Defender 24/7 Review – Smart Self Defense Personal Protection System?

Defender 24/7 claims to be the world’s first smart personal protection system. Find out how Defender 24/7 protects users today in our review.

What Is Defender 24/7?

Defender 24/7, also marketed online as The Defender, is a smart personal protection system that can be used to alert law enforcement and medical authorities in the event of an emergency.

The company behind Defender 24/7 calls their product “the next generation in personal safety”. The handheld device is connected to a 24/7 monitoring service – which is something we see on most personal protection devices today.

However, where Defender 24/7 distinguishes itself from the competition is with its other “smart” features, including a camera, a GPS tracker, a siren, and a pepper spray unit all located within the device.

With one press, you can pepper spray an attacker, take a picture of their face, and send that picture to local law enforcement.

In other words, the Defender 24/7 is an all-in-one personal protection system. You can use it to defend yourself, alert people nearby, or contact emergency services.

The Defender first appeared online in 2014. We then received sporadic updates over the next few years. Today, the device is available to pre-order online in exchange for a $25 deposit.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the features on the Defender 24/7.

Defender 24/7 Features

24/7 Monitoring:

Connect to emergency services and law enforcement, or get in touch with the company’s 24/7 monitoring team.

The company describes their team as a “trained safety and medical alert response service”, although they don’t go into detail about what type of training they have, or what kinds of services they can provide.


The Defender 24/7 has an integrated camera. You can point the camera at the attacker, take a picture, then forward the picture to authorities – or at least have proof of an altercation that took place.

GPS Tracking:

Defender 24/7 has a built-in GPS unit that automatically alerts emergency services to your location.


Alert people around you by using the Defender 24/7 as a siren. The device has a “small but mighty speaker” designed to attract attention to you.

Pepper Spray:

Defender 24/7 claims to use the “highest concentration of pepper spray available”.

How Does Defender 24/7 Work?

The Defender 24/7 is a handheld device. After buying the device, you install the app on your iPhone or Android. That app can be used to accept pictures from your Defender 24/7.

When you send a picture from the Defender 24/7, the Defender 24/7 monitoring team notifies local authorities with a photo of the attacker.

At the same time, the device sends your geographic location to dispatchers, letting them send emergency services to your exact address.

The Defender 24/7 also has a medical alert button you can activate for health emergencies and other situations.

Defender 24/7 Pricing

You pay for the Defender 24/7 upfront, then pay an ongoing monthly subscription. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Defender 24/7 with One Year of 24/7 Monitoring: $179
  • Two Pack: $329

You’ll need to pay an additional $6.95 for shipping. The company doesn’t list how much the subscription costs after your first 12 months are over.

The device isn’t currently available to order online. However, you can preorder it today through You’ll be required to put down a $25 deposit. Then, once the device is released, you’ll be billed the remaining balance.

The company’s official website claims that they’re releasing the Defender 24/7 between December 2016 and January 2017. It’s now March 2017 and the pre-order page is still up – with no information about orders going out. The last updates to the site were in October.

Who Makes Defender 24/7?

Defender 24/7 is made by a company named Mitco Limited, which also appears to do business as Pangea Services Incorporated (Mitco Limited’s address in Washington is listed as the return address, while Pangea Services is listed across most of the website).

In any case, you can get in contact with the manufacturer by phone at 877-576-7337 or by email at [email protected].

The company’s address is here:

2302 B Street, NW #101
Auburn, WA 98006

Defender 24/7 Summary

Defender 24/7, also known as The Defender, is a product available online through, Indiegogo, and other sources. We first heard about the Defender in 2014, when it was featured on tech blogs like CNET.

Since then, however, the internet has gone quiet about the Defender. The last updates from the company were in September / October 2016, when the company announced they were on track to release the device in December 2016/January 2017.

However, there have been no other updates since then. The device is still listed in the preorder phase.

That’s a potential problem, because the Defender 24/7 official website still accepts pre-order payments, including your $25 deposit. Yet we don't know the status of the product.

In any case, it can make you wonder about Defender 24/7 and its online ordering page. It seems like a good device, but its creators have gone quiet for several months now.

For all of these reasons, suggest you wait for the general public launch of the Defender 24/7 before you consider making a purchase.


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