TacLight 1100 – Powerful Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight?

The Tac Light is the latest, military grade flashlight released on the market. It promises to deliver, the best, most powerful, and sufficient, lighting you can find. Read this review to find out about the TacLight 1100 today.

What is TacLight 1100 Flashlight?

They claim this is the last flashlight you’ll ever buy. It is supposedly the most powerful of all self-defense flashlights. They call it a military inspired tactical flashlight. The TacLight 1100 features modes like high-powered, low, and strobe. There is also an S.O.S and it’s available right now for $56.

The flashlight has the power of 1100 lumens and is zoomable from 1X-2000X.

A lumen is basically the constant stream of light that is distributed from a single candle. So 1100 lumens would be equal to 11000 candles, if they were all concentrated in one small spot.

To say the least, it’s a very powerful flashlight that should be bright enough to help you light up whatever it is you need to light up.

How Does the TacLight 1100 Work?

The flashlight is made of machined, aircraft grade aluminum. It uses only 3 AAA batteries and weighs about 7 ounces. The flashlight has 5 modes of operation; including high, middle, low, strobe and SOS.

The fact that it is made of aircraft grade aluminum, means it is 6061 aluminum. The flashlight is basically made of very high-quality metal, alloy. By many people’s standards, it’s very impressive. It’s also the same aluminum that is used to make everything from cars to fishing rods. It’s very popular because it’s cheap and highly reliable.

The flashlight is made from the best aluminum on the market. And it really is ideal for any outdoor situation, according to the manufacturer. It’s got the same high grade level of durability as many other military grade weapons and equipment. Is it used by military professionals?

It depends where you go. You may see similar flashlights being used by military personnel. But there is no guarantee. It’s very likely that many law enforcement personnel, use these flashlights or similar ones on a regular basis. They’re definitely durable flashlights that anyone can use when in an outdoor situation.

One thing is for certain, these flashlights are a great deal. Many other flashlights of a similar nature are sell for $70 at starting price. The flashlight is bright, and may be strong enough to disable a person visually.

What Makes the TacLight 1100 Different?

First of all the flashlight is balanced very nicely. It is great for any outdoor situation. And it is incredibly light. The flashlight is built to be very balanced and effective enough to damage someone if they get to close to you. Whether, people tell you that you can use it to strike someone or not, you can. It doesn’t take much weight in your hand to do that.

The price on the flashlight is one of the best deals. It’s kind of unreal at how affordable it is. Not many flashlights out there are this in-expensive. And it’s definitely one of the best built flashlights on the market.

I mean it’s tough, you can drive over a car with one of these things and it will still function fully and completely.

How Much Does the TacLight 1100 Cost?

The TacLight 1100 costs $56. They claim it is marked down from $244.45. But that may be a bit exaggerated. From researching, I was unable to find a flashlight like this for that price. However, I was able to find them for an average of $70 plus shipping and handling. So it is a very good deal, regardless of what they price it at.

As a bonus, if you decide you like the TacLight 1100, you can get a very nice discount for purchasing multiple flashlights. Buy 3 and you get 2 free and buy 2 and you get one free.

Other prices include:

  • 4 for $169.00
  • 10 for $350.00
  • 15 for $525.00
  • 20 for $700.00

What Are Customers Saying About the TacLight 1100?

Customers are happy with the flashlight. It’s a good product that you can pick up at a very reasonable price. And with so many other flashlights on the market that are a lot more expensive, this is a great deal. Customers are happy with the weight, with the balance and with the effectiveness of the light. It’s not every day you find a flashlight like this at such a good price.

And people are also happy with the face that shipping is free. Customers mainly appreciate the compact size vs. the power of the flashlight. They claim, the beam is very impressive and comparable to other tactical flashlights that are significantly more expensive.

All in all, according to the reports, it’s very good flashlight and a good buy.


  • Flashlight is made with high-grade, very durable, aircraft machined aluminum
  • Good weight and balanced for carry
  • Said to be ideal for self-defense and survival


  • May not be as effective for self-defense as they claim
  • Likely not to be as much of a price mark down as claimed

Should I Use the TacLight 1100?

If you’re looking for an affordable, brand new flashlight that costs less than a tank of gas, then yes. The TacLight 1100 is a good buy. You can count on high brightness, several setting and durability for when you’re outdoors.

While there are other tactical flashlights on the market that are probably higher-quality, this one is one of the better ones and is sold at a very affordable price.


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