Pocket Jumper – Survival Frog’s Mini Car Jumper Starter System?

The Pocket Jumper is an innovative new device that gives users an incredibly powerful charger in palm sized package. The Pocket Jumper is manufactured by Survival Frog a company that is well known for their high quality survival products. Consumers who are looking for a super small device that can not only jump start a dead car battery but also charge cell phones and tablets will want to continue reading below to find out more information about the Pocket Jumper battery pack device.

What is the Pocket Jumper?

The Pocket Jumper is a hand held portable battery pack that packs enough power to jump a car or charge a cell phone or tablet multiple times. The Pocket Jumper contains so much power that it can charge up to twenty vehicles on one complete charge! The Pocket Jumper is easy to use a super convenient. This device is perfect to keep in the car, camping gear, or around the home in case of an emergency or power outage.

How Does Pocket Jumper Work?

The Pocket Jumper Car Jump Starter by Survival Frog is super small and lightweight. This portable power pack weighs only eight ounces and measures five inches by three inches. It is slim in design measuring at only one inch. The Pocket Jumper is truly small enough to fit in a pocket, the palm of a hand, or a glove compartment of a car. This device can be useful not only in the car but also while camping or to have on hand for emergency situations.

This product a very reliable device and can jump a battery twenty times off of one charge. Users can also use this small power device to charge cell phones. The Pocket Jumper will retain its charge for up to six months at a time which means it will be ready for when users need it. The Pocket Jumper also gives users a high power LED flashlight that functions in three modes including normal, strobe, and SOS. This Pocket Jumper’s light is so strong that it is approved by the United States Coast Guard!

The Pocket Jumper is designed to make it easy to charge. Users can simply charge the device in a car’s DC outlet or a 120 or 240 volt power source.


Each Power Bank Portable Car Jump Start Pack comes with two carry bags to make it easy to keep the Pocket Jumper and jumper cables organized along with the accessories. Additionally, each Pocket Jumper comes with a 12V DC car charger adapter which works in the cigarette lighter of any car. The Pocket Jumper also comes with a 100-240 volt home wall charger adapter and a four way USB adapter. This USB adapter allows users to charge any device that requires an Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning, Micro USB, and Mini USB.

Users should be aware that they should give the Pocket Jumper a full three hours or charging for a full battery life. This device is designed to be used to jump vehicles when the outside temperature is between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pocket Jumper will not work to jump large diesel utility vehicles or semi-trucks.

Pocket Jumper Pricing

The Pocket Jumper by Survival Frog is available for purchase through their website at www.survivalfrog.com. Each Pocket Jumper is available for purchase for $79.95.All purchases totaling over $50.00 at Survival Frog are eligible for free shipping within the contiguous United States. Currently the Pocket Jumper device is out of stock online. Survival Frog does offer E-gift cards so that may be a solution for giving the Pocket Jumper for a Christmas gift.

Currently all orders of the Pocket Jumper come with a free Paracord Survival Kit valued at $17.97. This promotion is for a limited time only through www.survivalfrog.com. The Pocket Jumper device comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or users can get their full purchase price refunded.

Should You Use the Pocket Jumper?

The Pocket Jumper is the perfect device for anyone who likes to be prepared. Whether users have long commutes, live in cold environments, or are always preparing for the next natural disaster, the Pocket Jumper provides the reassurance that there will always be a power boost available when needed. Having so much charging capability in such a small device is amazing and knowing it can store a full charge for up to six months makes it easy to have ready when needed.

Pretty much anyone would find the Pocket Jumper handy from new drivers to seasoned outdoorsmen, the Pocket Jumper gives users access to a reliable power source no matter where they happen to be. Please visit www.survivorfrog.com to see more details about the pocket Jumper and to the see the complete product line available from Survival Frog.


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