SharkBanz Review – Repel Sharks With Magnetic Band For Surfers?

Sharkbanz Review

One of the greatest things about summer weather is that it is an open invitation for people to get outside and play. And, one of the best places to play in the summer is in the water. Whether it’s in a pool, river, lake, or the ocean, nothing is more invigorating and exciting as spending time in the water.


For those who spend a lot of time in the water, specifically in the ocean, there are so many amazing things to do. From snorkeling and scuba diving to surfing and just swimming around, the ocean is like a playground. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous playground in the world.

Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in the ocean, no matter what activity, knows that despite the amazing beauty of these vast bodies of water, there are also dangers lurking beneath the waves. From the ocean itself, with its wild tides and wild storms, to the creatures living in the water, playing in the ocean can sometimes be a bit worrying.

The problem is that even with the dangers found in the ocean, people still want to spend time in it. The ocean is one of the last unexplored areas on earth and even if people are only doing it through snorkeling or surfing, there’s something in the ocean that keeps people coming back, exploring in their own little ways. However, it’s important for all people spending time in the water to take proper precautions.

Beware Of Sharks With Sharkbanz?

One of the biggest fears people have when in the ocean is sharks. These large, aggressive, and dangerous animals are notorious for quick, mauling bites that cause people to lose limbs or, in the worst case scenario, their lives. Until today, people had no real way of protecting themselves from these creatures, which is why Sharkbanz was created.

Sharkbanz is a bracelet that is able to repel sharks when in the water. Designed to offer those who swim, snorkel, or surf a little peace of mind, Sharkbanz uses advanced technology to offer a little extra protection to those who want to spend time in the water, but without the worry of sharks.

About Sharkbanz

The best products on the market are those that are created out of a necessity by those who really need to use the product. Sharkbanz is one of those products.

Sharkbanz was created over a three year period of time. In this time, the creators tested, designed, developed, and started over and over again until they came up with one of the best shark repellent bracelets on the market today. Sharkbanz was designed to be simple, stylish, affordable, and, more importantly, effective.

The key to how Sharkbanz works is found in its patented magnetic technology. With the help of SharkDefense Technologies, Sharkbanz was able to integrate this magnetic technology into an easy to wear band that helps deter sharks from attacking. The magnets in Sharkbanz disrupt the receptors that sharks use to sense their surroundings, causing the sharks to turn away, deterring the attack.

While Sharkbanz is all about protecting its users from unprovoked shark attacks, the company also cares deeply about preserving and restoring the oceans of the world, as well as the wildlife that calls the habitat home. Because of this devotion to the ocean and its inhabitants, Sharkbanz not only created a product that wouldn’t interfere with the other sea creatures, it also works with conservation groups. With the help of these conservation groups, Sharkbanz is able to donate 3% of all its earnings to help stop shark finning, offshore drilling, and the restoration and protection of the marine ecosystems.

sharkbanz wear at water

How Sharkbanz Work

To truly understand the significance of Sharkbanz, a better understanding of how sharks work and move through the water, as well as their different sensing techniques, is needed. To start, Sharkbanz has been tested on a wide range of sharks, though it was designed with bull sharks in mind, since they are the ones that tend to share the same spaces as surfers, swimmers, and snorkelers. While Sharkbanz works on the vast majority of sharks, it isn’t as effective on sharks like nurse sharks, who use their sense of smell and eyesight to track prey.

The majority of all shark attacks happen in shallow, unclear waters that are near the shore or coastline. As mentioned above, these areas are often a shared space, where large numbers of people and sharks tend to be in close proximity. Because the waters are so murky in these areas, most sharks use their electro-receptors to sense things around them. While electro-receptors aren’t unique to sharks, they do have the most sensitive and powerful electro-magnetic sensors of all other animals.

Because the electro-receptors of sharks are so sensitive, allowing them to sense things like shape, distance, and even the heartrates of those around them, the animals don’t often attack humans. However, there are times when sharks aren’t sure what a human is, especially when they’re on surfboards, so they approach and bite the person. These attacks, call hit and runs in the shark world, are some of the most common shark attacks and the entire reason Sharkbanz was created.

Sharkbanz work by using a patented magnetic technology that disrupts the electro-receptors of sharks as they approach the person wearing the band. The experience of having their receptors disrupted is very unnerving for sharks, causing them to turn away and leave the person wearing the Sharkbanz alone. For a shark, when it gets within six feet of a Sharkbanz, it’s almost like going blind, cutting off access to a sense that is critical for survival for that shark.

While Sharkbanz can’t promise to protect all people from all shark attacks, it has been tested on the top ten predatory shark species and proven an effective defense against the hit and run attacks described above.

Benefits of Sharkbanz

Of course, the number one benefit of Sharkbanz is that it is a technology that can help keep those spending time in the ocean safe from shark attacks. And, because Sharkbanz comes in a convenient bracelet form, it is easy to wear and use. Because of the ease of how it’s worn, Sharkbanz doesn’t prevent people from doing what they would usually do when in the water, from surfing to swimming.

In addition to Sharkbanz being effective and easy to use, it is also self-powered. Because Sharkbanz uses magnets to work, the device doesn’t require any other power source. In fact, Sharkbanz will last as long as it isn’t heated to a temperature over 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional benefits of Sharkbanz can be found below.

  • – Chemical Free
  • – Battery Free
  • – Electricity Free
  • – Durable
  • – Simple to Use
  • – Protects Ocean Life
  • – Causes no Harm to Sharks
  • – Decreases Chances of Shark Attacks
  • – Available in Three Colors
  • – Securely Straps
  • – Works for Men, Women, and Children (Over Five)

Purchasing Sharkbanz Products

At the moment, Sharkbanz sells two products. The first, the Sharkbanz described above, is a bracelet that fits to wrists and ankles. The second product sold by Sharkbanz is Shark Leash, which works similarly to the Sharkbanz, but includes a cord that can be connected to a surfboard. The Shark Leash is more flexible than the Sharkbanz and connects with Velcro instead of the watch-like band found with the Sharkbanz.

The prices for the Sharkbanz and the Shark Leash are below.

  • Shark Leash – $180
  • Sharkbanz (Azure, Slate, or Seafoam) – $65

The prices above do not include shipping and handling, which will be determined upon checkout from the Sharkbanz website (


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