dfy360 RFID Blocking Wallet Review – Ultra-Slim Multi-Layer Security?

The dfy360 is an RFID blocking wallet that recently launched on Kickstarter. Find out what makes the dfy360 different from other RFID blocking wallets today in our review.

What Is Dfy360?

The dfy360 is a Kickstarter project aiming to reach $5,000 in funding before the start of June 2017. It’s an RFID blocking wallet created by the team at Dfywallets.

The wallet’s material is described as “premium vegetable tanned leather” that contains “strong multi-layer RFID blocking” technology. The wallet also has an “ultra-slim profile” so it easily fits in your pocket.

When it launches, the dfy360 will be priced at an MSRP of $49. On Kickstarter, you can get yours for as little as $29.


How Does dfy360 Work?

The dfy360, like other RFID blocking wallets, promises to provide complete protection for your RFID cards. Some people believe that RFID cards are more susceptible to thieves because you can just “tap” the cards to steal their payment info.

In reality, there’s little evidence that this takes place – however, people buy RFID blocking wallets to give them an extra layer of protection from the outside world.

In the case of the dfy360, the wallet has multiple layers of RFID blocking built in. Each card is protected by two separate layers of RFID blocking material to give you 360 degrees of protection. There’s even a third protective layer around the entire wallet.

RFID, by the way, stands for radio frequency identification. It involves using radio waves to read information stored in documents or cards – like credit cards or passports.

dfy claims that the wallet is made from “premium leather” and “vegetable tanned leather”. Vegetable tanned leather is rawhide that has been treated with vegetables during tanning. It’s unclear where the leather is sourced.

The company doesn’t go into detail about what kind of “layers of RFID blocking” it uses. It’s unclear if the wallet uses active jamming technology – or if it’s just pieces of metal designed to protect your cards from the outside world. On the official website, the RFID protection layers are described as “RFID blocking fabric”.

There are four slots in the wallet. You can hold up to 8 cards. Each slot has a pull tab that lets you easily pull the tab from the protective sheath.

Dfy360 Pricing

On Kickstarter, the dfy360 is priced at $29 USD.

The final retail price will be $49. Shipping is estimated to start in July 2017. You can ship the dfy360 anywhere in the world. Four colors are available, including black, blue, tan, and brown.

However, on the official dfywallets.com website, the company describes the leather as “microfiber synthetic leather” – which means it’s not “genuine” leather. The word “synthetic” doesn’t appear anywhere on the Kickstarter page.

Dfy360 Creators

dfy (yes, spelled all lower-case) is a men’s wallet and accessories manufacturer based in Atlanta. The company has launched multiple projects on Kickstarter before – including their original wallet that launched on Kickstarter in 2016.

The company behind the dfy360, dfy, was founded in 2016 with the goal of making quality men’s wallets and accessories at affordable prices.

The wallets are designed in Atlanta – although the company doesn’t claim where the wallets are actually made or manufactured.

You can contact dfy by email at [email protected]. The new dfy360 wallet is expected to launch in July 2017.

Dfy360 Summary

The dfy360 wallet is an RFID blocking wallet priced at around $30. The wallet uses three layers of “RFID blocking material” to give you 360 degrees of protection.

If you’re concerned about someone stealing your credit cards using RFID technology, then the dfy360 is one of many options available online today.

There are some problems with the dfy360 wallet: we don’t know the specific type of technology used in the wallet. The company simply describes it as three layers of RFID blocking protection.

There’s also the mystery of the type of leather used in the wallet – on the Kickstarter page, it’s described as “premium leather”, while the official website describes it as a “microfiber synthetic” material. Is it real leather – or synthetic material designed to look like leather?

Ultimately, if you’re going to spend $30 on a wallet, you can find similar options to the dfy360 available online. There’s limited evidence that RFID-based theft is a big deal, and there’s even less evidence showing that RFID wallets protect your cards effectively.

However, if you want peace of mind, then the dfy360 is available through Kickstarter for $30 today.


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