Soundbrenner Pulse Review – Useful Smart Wearable Vibrating Metronome?

Soundbrenner Pulse

Smart watches have become a normal part of life. They are used to track sleep patterns, calories burns, and steps walked. They can take calls and texts and are constantly sending information to the smartphones they’re connected to. Over the past few years, smart watches have gone from being something dreamed about to something that has taken over every aspect of society.

There is a great convenience that comes with smart watches. Not matter what they are being used for, having something attached to the wrist, something that isn’t obvious or cumbersome, makes life a lot easier. And, more and more uses are being found for these smart watches, especially in the realm of health and wellness.

However, the health industry isn’t the only market that has found amazing uses for smart watches. In fact, the music industry is now making its mark by creating a device that all musicians, no matter the genre or instrument played.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart watch that works as a metronome. Keeping beat through the use of vibrations, the Soundbrenner Pulse is able to keep musicians on beat, without the obnoxious ticking, unsightliness of an actual metronome. The Soundbrenner Pulse is a new way to do music, combining a centuries old device, the metronome, with the latest technology to create something that all musicians love and need.


About the Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart watch metronome that uses vibrations to keep wearers on beat. As is the case with all smart watches, the Soundbrenner Pulse connects with smartphones so users can adjust and change their rhythms at will. However, with a few taps, the Soundbrenner Pulse is also able to change beat without the use of a smartphone, making it a discreet and easy way for musicians to move between songs and pieces seamlessly.

As already mentioned, the Soundbrenner Pulse is a vibrational metronome. However, these vibrations are the ones that are associated with smart phones. In fact, the Soundbrenner Pulse actually produces vibrations that are seven times more powerful than the vibrations of an average smartphone. This means these vibrations aren’t missed. In fact, they pulse through the body, giving users an inner sense of rhythm that metronomes could never give.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is extremely versatile, allowing users to customize their time signatures and subdivisions, even allowing for the adding of accents. All this customization makes using the Soundbrenner Pulse extremely simple and convenient for dedicated musicians. Now even if the time signature changes mid-song, the Soundbrenner Pulse can still give its users the sense of rhythm they need to make it through the piece masterfully.

Because the Soundbrenner Pulse can receive input from major DAWS, via MIDI, it is convenient for any and every part of the music making process. And, while the Soundbrenner Pulse is known for its ability to cause a vibrational beat for users, it can also be set to make an audible click, which can be heard through the speakers or users headphones. This allows the rhythm of the Soundbrenner Pulse to be shared in large rooms or for those adding the finishing touches on their music, through their headphones.

As mentioned above, the beats programmed in to the Soundbrenner Pulse can be changed without needing access to a smartphone. When musicians are in the middle of a performance, the last thing they want is to get out their phone. With the Soundbrenner Pulse, they can simple tap their fingers on the face of the watch and it will begin to follow the new tempo. Or, users can set and save their favorite rhythms, organizing them in to set lists that can be accessed later.

Benefits of the Soundbrenner Pulse

The same benefits of a regular metronome, which have been celebrated for centuries, can be found in the Soundbrenner Pulse. However, this device doesn’t stop at keeping beat. Through its unique design and through the use of smart watch technology, the Soundbrenner Pulse has actually completely changed the way musicians keep rhythm. And it is this newness and convenience that makes the Soundbrenner Pulse such an amazing option for those who want to move on from the more traditional metronome.

Because the Soundbrenner Pulse is wearable and is powered through distinct vibrations which gives users a wide range of benefits. The benefits that come with using the Soundbrenner Pulse are listed below.

– Allows Musicians to Create an Inner Sense of Rhythm

– Increases Playing Accuracy

– Increases Speed

– Boosts Focus

– Frees the Mind

– Improves Emoting during Playing

– Increases Players Confidence

– Allows Musicians to Master Difficult Sections

And all these amazing benefits come through the use of the Soundbrenner Pulse. In addition to these benefits, there is one more, huge one that needs to be mentioned. The Soundbrenner Pulse is able to link between users, so if more than one musician has a Soundbrenner Pulse, the vibrations can be shared, so everyone is sticking to the same beat. For those who play in orchestras or bands, this convenient way to keep everyone on beat, but in a way that only members will notice, allows more freedom in playing.

Of course, if users have different times they need to keep with, they don’t need to share the rhythm with the rest of their group, allowing a flexibility that isn’t available in traditional metronomes.

How the Soundbrenner Pulse Works

Because the Soundbrenner Pulse was created specifically to serve as a vibration device, the creators were able to give the device a much larger motor than any other wearable technology available for sale today. Because of this, the Soundbrenner Pulse and its haptic driver, using patented vibration technology, is able to give users a steady, obvious vibration that can be felt against the skin.

The Soundbrenner Pulse also uses LED colors to give it a modern, noticeable look. For those who want to flaunt their Soundbrenner Pulse, there are several colors they can pick from that will beat in time with the device. However, for those who want to be less obvious, the Soundbrenner Pulse has a discreet mode, which allows the Soundbrenner Pulse to look more like a watch, feeding the rhythm to users without anyone else noticing.

One of the key points about how the Soundbrenner Pulse works is its band versatility. Each Soundbrenner Pulse comes with two different bands. One of these bands is shorter, making it perfect for wearing around the wrist or for children to wear. The second band is longer, allowing it to be worn on the upper arm or the upper leg. Due to this versatility, musicians can pick the best place to put their Soundbrenner Pulse, depending on what instrument they play and how discreet they want to be about the device.

Purchasing the Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is currently available for sale on its website ( and is able to ship throughout the entire world. The set price for the Soundbrenner Pulse is $99, which includes everything users will need for starting their use of this digital, modern metronome.

Included in the box of the Soundbrenner Pulse are the following items:

– 1 Soundbrenner Pulse

– 1 Short Black Band

– 1 Long Black Band

– 1 Charging Station

– The Mobile App

For those who wish to buy multiple Soundbrenner Pulse’s, there are discounts available for multiple purchases. The purchasing options, as well as the prices, are listed below.

Solo – $99

2 Pack – $189

3 Pack – $279

Band Pack (5 Pack) – $459


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