Signal Vault Review – RFID Blocking Technology Card Protection?

Signal Vault is a credit and debit card protector that initially appeared on Season 7 of Mark Cuban's Shark Tank TV show. The RFID blocking SignalVault is aimed at stopping ‘crowd hacking' via their proprietary E-Field technology. Find out how Signal Vault works today in our review.

What is Signal Vault?

Signal Vault, now in its third generation model as of September 2015, is a small wallet-sized dual protection device that slides into any wallet or purse. The device works by blocking radio-frequency identification signals, helping you protect your personal debit or credit card information from identity thieves and hackers.

Sold online and other major retailers, Signal Vault is priced at around $15 per product and is considered one of the best electromagnetic interference jammer devices currently available for personal use and card safety. The SignalVault RFID blocker is also compatible to work with current passport cards and the newly created Enhanced Driver's License (EDL). This is part of the WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) and will be important futuristically speaking.

Signal Vault promises to fit in any wallet or money clip and will last at least 5 years and more likely 6 to 9 years. It doesn’t require batteries and it protects all credit cards within its “10mm E-Field”. That E-Field promises to make your credit card information “invisible” to a card reader and secure against unsolicited attempts to capture your sensitive personal data.

Signal Vault first appeared on Shark Tank in season 7 and has been tested for its RFID blocking and signal protection by trusted third-party specialist N.T.S. (formerly Qualtest, Inc.) in their Electromagnetic Interference Chamber.  You can review the Certificate of Conformance here.

How Does Signal Vault Work?

SignalVault, who has now appeared on Good Morning America and MSNBC, claims that identity thieves now have technology they can use to steal your information from up to 25 feet away. This is called “electronic pickpocketing”.

Signal Vault fights back against this technology by working in a similar way to a “jammer”. It transmits a higher radio frequency than your RFID-enhanced credit and debit cards and currently has one of the strongest jamming effectiveness signals available.

The jammer is called “E-Field Technology”. That field is created by a small antenna within the card. Over the years, the antenna has been upgraded for greater range. As of 2016, SignalVault was on its third generation and now has more layers of protection than it has ever had before. As reported on the official Signal Vault website, their RFID card blocker is rated over 100,000 protection cycles which is like a crowd hacking source attempting to siphon your data at least 10 times a day for the next 25 years.

In layman’s terms, Signal Vault contains a microchip that detects when scanners are nearby. When those scanners are detected, the device emits white noise to hide your information while also blocking the signal. The company calls this “Dual-Stage Protection”.

The creators of Signal Vault encourage customers to test the device by using their credit card at a credit card reader (like a tap-based credit card reader). Then, test it again while holding Signal Vault nearby. The reader shouldn’t be able to access your credit card information. Just a note, the RDIF card protector ships in a plastic wrapper that should be removed upon receiving and installing/using.

In this type of testing, some customer reviews say that Signal Vault didn’t work, while others claim that it protected their cards and prevented the reader from accessing their data. The SignalVault RFID card protector is also safe in airport scanners and x-ray machines.

In any case, SignalVault fits into any wallet and does not require any batteries. You can just put it in your ordinary credit card and debit card wallet slots for it to work all the time.

SignalVault RFID Blocking Protector Pricing:

Signal Vault is priced at $14.95 through, where you can purchase 1 card for $14.95 or 2 cards for $24.70.

Alternatively, you can purchase it through the official website, where you can order them in packs of 10 or even 50 at the following price ranges:

-2 Pack Signal Vault: $24.95

-10 Pack Signal Vault: $99.95

-50 Pack Signal Vault: $450

The company actually recommends using two Signal Vault devices in each wallet – although it’s unclear if this provides significantly better protection than just using one.

Who Makes Signal Vault?

Signal Vault is made by a Florida entrepreneur named Chris Gilpin. Gilpin appeared on Shark Tank in Season 7 and successfully brokered a deal with the investors.

You can contact the Signal Vault company by phone at (386) 218-0555 or by email at [email protected].

You may also find SignalVault LLC at 1759 Santee Avenue Deltona, FL 32738.

We look forward to hearing your personal experiences and sharing your direct interaction using this state of the art RFID blocking E-Field technology.


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