vs E27 at this page.

Shipping will begin in February 2017. Qube is currently filling its backorders.

Who Makes Qube?

Qube is made by a company named Qube LLC. There are two Qube LLCs in America, one of which offers healthcare services. The Qube LLC that makes smart technology has existed for over 2 years, during which it invested in R&D for Qube.

Qube LLC is a subsidiary of Innova Technology Pte Ltd and is venture-backed by Red Dot Ventures Pte Ltd. Innova Technology is best-known for its PROTAG, a loss prevention device that can be slotted into valuables – like your bags, wallets, and passport. Innova Technology was founded in 2011 and is based in Singapore.

You can get in touch with the makers of Qube at [email protected].

Should You Buy Qube?

Qube is a popular and affordable smart lightbulb technology. The bulb is currently sold out, which means new orders aren’t shipping until 2-3 months down the road. Priced at under $30, Qube is an affordable way to add smart technology to your home. Some people might just use it as a bedside light, watching the light turn on gradually as they wake up. Others will use it to set the mood in their living room. And some will string multiple Qube lightbulbs together to create a connected smart home.

Qube is easy to use. You control everything through the app, which will soon be available for iOS and Android.

If you’re looking for an easy and reasonably-priced way to add smart technology to your home, then Qube may be the right choice for you.


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