Xscape 360 – Best Gaming Virtual Reality Headset Glasses?

Most gamers will agree that the ultimate dream when it comes to the perfect game is virtual reality. Virtual reality has been a concept for decades, hinted at in movies long before the first real machines that came close to this dream. Over the past several years, technology has allowed people across the world to experience their favorite games in virtual reality, coming from a concept into the living room.

However, there are several problems that accompany these virtual reality options. The biggest, of course, is price. Because virtual reality has been a dream for so many for so long, when it became available, it made sense to offer it at exorbitant prices. The problem with these prices is that while they’re fine for millionaires and those who don’t have to worry about money, the average person can’t afford the technology to truly enjoy these forms of virtual reality.

In addition to being quite expensive, the majority of virtual reality machines are still incredibly bulky, being heavier than most players would want to really get into the game. No one wants to spend hours with fifteen pounds of weight on their head, making it difficult to maneuver in real life and in virtual life. With all this bulk and weight, many of the less expensive virtual reality options are passed over because they wouldn’t be comfortable enough for daily use.

Finally, virtual reality games and machines are still very limited in what they offer users. They either come pre-programed with very specific games or they can only be used with certain systems, limiting those who would want to use them, but for other things. Because the options for virtual reality games are still so limited, even as technology works to catch up to all these new gaming options, fewer and fewer people are interested in spending their money on options that won’t meet all their needs.

For those who are still enamored with the concept of virtual reality games, but want more freedom with their options, there’s Xscape 360. This amazing device allows users to utilize their phones and the games available on these phones to enjoy a truly 3D, virtual world. With Xscape 360, more people than ever will be able to live their dreams of actually being in their favorite games.

What Is Xscape 360?

Utilizing the ever advancing technology found in smartphones, Xscape 360 is a virtual reality headset that can work with almost any smartphone on the market. Users can place their phones into the headset, put the headset on, and be completely immersed in their favorite games. Xscape 360 is the ideal option for those who want to experience virtual reality games, but without the expense, bulk, or limitations that come other virtual reality options. Due to the flexibility of Xscape 360, it can be used by anyone with a wide range of games, perfect for the dedicated gamer or the average gamer.

The number one reason Xscape 360 is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets on the market today is found in its versatility. As mentioned above, the headset works with almost any smartphone, from iPhones and Androids to iPads. In fact, Xscape 360 claims that it can work with any smartphone, though this theory hasn’t been tested completely.

While the compatibility of the Xscape 360 with smartphones is very important, the versatility of the headset with games is often the biggest question customers have. Thankfully, Xscape 360 hasn’t overlooked the importance of game options when it was created. Any virtual reality games offered in app stores can be used with the Xscape 360. At the moment, this includes thousands of different games, and that number is continuously growing. In addition to this, the headset can be used for 2D, 3D, and even 360 videos. The headset is compatible with YouTube, as well as other streaming services, making it perfect for those who want to truly immerse themselves in videos, as well as their games.

Finally, the Xscape 360 is extremely light and easy to use. With this headset, users don’t have to worry about getting tired or aches after every use. The headset weighs almost nothing, with the phone adding a small amount of weight. Plus, with the adjustable straps and cooling fans, the Xscape 360 is extremely comfortable to wear, perfect for long days of gaming or immersive movie nights. The best part about the lightweight design of the Xscape 360 is that it is perfect for children who want to take their game playing to the next level.

Benefits of Xscape 360

The biggest benefit of the Xscape 360 headset is that it allows users to escape into their own worlds or games without the hassle and expense that comes with most virtual reality machines. This simplicity is perfect for those who have always dreamed of having their own virtual reality machines, but hadn’t been fans of the cost, bulk, or lack of game options. Now, with Xscape 360, even the pickiest of gamers won’t have an excuse for not buying their own virtual reality headset. The Xscape 360 makes it easier than ever to truly escape reality.

While the simplicity of use is a huge benefit for the Xscape 360, the way the headset works with so many different systems and services truly makes it amazing. First, the Xscape 360 is adjustable, so it will work for any smartphone currently on the market. This means that customers don’t have to buy a new phone or wait until they upgrade to use the Xscape 360. In addition to being versatile in what phones it works with, Xscape 360 is also versatile in what it can be used for. The headset will work for thousands of games available on app stores today. But, when users are tired of playing games, they can watch movies and experience 3D and 360 degree movies unlike ever before.

As mentioned above, the Xscape 360 is very light, making it perfect for those who want to wear for long periods of time or for children. Coming in at only 0.62 pounds, the phones used in the headset will only add a little bit more weight, making the entire gaming experience more relaxed and comfortable. And because the headset doesn’t require batteries or a cord, users have complete freedom of movement and no extra weight to take into consideration.

Finally, using and adjusting the Xscape 360 is very easy. The phone of the customer simply slips into the back, where it will be kept cool with three fans. Then, users can use the adjustable comfort straps to make sure the headset is firmly on their heads. Once the headset is on the user, they can twist the rolling gears to adjust the position of the lenses, so everything lines up perfectly. From there, users can simply move their bodies and hands in the manner indicated through the screen, enjoying their virtual reality experience to the fullest.

Xscape 360 Review Summary

Most customers who hear about all the amazing benefits of the Xscape 360 are worried when it comes time to discuss price. However, the price of the virtual reality headset is actually one of its biggest benefits. For a limited time, the Xscape 360 is available for purchase on its website (www.Xscape360.com) for the low price of $19.99, plus $7.99 shipping and handling.

What makes the affordable price of the Xscape 360 virtual reality headset even better is that for a limited time, customers who purchase the headset will get a 3D mini lens as a bonus for just the low price of shipping and handling ($4.99). This added bonus is perfect for enjoying life in 3D whenever and where ever, fitting perfectly into bags or cases without taking up any extra room.


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