Markten XL Vapor Pen Review – Healthy E-Vapor Technology?

Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens have surged in popularity over recent years, delivering the same satisfying smoking experience as traditional analogue cigarettes without any of the associated health complications or cancer risks.

One of the leading vape pen brands, Markten, has dominated the vape industry for several years due to their high craftsmanship and exceptional vape quality.

The Markten XL Vapor pen has been hand crafted through years of research to provide the greatest electronic smoke experience possible.

Everything about the design, internally and externally has been picked apart to deliver unparalleled quality. Some noticeable differences compared to previous Markten products include fuller blends, allowing for a full spectrum of taste from any type of juice used, giving old juices a completely fresh taste.

The Markten XL also comes with much longer lasting batteries, capable of lasting days, even with heavy usage, each and every device kit comes with a USB charger which can be easily plugged into your laptop, computer or other electronics making the charging experience hassle-free.

Markten XL offers four unique flavors at the moment, Classic, which is bound to satisfy the needs of any vaping enthusiast. Menthol, for those looking for a slightly less intense and cooling experience.

Fusion, which is a mix of both Classic and Menthol flavors, creating a unique taste and scent, and Winter Mint, which is perfect for those looking for an intense refreshment on a hot summer’s day.

What Makes Markten Different From Other Vape Brands?

The main feature which differentiates Markten XL from other vaporizers is its brand new, state of the art Fourdraw technology. By creating more areas for the smoke to flow through this technology allows for extreme smoothness and fluidity when taking a drag, and consistently provides an innovative and effective smoking experience.

Any experienced smokers will instantly be able to tell the difference, and will be pleasantly surprised as they use it throughout their day. The Fourdraw technology has the added effect of extra taste as well, due to the increased amount of vapour, allowing for the a wider spectrum of flavor.

User feedback to the product has been outstanding, with various 5 star reviews on websites such as Amazon, with many consumers stating this is the best vaporizer they have ever used, citing the excellent taste and impeccable battery life.

Markten provides impressive customer support, allowing for consumers to send back any products which are not representative of what they display on their website. The Markten XL has been immensely popular in vaporizer conventions, with many professional vaporizers calling Markten the best producer of vaporizers.

The Markten XL, despite its name, can ergonomically fit into a wide range of hand sizes, and can be held for long amounts of time without any irritation or tiredness. It also easily fits into pockets with a nearly 0% chance of breaking, due to the strong material being used on the outside. If you decide however, that the XL version is too large for your liking, Markten also offers a normal sized version in their catalogue, this normal sized version provides the same great taste and technology incorporated into the XL version and will not disappoint.

Who Are Markten?

Markten was established as an electronic cigarette company owned by the Altria Group. The first Markten product to be released was in 2014, it quickly gained popularity becoming the 4th most popular in terms of market share by mid-2015.

Markten products contain nicotine, which is present in most of their juices. Delivering nicotine through a vapor pen is far safer than through traditional cigarettes. The friendly and highly personal nature the company displays with its fan base has given Markten a lot of goodwill amongst consumers. Markten products are well respected within the vaporizer community, and gain much of their business through word of mouth.

Markten Products, Pricing & Availability

Markten, aside from the aforementioned Markten XL and Markten original has a vast range of accessories which provide excellent value and supplement the already amazing Markten vaporizing experience.

These include the Markten XL Carry Case, which uses special technology produced by Markten in order to prove the ultimate protective experience, all the while maintaining a stylish finish sure to impress others. A pack of 10 cartridges are available at the moment for $5.50 per pack, an exceptionally competitive price point. Packs of 3, 15, 20 and 25 are also available.

The batteries for Markten XL cost $7.99, in case you accidently break the one that comes with the device kit. If you ever felt like charging your vaporizer while driving your car, Markten provides a car charger as well, for only $9.99. Markten USB chargers and wall adapters are priced at $5.99 and $8.99 respectively.

Markten provides free shipping to anyone in the United States, no matter where you are in the country, and what product you’re purchasing.

If you don’t want to purchase online for whatever reason, you can access their website and find retail stores that stock Markten near you. Markten also has a 90 day money back guarantee if you have significant issues with the product you’ve received.

If you have any further questions you can live chat with someone through Markten’’s help center, email them or call them. If you’re not currently located in the United States, Markten intends to expand their company into other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia in the near future.

Markten, while being mainly a company specializing electronic vaporizers, also has a strong social responsibility towards the environment and deeply cares about how their production affects the world around them.

Maintaining a dedicated recycling page on their website, Markten state that they will provide consumers who are finished with their e-vapor cartridges a recycling kit which be sent back to Markten, who then then reuses these materials in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Apart from cartridges, batteries can also be recycled in select collection sites.

If you’re looking for a high quality vape pen with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility that delivers the same satisfaction as smoking with none of the health risks, Markten is without a doubt the best brand out there.


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