Owl Alert – Motion Activated Animal & Bird Repeller Technology?

Owl Alert is designed to keep a watch out over your garden, protecting it from animals and pests. Could it be the answer to finally succeeding in having the ultimate garden, with no destruction or losses from critters? Find out in the following review.

What is Owl Alert?

Animals and insects fear owls and avoid invading their space, so with this wise owl keeping watch over the garden, the wandering deer and other animals will think twice before nibbling on those growing vegetables and plants.

It is very frustrating to put all of the time and energy into the digging, planting, and nurturing that garden only to find animals have destroyed all of the efforts that went into it. Not only is the extra work a hassle, it can also pose health hazards to have those annoying outsiders invading and leaving evidence of their presence on the fresh vegetables. Owl Alert wants to stop that, by keeping a watchful eye over the entire garden.

Owl Alert is the first of its kind, with three in one motion activated technology. When a bird flies down toward the garden, Owl Alert rotates a full 180 degrees to send the birds in the opposite direction. Consider how much is spent on pesticides and rabbit repellent alone, and the effects they have on the growing produce, and the soil is still not completely determined.

Why not just take the natural approach to protecting your investment, Owl Alert is ready to work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and all for a one time investment, Owl Alert is certain to be a hit with serious gardeners, and hobby gardeners alike. A modern day version of a scarecrow, but much more effective, when owl Alert rotates its head, the approaching animals are sure to turn the other direction, the garden stays untouched.

How Does Owl Alert Work?

It's actually very simple: birds, and other animals fear owls, they are natural enemies. As the unwanted animal nears the garden, Owl Alert rotates a full half turn, alerting the intruder not to approach. Owl Alert does not stop there, it emits an ultrasonic sound that is unpleasant to animals, but unheard by humans. With a 40 foot range, it covers an incredible 120 degree angle, keeping that garden safe and growing without outside pests.

Owl Alert comes with a mounting pole that expands, so that it works well in any area. Owl Alert is completely weatherproof and durable, so it stands up to the elements, and does the job intended, keeping those destructive outside visitors away. Owl Alert is portable and can be placed anywhere. With the 40 foot range it can protect a garden without ever introducing harmful pesticides or animal repellents.


Owl Alert is available now for the incredible low price of $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. That's less than a bag of animal repellent, and there are no worries of unhealthy chemicals added to the soil.

Who Makes Owl Alert?

Owl Alert is brought to consumers by BulbHead, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit the website today before one more rabbit or deer destroys that garden, protect it the way nature intended, without chemicals and pesticides. Don't wait another minute, Owl Alert is the first of its kind, and is ready to protect any garden.


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