LifeLight Survival Flashlight – Top Rated Emergency TacLight?

LifeLight is a flashlight designed to assist you in the event of an emergency. It has several features designed to help when things go wrong. Read this review to find out about LifeLife today.

What is the LifeLight Survival Flashlight?

They say, you may as well get rid of your aging – plastic flashlights because they are a thing of the past. Also apparently, you will never see a flashlight this bright. They say it has a very powerful, bright and nearly blinding 2,000 lumens of pure, focused, white light. And the casing is carved on a CNC machine so is 100% unbreakable aluminum.

Another point they make, is that the LifeLight Flashlight is focusable with five different modes of operation. The LifeLight Flashlight is said to be one of the most powerful flashlights on the market and is beautifully constructed as well. It’s ideal for the household or your vehicle and is constructed of pure, anodized, spec aircraft aluminum.

It’s lightweight, reliable and is ideal for being used for years. The housing is made of an IP65 water proof case. It’s resistant to water, air and impact. They say it’s also very difficult to scratch or corrode the LifeLight Flashlight. Corrosion is also something that will not likely happen to the LifeLight Flashlight.

Their claim is that it is ideal for any situation, whether you’re looking to secure your home or create an emergency kit for your car. Camping, going to the bathroom at night, and any other activity you perform in the dark is ideal for using the LifeLight Flashlight. Another point they make is that the LifeLight Flashlight is great for defending against would be intruders. Apparently the light is so blinding that people can’t take it. It may actually cause temporary blindness and confusion because it’s so bright.

And its super lightweight and easy to use for people of all ages. They keep it simple on the website. They say blatantly, if you’re sick and tired of cheap made flashlights, then the LifeLight Flashlight is right for you. The LifeLight Flashlight is also very affordable, and could be compared against more expensive flashlights that would likely operate just the same as the LifeLight Flashlight.

How Does the LifeLight Survival Flashlight Work?

The LifeLight Flashlight has several safety features to help you when times go sour. There are five different modes of operation on the LifeLight Flashlight. There is a high power mode for extreme darkness, so you can see your way.

There is also a medium power mode, so you will not blind anyone. And it is ideal for lowlight conditions. And there is also a low power mode, so you can conserve energy when you’re not sure how long it will take to get found.

Along with the three primary power modes, that are used depending on your current situation there are two other modes as well. There is the Strobe mode. The Strobe mode is ideal for getting people’s attention, like if you are road side and do not want someone to hit your car.

The last mode available on the LifeLight Flashlight is the S.O.S. mode. This mode is useful for helping you signal people. It will send out morse code to get you immediate help when you need it.

Along with those very useful features. The LifeLight Flashlight also has a CREE XM-L2 Next Generation LED Bulb (Made in the US) – This is one of the strongest LED bulbs on the market and will help you see as well as be seen.

The LifeLight Flashlight accepts 3 AAA batteries for operation. You can use disposable or rechargeable batteries. They recommend using lithium batteries and they are sold separately. It’s an easy to use flashlight and is operated with just one hand. The push tail switch operates all modes of operation. There are several functions that are useful for emergency situations.


What Does the LifeLight Survival Flashlight Cost?

The LifeLight Flashlight costs $24.95 for light. It has a regular suggested retail price of $89.95 so is actually on special right now. The flashlight is made out of very tough titanium allow and is claimed to be indestructible.

What Do Customers Say About the LifeLight Survival Flashlight?

Customers gave it 5 out 5 stars. They liked the brightness of the LifeLight Flashlight and said it reminded them of the same tactical flashlights that police use. They also said it would be great for blinding an attacker. Another bonus of buying the LifeLight Flashlight is the fact they have such good customer service on the website. Apparently though, there is one complaint. In order to use the different modes, you have to toggle between them. Customers reported they would rather have had selective function modes. One customer wrote, “This sucker is BRIGHT!”


  • Compact design and easy to operate with one hand
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Very inexpensive


  • Toggle switch for multiple functions instead of selective switch
  • Although they were good reviews, they were limited

Should I Use the LifeLight Survival Flashlight?

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or don’t have a current tactical flashlight, then definitely buy the LifeLight Flashlight. It has good reviews and looks to be very solidly built. There are a lot of tactical flashlights on the market so, you’ll find others like it. All in all, it seems like a good buy. Especially since the LifeLight Flashlight is on sale right now for less than half off.


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