Pivot Power – Practical Flexible Power Strip Technology?

Electricity and the power it provides for people in their homes and offices has become a necessity in modern life. And as people buy more electronic devices, their need for more power outlets and extension cords has steadily increased. The only problem with this is that there is only so much space available for these extenders. And the fact that most of them are bulky and unsightly only makes it worse when people need multiple outlets.

Pivot Power is changing the way people approach their power needs. Instead of providing a bulky power option, Pivot Power is both convenient and flexible, so users can get their power exactly where they need it.

What is Pivot Power?

Pivot Power is an innovative new take on power strips. The key of what makes Pivot Power so different from these other options is that it bends and swivels, making it easier for users to place it where it needs to be. The power strip is also designed to be slimmer than other options on the market, so it doesn’t look as unsightly as the alternatives. With Pivot Power, users are able to plug in the extender and get power easier and more conveniently.

In addition to providing a flexible option for power, Pivot Power is also designed to take multiple adaptors and cords with very little problem. Everyone has struggled plugging in multiple, large cords that end up not fitting because of the other large adaptors plugged in. Because Pivot Power swivels and changes shape, users can fit all their plugs in without cramping the power strip or having to skip an outlet. The Pivot Power allows users to get all their plugs on one strip with no problem.

Benefits of Pivot Power

Pivot Power is a power cord that is smarter than any other options on the market, which is hugely important since access to power is becoming more and more important in today’s modern world. It’s a fully customizable strip cord which moves where it needs to go and allows for the bulkiest of plugs to fit into it. In a world that is constantly striving to be smarter, Pivot Power is the power cord to have.

Power cords have always come in one shape: Long, straight, and bulky. Until the Pivot Power, these were the only options available. However, one big benefit of Pivot Power is that it has a flexible body so it can be placed anywhere. Whether it needs to be bent around electronic devices or furniture, the Pivot Power will fit anywhere it needs to be, providing a convenient power source to everyone. And this flexibility allows it to hold more cords than most other power options on the market.

A power cord is useless if it isn’t able to reach where it needs to, which is why Pivot Power has such a long cord. With four full feet of cord, Pivot Power is able to provide power to anywhere in the room. And with the extra flexibility of the Pivot Power body, users will be able to get all their devices powered with one simple extension cord.

Purchasing Pivot Power

One of the best things about Pivot Power is its amazing price. Not only is Pivot Power available for only $14.99, but this price comes with only $6.99 shipping and handling. Plus, for a limited time there’s an even bigger discount available. At the moment, everyone who orders one Pivot Power will get a second one for free. The only added cost is an additional $6.99 for shipping and handling, which is a small price to pay for more convenient power options. Pivot Power comes in white, blue, and pink.


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