Osmo – Educational Brain Training Game System For Kids?

Osmo is a game system that focuses on helping your child to engage their mind and body to improve their cognitive abilities. This system is available in three different models, offering more programs with each upgrade.

What is Osmo?

With so many technological advances in society today, the children of the last few years are being exposed to many more electronic stimuli than any of the adults in the previous generations. In fact, the age that most kids get a cell phone alone has dropped significantly, as kids as young as their pre-teens make their presence known on social media. If your kids are still between ages 5 and 12, you have the opportunity to introduce them to a game system that can make learning fun and understandable with Osmo.

Osmo has won many awards for the advanced features and applications that it offers to consumers. It specifically is designed for use with the iPad, so you will need to feel comfortable enough to give your little one access to your equipment. Rather than just streaming videos and Skyping with family members, this program requires you and your child to be hands-on, completely engaging the senses. The company offers several different game systems, depending on what you want out of the experience.

Even though many parents are against the use of electronic devices with their children, you may need to evolve with the times. Kids are becoming more tech-savvy by the day, and the best way to handle that progression is to direct their attention to child-safe programs like Osmo.

The Games and Apps

Within this game system, you are given access to many different programs. Some of the programs are included on all the devices, while others are only available as you get the next available system. The programs you will have access to will include:

  • Words, which teaches your child to spell age-appropriate words through trial and error
  • Tangram, which shows your child how to rearrange different pieces on-screen to form animals, objects, and other shapes
  • Newton, which senses the presence of any off-screen objects to manipulate the cascading balls on the display into the target zones
  • Masterpiece, which allows you to scan in a picture and convert it into a traceable image
  • Numbers, which uses basic math to create different effects on the screen
  • Coding, which uses a game to show your child the cause and effect of creating a path for a cartoon character to follow
  • Monster, which transforms your child’s drawings into moving pictures

Each one gives your child many different educational benefits, helping them learn through engaging displays and playing.

Pricing for Osmo

If you decide to introduce your child to the amazing benefits of the Osmo program, you can choose from three different package options – the Genius Kit, the Wonder Kit, and the Explorer kit. Each one comes with the same basics, but they build upon the one before it.

The Genius Kit is the most basic of the programs. This package is available for $99, and it includes:

  • Words
  • Tangram
  • Newton
  • Masterpiece
  • Numbers

With this kit, you won’t need any extra accessories or expansions to make it function properly. You only need to show your child the correct way to use the program, and give them the space to expand their knowledge.

The next step up is the Wonder Kit, which is available for $145. This device has all the apps available on the Genius Kit, but with the addition of Coding.

The biggest package is the Explorer Kit. You can get this system for $189, but you end up with quite a few new benefits. Along with the inclusion of the fantastic benefits that are included in the Wonder Kit, you also gain access to Monster. While the other systems just include the basic programs for Newton and Masterpiece, the Explorer Kit adds more content to expand your child’s mind.

The Guarantee

With how expensive the different game systems are, you may want some security in your purchase. Regardless of which Osmo device you choose, a 30-day money back guarantee covers your purchase. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the programs, or you decide your child is not ready for this technology. You can return the product with no questions asked.

That’s not where your coverage ends. Even when you decide to keep your game system, a one-year warranty covers any potential damage and to help alleviate the cost of repairs during the first 12 months, if necessary. In fact, even if you break a piece included in your set, your coverage still stands.

Contacting the Creators of Osmo

Even though the website is expansive, you may still need to know more about the system you choose before you make an investment of this size. The website doesn’t appear to have a phone number you can call, but selecting the “Contact” link on the website will open a new window for you to submit an email.

Osmo Conclusion

Osmo is a revolutionary program for consumers. If your children are under age 12, they probably haven’t been exposed to the damaging entertainment that is online or on television programs all day long. These types of electronics have so many uses, and your child may be at the age that they learn the best by touching and feeling. You don’t need to make a big mess in the living room to teach them about numbers, shapes, and drawing. Instead, with a little supervision, you can expose them to the imaginative and fun world of Osmo.


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