Muzo Review – Block Out Noise And Create Your Own Personal Space?

Noise cancelling technology is nothing new.

With active noise cancellation technology that uses destructive interference to cancel out the waveforms of loud noises incorporated into headphones and car stereos around the world, the practice of removing unwanted noises from personal space is becoming more and more commonplace.

While effective, these solutions require the user to wear special headphones or a headset to provide a sound eliminating effect.

Emerging from popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, however, is a new intelligent acoustic device designed to allow users to transform their personal environment into their own customized audio zone without the need for headphone or sound systems.


Muzo is the world’s first acoustic device that functions doubly as a noise and disturbance minimizer through patented anti vibration technology, and generates relaxing ambient noise to drown out intrusive noises.

In the form of a small, streamlined package that can attach to any smooth surface, Muzo can assist with concentration on work or study, leisure time and relaxing, or help minimize insomnia and promote better sleep for enhanced overall health.

With a slew of features that use both solid materials and air to transmit audio, Muzo is a simple solution to the common problem of noise pollution.

With a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign that generated over $700,000 USD over just one month, the creators of Muzo, Celestial Tribe, smashed their original crowdfunding target by 533%, an unheard of success for a newcomer to crowdfunding in their first campaign.

In this article we’ll take a close look at the features and benefits of the Muzo device as well as provide an analysis on the design, construction and technology behind this intelligent acoustic device to help you decide whether it can help transport you away from the stress of daily life.

What is Muzo?

Muzo is labeled by its creators as an ‘intelligent acoustic device’.

Created to drown out and minimize the noise created by stressful environments such as offices, cars and busy cafes, Muzo uses vibrations and soundscapes to create portable, personal zones of silence and calm wherever users go.

The interesting technology behind Muzo doesn’t use a traditional speaker to transmit audio- the small, slim device attaches to any smooth surface such as glass windows or wooden tables and uses induction vibration to turn the entire surface into a speaker.

What Can Muzo Do?

Muzo offers several key functions that can be broken down into different categories. Functioning as an anti-vibration device, Muzo can be placed on a window between the user and loud noises outside, or any surface nearby an undesirable sound source.

Muzo will measure the waveform of the vibrations created by the unwanted noise and cause the surface it is attached to to vibrate in a manner that absorbs incoming sound waves, effectively turning any window or table into a sound sponge that absorbs annoying or loud noises.

Coupled with the Scene Creation function, the anti vibration system of Muzo works in synergy to overlay dynamic sound masking over nearby noises.

Scenes such as Restaurant, Workplace, Outdoors and Bedroom are preset anti-vibration sound protection settings that allow users to create a ‘cone of silence’ around them to mask conversation and turn any area into a personal space that can be used for private conversation.

The sound masking function of Muzo has three different settings, Serenity mode, designed to create a silent place with anti-vibration technology, Sleep Mode, which promises better and more restful sleep through scene creation, and Secret Mode, which protects speech privacy with sound masking.

Muzo also offers sleep analysis and sleep therapy for users with sleep complications. Noise and ambient sounds are one of the largest causes of sleep difficulties and can drastically affect life quality.

As the user falls asleep, Muzo plays a mix of soothing ambient noises such as Sleep Ambience, Winter Wind, Rainy Day, Snowstorm and more to assist users in sleeping soundly throughout the entire night without waking up fatigued.

Design and Construction

The entire Muzo system is contained within a small form factor, packed with high tech listening and vibrational devices.

Containing a motor assembly, voice coil, suspension system and electrical connection terminal, fully half of the Muzo device is constituted by the oscillating mass that creates the induction vibration that allows Muzo to cancel and create noise.

With a high sensitivity vibration sensor and NEO magnetic system that provides vibrational feedback for anti vibration, Muzo weighs just 350 grams and is just 165 mm long by 75 mm wide and 32 mm high, the perfect size to fit in a backpack or pocket.

The Muzo is controlled by a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android devices, providing comprehensive data analysis, live mixing of ambient tracks and synchronization between the device and the smartphone or tablet via bluetooth 4.0.

Volume is controlled via a central circular button that can be rotated, with audio provided by a 10 watt Billionsound Technology Exciter induction vibration device and a traditional high quality loudspeaker.

Charged by micro USB, the Muzo contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery that runs for up to 20 hours of standard functionality, more than enough to get you through the workday or a good night of sleep

Muzo Pricing & Availability

Muzo can be ordered from the Muzo crowdfunding page and is expected to ship in April 2017. The current price for a preorder of the Muzo system is priced at $159 USD + Shipping, 36% off the predicted retail price.

The first run of Muzo devices will provide customization options not available in later iterations with the device, with RGB LEDs that allow users to decorate and change their device with desired colors, in addition to being able to stream music to the device via Bluetooth 4.0 to listen to their playlists through sound induction.

Muzo will ship with a provided case, portable soundbox that amplifies the music playing capacity of the device, and a charging cable.

If you’re looking for a multifunction device that operates as both a bluetooth speaker, noise cancelling device and sleep enhancer, the Muzo is definitely the right intelligent audio solution for you.


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