Shark Rocket Powerhead – Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Money?

With major advancements in technology, the turn of the 20th century saw the development of a variety of household products like televisions, washing machines, radio sets. One of the key inventions was that of the vacuum cleaner, which was created by Hubert Cecil Booth of England in 1901. Earlier models of this device required physical suction of the dust and dirt but by 1908 there were electrical prototypes available.


History of Shark Vacuums

Shark is one of the leaders in household cleaning items and small appliances. It is a subsidiary of Euro Pro and aims to provide appliances that are not only highly functionally capable but also cutting edge. The company boasts of a variety of innovative products like chemical-free steam mops, to various kitchen appliances and aims to ease the burden of carrying out daily chores and contribute to improving the quality of life of its customers.

The company is owned by Mark Rosen, who is a third-generation family member to be at the forefront of all business operations. He is well known to some customers as he regularly appears on television commercials promoting various Shark ® products.

What is the Shark Rocket Powerhead?

The Rocket Powerhead is a light, corded, handheld vacuum device. It claims to “provide the brush roll cleaning power of an upright and the lightweight feel of a cylinder vacuum cleaner”. The product is extremely lightweight and weighs under 5 kilograms as a whole.

The handheld portion of the device weighs around 1.8 kg’s and includes the dust bag, main motor and the power cord. The additional attachments add to the overall weight as expected but even with the floor nozzle and extension tube the product remains easy to maneuver.

What are the key features of the product?

The Shark ™ Rocket offers a variety of features especially designed to make cleaning an easier and more comfortable experience, some of them include:

Small yet powerful: The in-hand weight of the device is approximately 1 kg (without accessories) and the vacuum head directly receives the electrical supply making it easier to handle and clean tight spaces.

Dynamic handling: The product is easy to maneuver due to its power steering system. The handling system makes it easy to clean around and under low lying areas.

Optimal air path efficiency: Owing to its size, the suction path is extremely small, making cleaning an easy, quick and efficient job.

New Dust cup release mechanism: The dust cup can easily be removed by pressing one's foot down on the release handle, making it easier to clear out the collected garbage whilst not having to bend down frequently.

Dual Cleaning Modes: There are 2 specifically designed modes, one for cleaning bare floors or delicate rugs while the other can be used for high powered cleaning. The second mode activates the brush roll on the vacuum head allowing for a deeper scrub and removal of nasty stains.

Long electrical supply cord: The power cord extends up to 27 feet allowing users plenty of room to navigate through their houses without having to change the power supply incessantly.

Two device storing mechanisms: The Shark Rocket can be stored in two separate ways, one is to detach the handheld portion and hook it onto the base of the extension tube and floor nozzle, and the other is to latch it onto the supplied wall dock.

Extension tube can be hooked to a variety of attachments: The extension tube can be attached with peripherals like a floor nozzle, dusting brush, pet upholstery tool, crevice tool, and the Dust-Away tool.

Which major accessories can I attach to main device?

Shark Rocket offers users with the capability to use various types of brush rolls which can be used for different purposes.

All surface brushroll: This accessory is easy to remove and can be used along with the pre-fitted brushroll. With the press of a button it allows users to switch between the two cleaners, making it easy to clean different environments without having to unscrew different attachments regularly.

Hand floor brushroll: This attachment offers users with a combination of intense suction power along with a hard-floor cleaning ability. It allows for cleaning of uneven surfaces and the ability to clear out dust layers that are stuck on floors.

Brush roll holster: This attachment allows users to store one peripheral while the other is being used and vice versa. It can be fixed onto the wand of the vacuum making it accessible to users.

What do people who have used the product have to say about it?

The reviews towards Shark Rocket powerhead have been warm and positive and using an averaging system it was found that the product received a rating of 3.3/5 stars on

Some of the satisfied customers included Maggie P. who claims that this is the best vacuuming product she had ever used. Similarly, Jocelyn N. claims that using the various attachments she was for the first time, able to clean out various nooks and crannies of her house and clean out all the pet hair. Lastly, Diane K. says that she now takes half the time to clean the house ever since she purchased the product.

However, some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the product like, Mells N. who says that the hose was not covered by the warranty thus greatly reducing the functionality of the device. Similarly, Susie D. claims that the powerhead is not covered by warranty and can be a cause of much stress if it happens to fail.

Pricing and availability

The product can be easily purchased from the company’s website at

Payments can be made using a variety of safe and secure transaction methods like AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

A 60 day risk free trial can be availed of by simply contacting company representatives at the ‘contact us page’.


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