Clever Measure – Accurate & Bug-Free Digital Tape Measure?

Nothing Can Measure Up To This!

Whether it involves building up a tree house for the kids or replacing something that is broken, accuracy is key. If accuracy is not attained, not only will consumers miss out on hard saved money, but it also becomes tedious, as the work needs to be redid. Although a measuring tape or rulers are used in times like this, a near value is nothing near accuracy. Clever Measure has come up with a new definition for accuracy.

The Clever Measure’s definition of accuracy is: easy to use, easy to read, large and on point results. What does this mean? Read on.

What is Clever Measure?

Clever Measure is a digital information measuring tape that will give exact values of what is being measured. This means that consumers no longer have to estimate fractions nor do they have to count the additional lines within a measuring tape. It is also simple to use, as all that needs to be done is figure out the choice of units and then rest is done on its own.

Sometimes curvy surfaces or inner sides that require a bend in the measuring tape are hard to read, but with Clever Measure one can change the end measuring point from out to inside and it gives midpoint measurements as well. Finally, if a measurement has not be written down on a piece of paper, consumers can back track and find the measurement, as it has the capacity to save measurements as well.

Will Anyone Rule The Clever Measure Out?

Before purchasing any products, it is important to look over the pros and cons. If the pros outweigh the cons, it is without doubt a worthwhile product and the contrary results in a product that should be nowhere near one’s reach. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of the Clever Measure Out:


Easy to use: It is easy to use, as people do not have to worry about getting every inch of something measured.

Large digital display: Even those with limited vision power (a fairly decent eyesight that works without glasses), can use the Clever Measure without having to wear glasses.

Accurate: As mentioned earlier, the exact value will be given in either centimeters or inches and decimals or fractions. The choice is essentially that of the consumers.

Compact: easy to carry around on one’s pants as it comes with an attachment that hooks onto the pants.

Saves time and money: consumers now do not have to worry about having to waste time, supplies or money since the Clever Measure skillfully gives every detail of a measurement.

Saves measurements: If one is in a hurry, by pressing on the “lock” button, it saves the measurement within the Clever Measure. It has a limited capacity so consumers should make sure to delete measurements once they are certain.


Slightly expensive for a measuring tape: The going price of one is approximately $20 with a $7 shipping and handling fee, this comes out to a total of $27. With the purchase of the first Clever Measure, the second one is free (excluding shipping and handling), so one can expect to spend at most $34 for two Clever Measures. This might seem expensive, but on average one comes out to $17, while reaping in trustworthy benefits.

Runs on battery: Anything digital will eventually run out, as it involves battery life, therefore there will be a point in which, the battery either needs to be replaced or the product itself needs replacement. The lifetime of a Clever Measure is long, as measuring within households is not an occurring thing. However those who need measurements in their daily jobs should consider purchasing in bulk to save money.

Overall, Clever Measure takes a strain and load off of consumers’ backs by providing the go to measurement tape that will rule out traditional tools of measurement. For more how to cleverly measure, go to:


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