BellaBeat – Smart Jewelry Leaf Activity Tracker App For Women?

What’s Measured Gets Managed

What’s measured get’s managed.

This advice comes from the business wizard Peter Drucker. What Drucker meant by this statement is that if you want to change anything in your life or business, you must first measure what is currently happening.

When this is done, an accurate snapshot of what activities lead up to your current situation is found, which in turn informs people on what specifically needs to be changed.

This timeless wisdom is even more relevant now. The world now is home to people who aim to optimize their lives.

This is because science has informed us on the benefits and adverse effects of lifestyle habits that we take for granted. Things such as sleep, stress levels, exercise, etc, must now be measured so they can be managed.

Not only are these things important in the times we live in now but they are also easier to accomplish than ever before. This is because of a new technology called “wearables”.

Most of the population have either seen or own items that are deemed as “wearables”, even if they have no idea what this word means. A few well-known wearables are the Fitbit, Apple watch, and other fitness trackers.

These technologies are worn on the body of the user and are used to track everything from heart rate to sleep quality.

One of the companies leading the way in this type of technology is Bella Beat.


What Is BellaBeat?

Bellabeat was founded in year 2014 and is a company that’s dedicated to help women track their health and wellness as well as develop a more intimate relationship with their body and mind.

The great thing about this company is it’s focus on women. Companies should exist to solve the problems of their customers and that’s exactly what Bellabeat strives to do.

Bellabeat is aware of the issues women face while going through the different stages of their life, which is why the company serves to provide education on how women can navigate this complex terrain.

This is accomplished through the technology Bellabeat creates. Their unique line of wearables are the perfect solution for women who have no idea where to start. Bellabeat encourages women to simply start where they are.

To even further the intuitive connection women have with Bellabeat products, they have designed their products to resemble aspects of nature, easily capturing it’s essence in their wearables.

This is evident throughout one of their most popular products; the Leaf Urban.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Wearable Fashion

Leaf Urban is an aesthetically pleasing wearable that is offered by Bellabeat.

The beauty of the Leaf is rivaled only by it’s efficiency when tracking a myriad of activities, both active and passive, that women undergo.

The leaf can be worn anywhere on the body, such as a bracelet, necklace or clip. This makes for a device that can match the personality of the user.

Because of it’s design, people won’t even notice it’s there. Leaf Urban is meant to blend into you wardrobe just like any other piece of jewelry.

This awe-inspiring technology is also water-resistant and composed of stainless steel making it highly durable and able to withstand almost any environment that you can wear it in.

Leaf Urban is also able to monitor anything related to the body that needs to be monitored. Let’s take a closer look into what this thing can do.

Activity- Whether we’re talking walking, running, dancing, etc. Leaf can track and count any movements. It offers an accurate snapshot of our day in terms of your activity level.

This is immensely valuable for those that aim to lose weight. This is because Leaf can show exactly how much effort was exerted in whichever activity that it is deemed it to track.

Mindfulness- Meditation is on the rise, especially with women. This powerful practice is also one that can be tracked with Leaf technology.

Not only that, but Leaf offers a guided meditation session for anyone that may be a beginner. It has all of the bases covered.

Sleep- Sleep is immensely important to living a productive life. With that being said, it’s certainly something that should be monitored to ensure it is of quality.

Leaf has the ability to track your sleep cycles, which in turn can help improve the quality of sleep that is occurs each night.

Stress- One of the most amazing thing about Leaf is, unlike other wearables, it can actually track which environments and activities cause us to become stressed.

Stress kills, which makes this type of information life saving. Knowing what things lead to you becoming stressed can cause you to cut out these things, effectively de-stressing your life.

Period- Lastly, Leaf has the capabilities of tracking menstrual cycles. This is something that women should rejoice about.

That’s because with this type of capability women can track their period, fertile days, and ovulation. All of which are valuable depending on the lifestyle of said woman.


Leaf Urban is an incredible and innovative product that should excite women everywhere from all walks of life.

With all of it’s capabilities such as tracking sleep, periods, stress, sleep, and activity levels, it can certainly improve the quality of ones life.

It’s highly recommend that all women check this product out.

Don’t forget; what’s measured get’s managed.


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