ThorFire C8 – High Quality Tactical CREE XM-L2 LED Flashlight?

This flashlight claims to have it all with plenty of light for camping, hiking and hunting, all in a lightweight and compact design. Read the review to find out if this ThorFire C8 light is worth adding to the camping gear supply bag, and using on the next trip.

What is ThorFire Upgraded C8 LED Flashlight?

ThorFire Upgraded C8 is upgraded with a U-shaped tail cap for better control. The ultra-bright LED flashlight displays MAX 900 lumens, brightness per rating. Designed for camping, hiking and hunting, it is a must have for those excursions where a bright light is mandatory. The multi-functional modes make it perfect for whatever lighting is needed, high/mid/low/ and moonlight.

Simply click to turn on and off, or double tap to ignite the active hidden strobe mode. The new upgraded design has made the flashlight more comfortable, with the U shape, it is now effortless to turn on and off, or to change the mode setting. The built-in memory remembers the more recent mode used, so when turned on, it automatically goes to the last setting used.

A favorite of many, this flashlight works great in moonlight mode for night shift nurses to check patients, parents to check on sleeping babies, and if needed the super bright light will light up the darkest of campsites. This is not an ordinary cheap flashlight, it is a higher quality, versatile light that will take the place of any other flashlight with the multiple light settings.

How Does the ThorFire C8 Work?

This versatile flashlight is battery powered, and runs on 1x 18650 3.7v rechargeable battery, sold separately. It is recommended that the ThorFire 2x 18650 + charger be used for best results. (ASIN: BOOT2FQIH8). The small change in design with a U shape has made this light even easier to use and access the on/off switch and to change modes.

The new design is a great improvement over the previous, and makes the slightly higher price well worth it. This is a very popular tactical flashlight, and much brighter than other C8 lights made from cheap materials. The available five modes make this light perfect for all occasions. Moonlight mode is perfect for when you need low light, checking on sleeping children, looking to find keys or a remote in the dark, without disturbing others.

The low setting is for those times that you need to shed light on something, but don’t need a lot of light. Use the low light at the campfire to add a little extra light without changing the nighttime setting. The mid setting on the flashlight is great for using as a regular flashlight, it will light the way for any occasion. The High setting is for when you need beyond light brightness.

This bright will light up the dark and make any campsite feel safe. The strobe setting has multiple uses, and could be used as an emergency light, a warning signal, or just for fun. The range of the versatile light is about 600 meters, and it can stand up to tough conditions, and any environment. Camping, hiking, and scouting trips, the ThorFire Upgraded C8 can make the nights bright.

Who Makes the ThorFire Upgraded C8 LED Flashlight?

ThorFire is bringing this upgraded model to the public, with the improved design. Visit the website for more details at:

ThorFire Upgraded C8 LED Flashlight Pricing

Right now, this upgraded light is available for $16.99, a savings of $19.00, that’s 53% off the regular price of $35.99. There is no longer a need to buy multiple flashlights for varied degrees of light. With the lanyard included, it’s easy to carry and quick to turn on, regardless of what level of brightness you need, this is the only flashlight you will need or want.

Should You Buy the ThorFire C8 LED Flashlight?

For anyone that enjoys weekend camping trips with the family, this flashlight is a must have. Anytime there is a need for a tactical flashlight, this product is the ideal choice. Most flashlights offer two settings, off or on, however with a choice of five settings, it works in any environment. The perfect light for all occasions, this flashlight is a bargain at the current sale price.


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