Minimax – Powerful Portable Charger & Jump Start Battery?

The Minmax Charger is a new device on the market for people who want to be prepared. This small but powerful device is designed to fit easily in the user’s purse or glove box. Imagine having the power to jump start a car or recharge a phone right in a palm sized package, the Minimax Charger delivers! Offering a 7,800mAH lithium battery as well as a USB charge port and flashlight settings, the Minimax Charger is a device users do not want to be without. Please read below for more information on the new Minimax Charger.

What is the Minimax Charger?

The Minimax Charger is a small, lightweight multi-charging device that not only charges phones and tablets but is also capable of jump starting a car. Designed to fit in the car's glove box or a purse, the Minimax Charger packs a lot of power for such a small device.

The Minimax Charger contains a powerful 7,800 mAh Lithium battery which gives it enough power to jumpstart virtually any 12V battery from lawn mowers to boats and even cars! Users can use the Minimax Charger’s built in 5 volt 2 amp USB port to charge phones, tablets, and handheld games.

Additionally, the Minimax Charger has a built in three mode flashlight which is perfect for emergencies or anytime additional lighting is needed. Users will appreciate choosing between the flashlight, strobe light, or SOS settings quickly and easily with a simple switch.

The Minimax Charger is easy to use, portable and lightweight weighing only 1.1 pounds.

How Does Minimax Work?

Users simply charge the Minimax completely and then keep it tucked away for when it is needed. The battery holds a charge for a full six months which makes it easy to use. Really with such a small size, the Minimax could be used daily for the convenience of charging phones and tablets without having to sit around a wall plug.

The Minimax Charger is perfect for day to day commuters and even people who love to camp. The uses are endless and the device will deliver. Whether consumers want the peace of mind of never having a dead car battery again or the convenience of a small device that packs a powerful flashlight, the Minimax Charger is the perfect product.

Utilize the 7,800 mAh Lithium-Cobalt battery to charge 12V batteries or the 5V 2A USB Port to quickly charges mobile devices. Stash this device in the glove compartment and rest assured that it will be ready when you need it.

Minimax Charger Components

  • Minimax Charging Device
  • Jumper Cables
  • Multi Charger Cords (for tablets and phones)
  • Car Charger Attachment
  • Carrying Case

The Minimax Charger will retain a full charge for up to six months without use. Simply recharge in the car when it needs a boost. LED indicators make it easy to know if the device needs to be charged.

Minimax Charger Pricing

Minimax is available for purchase for $99.00 at Consumers can opt to pay all at once or in three payment installations of $33 each over sixty days. The Minimax Charger comes with free shipping. A wall charger is available for purchase for an additional $7.99. Consumers can choose to pay an additional $2.95 to get expedited shipping and insurance. The Minimax Charger is available for purchase by both domestic and international consumers.

Consumers can also purchase the Minimax Charger through Amazon for $119.73. Amazon also offers free shipping with purchase of the Minimax Charger.

Who Makes Minimax Charger?

The Minimax Charger is manufactured by Harrington Global LLC and is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Minimax Charger was trademarked by Harrington Global on October 2, 2016 so it is a relatively new product.

The Minimax Charger comes with a ninety day satisfaction guarantee. If users are unhappy with their purchase they can simply return the item within ninety days for a full refund, return shipping included.

Minimax Charger Review Summary

The Minimax Charger is perfect for consumers on the go. Whether users are commuters who worry about getting stranded on the road late at night with a dead battery or are adventurers who are looking for an easy and reliable way to keep their devices charged, the Minimax Charger is the perfect solution. For under $100 consumers can get a brand new product that really delivers. Keep one in your briefcase or car, house or cabin, the Minimax Charger will be ready when the power goes out of the car refuses to start! Visit for more information and to place an order.


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