TacLight Lantern – Military Grade Survival Light For Emergencies

This is a military grade survival light designed to come in handy during the case of an emergency. The TacLight Lantern is tough and durable. Read this review to find out about the TacLight Lantern.


What is the TacLight Lantern?

The TacLight Lantern is a brand new tactical light that is tough, durable and compact. You can take it anywhere and it’s only about the size of your average smart phone. It’s designed for emergency situations or for when your camping or hunting. You can also use it when the power goes out on your home. It’s one of the most versatile lanterns ever made according to the manufacturers.

How Does the TacLight Lantern Work?

The TacLight Lantern is good according to the manufacturers because it’s twice as bright as a standard lantern. Also it’s collapsible and when it’s collapsed, it’s only about the size of a smart phone, or even smaller. The entire lantern only ways about a pound so you can throw it in your backpack and carry it anywhere.

Plus, it’s strong enough to light up an entire room like the lights were turned on. On top of that, if you’re stranded, you can see the TacLight Lantern from two nautical miles away. It’s build tough, so you can count on it being water resistant and heat resistant. Although, let’s be clear, there are no actual specs on the heat and water resistance claims.

It’s build hard, so it will withstand extreme temperatures. And the deluxe version is also equipped with a magnetic base. That way you can stick it to the top or side of your car in the event of an emergency. According to the people who made it, it will actually withstand a fire and work underwater. But those are just claims, they seem fairly bold and there are no tests showing it, just pictures. I wouldn’t recommend throwing it in a direct fire.

And it’s great for power outages too because of the long life. Another cool application they use it on is on the hood of a car. They actually stick it on the bottom side of the hood with the magnet so you can have light while working. That seemed like a really cool feature.

Along with all this, apparently you can even freeze the TacLight Lantern and it will still work fine. It sounds like something that is too good to be true. But is it? According to other reviews, it is in its own class. It’s technically not a tactical light because it can’t be harnessed on a gun. But it is a special type of lantern that is in its own class and type.

So there are no other lanterns of this type online as of now. It’s a rugged lantern, that according to reviews will stand up to the harshest environments. And since it’s so inexpensive, it’s a really good deal. And the deal even sweetens when you take into consideration that you can get two with a second one for such a cheap price. If you had four of these around your home during a power outage, you’d likely be pretty set.

How Much Does the TacLight Lantern Cost?

Right now there is a special offer. You can purchase one TacLight Lantern for $19.99 with free shipping and get a second one for $6.95. There is also a 30 day refund policy if you don’t like the TacLight Lantern. Most other lanterns that are similar range in prices from about $6-$80 so it is a good priced item. The hands free, magnetic ability on the deluxe version is definitely worth it. We suggest against buying the non-deluxe version. And the 30 day refund policy is only for shipping and handling and your money back. The TacLight Lantern itself has a lifetime guarantee and you’ll be able to exchange it if anything happens. That’s a good deal, but there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will be around forever. In any case it’s a nice bonus and incentive.

What Do Customers Say About the TacLight Lantern?

Customers give the TacLight Lantern a very good rating. On Amazon for example it has an average 4.5 out of 5 stars. The fact that there are great customer reviews, really says a lot about the TacLight Lantern. Many other similar lanterns, do not receive that many good reviews. And that even goes for the ones that are considerably more money. According to others who’ve purchased the TacLight Lantern, you’ll be happy with the results you get. And it apparently does put off a very good light that is clean and bright. If you’re a light collector, flashlight kind of person who likes cool gadgets, this is definitely something you’ll want to pick up.


  • Small and extremely compact
  • Very inexpensive
  • Awesome customer reviews
  • Unique in style and design


  • Unlike anything out there
  • Haven’t actually seen it work

Should I Buy the TacLight Lantern?

According to the reviews, definitely. If you need a survival lantern or tactical lantern that is tough. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It would also be great for a car emergency kit. Or if you have a power outage and are looking for a reliable light source. And since it’s so inexpensive, you may want to pick up 2-4 of them. Even then, they will likely be less expensive than other survival lanterns that are similar.


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