H20 WindForce Review – Water-Powered Vacuum Cleaner?

H20 Windforce

Everyone wants a beautiful house. There’s something about the having a pristine kitchen and welcoming living room that fills homeowners with pride. And, when someone walks in a compliments them on how well they upkeep their home, something warms in their heart. Because, after all, a home is a reflection of the people who live there.

However, there’s something even more important than having a beautiful house. While it’s nice to have pretty decorations and comfortable furnishings, it’s even more important that a house be clean. In fact, there’s an entire industry that is based on keeping homes as clean as possible, from cleansing air filters to polishes and wipes that work to disinfect the home. All these amazing things work well, but there is one cleaning device that actually does more harm than good.

Vacuum cleaners have been a staple for most homes now for over a hundred years. Not a week goes by without most homeowners pulling out their vacuums and going over their floors to get them as clean as possible. However, most vacuum cleaners don’t clean as well as people think, working more to spread the dust around than actually pick it up.

The cause for most problems in common vacuum cleaners is found in their filters. From paper, foam, to HEPA filters, if those filters aren’t changed out very frequently, they actually becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Whenever users open up their vacuum cleaners or even attempt to use their vacuum, they actually release a cloud of dirt, bacteria, and toxins into the air, which can lead to serious health concerns.

H20 Windforce is a new brand of vacuum cleaner. Instead of using more traditional filters, the H20 Windforce filters the dirt and debris it picks up through a water filter. Not only does this filter not need to be changed, but it never clogs or lessens in airflow. And, because it uses a water filter, the H20 Windforce doesn’t spread toxins and bacteria throughout the house the way more typical vacuums do.

About the H20 Windforce

While everyone homeowner needs a vacuum cleaner, very few realize that their vacuum cleaners are actually breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty bacteria and toxins. Because vacuums are so important, but aren’t of the quality they should be at in this day and age, the H20 Windforce is a dream come true for health conscious people who want the best of the best devices for their homes.

The H20 Windforce is a vacuum cleaner that uses water instead of more traditional filters. What this means is that instead of collecting the dirt and debris in a filter, which then sits in the bacteria for days or even weeks, the H20 Windforce allows users to dump out the water and all the dirt that is collected there every time they use it. Not only does this mean the H20 Windforce is able to work more effectively, since build up doesn’t clog the H20 Windforce, but it also means it is easier to clean and doesn’t breed bacteria or release toxins into the air every time it is turned on.

While the water filter feature of the H20 Windforce is more than enough to set it apart from other vacuum options, it is its multi-use options that make it one of a kind. The H20 Windforce works very effectively as a vacuum cleaner, but it also works in other roles in the home. The list of the six ways the H20 Windforce can be used is found below.

– Vacuum

– Mini Vacuum

– Air Purifier

– Blower

– Wet or Dry Vacuum

– Inflator and Deflator

With all these amazing extra capabilities, the H20 Windforce is able to save users time, money, and storage space. And, considering the H20 Windforce is already a superior device, its versatility only makes it better.

Benefits and Features of the H20 Windforce

While many of the amazing benefits of the H20 Windforce have been mentioned already, they are so amazing that they deserve to be mentioned twice! So few people realize that their vacuum cleaners could actually be causing them health problems or just making their environment a breeding ground for bacteria. Because of this, the biggest benefit of the H20 Windforce is that it is able to keep itself clean and cleared out, offering a powerful and effective option for completely cleaning and cleansing the home. For those who suffer from allergies or who have pets, this is extremely important.

As mentioned above, the H20 Windforce offers six different tools in one, making it a cost effective option, as well. For those who need the tools mentioned above, but don’t want to pay for each individual option, purchasing the H20 Windforce for its low, competitive price is the best way to go. Considering the H20 Windforce will be able to work as a unique multi-tool device, it is perfect for busy, health conscious household.

There are many other benefits that come with owning the H20 Windforce. A list of these benefits can be found below.

– Picks up Dirt and Debris

– Doesn’t Clog

– Doesn’t Need a Filter Replacement

– Doesn’t Breed Bacteria

– Keeps Toxins from the Air

– Kills Bacteria, Germs, and Pathogens

– Ideal for Homes with Small Children

– Ideal for Homes with Pets

– Ideal for those with Allergies

– Has Amazing Maneuverability

– Picks up Water and Wet Spills

– Cleans Pet Stains

– Includes Four Free Gifts

– Vulcanized Wire Reinforced Hose

– Under Four Inch Clearance

– On Board Operating Computer

– 5 Year Warranty

– Cleanses and Cleans the Air

– Detachable Handle

– Stainless Steel Tubing

H20 Windforce offers all these amazing benefits and more. And, as already mentioned, it serves multiple purposes. The benefits listed above are only those experienced when using the H20 Windforce as a vacuum cleaner.

Purchasing the H20 Windforce

Many high-end vacuum cleaners cost thousands of dollars. And, to get the other amazing devices that the H20 Windforce is able to take the place of would cost most people several thousand more dollars. However, cleanliness is not an option and for homeowners thousands of dollars is also not an option. The creators of the H20 Windforce knew that to get the vacuum into as many people’s hands as possible, they would need to price it at an affordable price point.

In an effort to clean and purify as many homes as possible, the H20 Windforce is currently available for three low payments of $166. What makes this payment plan so amazing is that after making the first installment, users will get their H20 Windforce. If they don’t notice a change in their carpets or home after using the H20 Windforce, they can return the device and get a full refund, without paying another cent. This makes purchasing the H20 Windforce completely risk free.

In addition to the satisfaction guarantee that comes with the purchase of the H20 Windforce, for a limited time the purchase of the vacuum comes with four free bonus gifts. The bonus gifts included with the purchase of the H20 Windforce are:

– Pet/Upholstery Brush

– Dusting Brush

– Crevice Tool

– Hard Surface Broom

And all these add-ons come with H20 Windforce at no extra cost.


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