AlumiTact X700 Tactical Flashlight Review – Military Grade or Misleading Garbage?

X700 LED Flashlight Review

The AlumiTact X700 LED flashlight is a recently-released flashlight that offers up to 2000x zooming capabilities and claims to be made from aircraft aluminum. Here’s our detailed X700 review.

What is the X700 LED Flashlight?

The X700 calls itself a high performance military-grade tactical flashlight. It’s available through a 75% off offer that recently appeared online (although it appears that this is the only price at which you can buy the high-profile AlumiTact X700).

The flashlight is made by a Minneapolis-based company and promises to be equally as effective as a self-defense tool or as a flashlight for when you need to find your dog at night.

Amazingly, the flashlight also claims to have 700 lumens of light, which is surprisingly powerful for a $50 flashlight.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the X700 today in our review.

X700 Features

-Runs on 3 x AAA batteries

-Features 700 lumens of brightness

-Zoom feature that lets you zoom up to 2000x

-5 modes, including high, mid, low, SOS, and strobe

Aside from these features, there’s very little information about the X700 available online. It is also important not to mix it up with the G700 LumiTact flashlight as they boast different specifications and manufacturers (although very similar in nature).

Certain advertisements for the X700 talk about how it’s made from aircraft aluminum or used by real soldiers and police officers around the world – while this might be hard to prove on the surface level, there are many pushers and promoters of these tactical flashlights who go on to say this is not widely shared or known knowledge up until very recently.

While we found little to no evidence to support the claim that the flashlight is used by military personnel or emergency crews, we still have high hopes that this delivers on its perceived values and can act as a very important tool for those who are into the survival preparation and outdoors/camping world. Police officers typically purchase flashlights from Pelican, Streamlight, or Surefire, all of which charge at least twice as much for a 700 lumen flashlight – but now it seems the technology is being shifted mainstream and available for the first time to the national public – just take a quick look at the Shadowhawk X800.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that one of the alleged benefits is that it could be used as a self-defense weapon but the X700 weighs just 7 ounces so likely they imply by blinding someone rather than fighting someone at close combat ranges like you might initially think.

Then there is the the aircraft-grade aluminum claim? That claim appears to be accurate, but a bit misleading: aircraft-grade aluminum isn’t as special as you might think. Aircraft manufacturers use a specific aluminum alloy called 6061 aluminum alloy. That alloy is the same one used to make food packaging (like aluminum cans you see at grocery stores) as well as beverage cans (like beer cans).

In other words, saying something is made from “aircraft aluminum” isn’t quite as special as you’re led to believe – but that does not make or break this product as much these military-grade LED flashlights are re-enforced with just more than its outer shell for longevity and maximum durability.

Who Makes the X700?

The X700 is made and sold online through might sound like a massive online military supply retailer. But in reality, when you visit the website, the catalog is exclusively filled with the X700 flashlight (in various package deals, like in packages between 1 and 20 flashlights). That’s the only product listed in the catalog. They do mention they are just getting started which can only imply they will be around for a long time to come with many more projects and products coming down the pipeline.

The company is based in Minneapolis at the following address:

225 Thomas Ave. N. Suite R

Minneapolis, MN 55405

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or using the email form found here.

The website appears to only have launched in 2016. A WHOis lookup reveals that the website was registered and created on December 17, 2015 through

X700 Pricing

The X700 is available at different prices depending on whether you’re buying 1 flashlight or 20 flashlights. The more you buy, the more you save. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Flashlight: $56

-2 Flashlights: $97

-3 Flashlights: $134

-4 Flashlights: $169

-5 Flashlights: $196

-10 Flashlights: $350

-12 Flashlights: $420

-15 Flashlights: $525

-20 Flashlights: $700

As you can see, the unit rate per flashlight doesn’t drop after 10 flashlights. You’re paying $35 per flashlight at the lowest rate.

Keep in mind that you’ll see plenty of offers for “75% discounts” when shopping for this flashlight online. The manufacturer claims that the flashlight regularly retails at a price of $224.45.

Apparently, through the goodness of their hearts, they’re giving away 75% discounts like candy.

In reality, you can’t actually order the flashlight for $224.45. It has never been sold for that price and never will be. The $56 price is the regular retail price.

Ultimately, the X700 is virtually identical to a variety of “military grade” flashlights that have recently appeared online. For $56, it’s not a bad flashlight – especially considering that it promises to put out 700 lumens of power, which is quite an accomplishment for a flashlight at this price range. Nevertheless, if you’re expecting this flashlight to be heavy, durable, and made from high-quality materials, then you’re probably going to be disappointed.


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