I Am Cell Aware – Simply & Easy EMF Radiation Deflectors?

I AM CELL AWARE Radiation Deflects help consumers to protect themselves from the emissions that are put out by cell phones. This device requires no subscription or electronic connection to your device.


The radiation emitted from cell phones has been studied for years, but the results have not come to a certain determination of how much radiation you can be exposed to safely.

However, you are exposed to this toxic substance in many circumstances in your life that you cannot protect yourself from. However, your cell phone is probably the most used device you own, which means you are constantly at risk for exposure. With the I AM CELL AWARE device, that doesn’t have to be a risk anymore.

I AM CELL AWARE is a small insert that you place against your phone to prevent radiation from absorbing into your body.

This product is about the same size as a credit card, and doesn’t require any adhesive to stay in place.

To sweeten the deal that you already will receive with your purchase, you will never have to purchase one of the protective reflectors again for as long as you keep the I AM CELL AWARE accessory in your case.

However, if you must switch cell phone cases and you accidentally damage this insert, you may need to replace it.

There are currently no other products on the market with the same efficacy of using I AM CELL AWARE.

You may be able to get other cell phone cases, but even the toughest case doesn’t have the same claims of blocking radiation.

Since your phone is always nearby, you need all the protection you can afford. Rather than putting yourself and others at risk, be proactive by purchasing I AM CELL AWARE.

How Does I AM CELL AWARE Work?

To understand the way that the radiation deflectors can work, you first need to understand the way that your cell phone emits these waves.

For your phone to have internet access or to make calls, it uses radio frequency waves for the signals.

The radio frequency waves are not the problematic issue. The real problem is that these waves cause your phone to emit radiation that creates electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Normally, when your phone is charging or laying around, it won’t matter if it’s emitting radiation, since you aren’t nearby.

However, as you carry your phone or press it against your head, you end up absorbing radiation into your body.

To ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible, this accessory is made within the USA using hand-crafting methods of assembly.

It features high-quality materials to block off the emissions, which helps you to have confidence in how effective this remedy is.

In fact, many tests have been performed to see the impact it has on radiation, demonstrating a level of 77mG on an EMF tester without the I AM CELL AWARE accessory. However, after using the deflector, the reading is reduced to 0.1mG.

Why is Radiation Dangerous?

Radiation is the compilation of many different types of rays, which all can impact the biological structure of the cells inside your body.

The penetration of radiation through your body can put you at risk for cancer, or for passing off those emissions to your offspring, causing birth defects.

While it takes many radioactive particles to get these types of results, cell phone use exposes you to small amounts each day, which can build up in your body.

While adults are at a significant disadvantage, children often have a greater susceptibility to radiation.

Since this generation of children is one of the first that has plenty of technological advances already, many parents are guilty of giving their children their cellphone or other smart device to play with.

This seemingly innocent decision exposes them to the radiation but without the defense that adults have against it.


You don’t need any bizarre techniques to use the I AM CELL AWARE accessory for your phone.

Once you receive your package, you can slide this blocker between your phone and the cell phone case you currently own.

When you use this blocker with your phone, it will not inhibit your ability to make or receive calls, as it does not interfere with your antenna.

Also, since the accessory is so small and thin, you should not have any issue placing your cell phone case back on the device.

Pricing for the I AM CELL AWARE Radiation Deflector

Your total cost for the I AM CELL AWARE will depend on how many of the accessories you purchase in a single order.

The base price for a single deflector is $39.95. However, as the quantity of your purchase increases, so does your discount.

You can get the accessory in either Hero Black or Awareness Pink. Choose from one of the following packages:

  • Two deflectors: $59.95 (20% savings)
  • Four deflectors: $89.95 (40% savings)
  • Five deflectors, plus a bonus deflector: $119.95 (40% savings, plus a free product)
  • Six deflectors, plus two bonus deflectors: $143.95 (40% savings, plus two free products)

The creators of this inventive accessory understand that you may be dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason.

That’s why a 30-day money back guarantee covers your purchase, allowing you to get a full refund within the allotted timeframe if this product does not suit your needs.

Contacting the Creators of I AM CELL AWARE

If you want to start getting protection right away, you probably are ready to submit your order.

However, if you have more questions that need to be answered beforehand, then you will struggle to find any contact information on the website.

The most likely way that you will be able to contact the company is by waiting for a confirmation email or waiting to see if the packaging contains information about customer service.

I AM CELL AWARE Review Summary

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is an important cause, and the creators of I AM CELL AWARE do not take it lightly.

You need to be proactive in defending yourself and your children against radiation emissions, and this accessory is the best way to tackle that problem.

With high-quality construction that lasts, it’s time to defend yourself against the radiation that you are exposed to do a daily basis with I AM CELL AWARE.


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