Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Review – Microphone & One Touch Answering?

Traditional earbuds can be troublesome to deal with, especially because they have a tendency to come apart, ruin one’s device, become tangled, or cause pain and discomfort in one’s ear due to the design.

Those who are tired of traditional messy and tangled earbuds and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Bluetooth buds, then this review would like to introduce an alternative approach that is certainly more economical, but that doesn’t skimp on quality and effectiveness either.

Called Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds, this device may be just what most individuals need when it comes to earbuds. Best of all, they make up for the shortfalls of most Bluetooth devices.

What Are Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds?

Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds are an alternative solution to traditional earbuds that tend to be uncomfortable, difficult to use, and that get tangled all too often.

With this revolutionary and easy to use set of buds, users can finally have an easier time listening to music or their phone without having to worry about spending hours detangling and maneuvering the buds. Further, those who are disdained with spending hundreds of dollars on a Bluetooth option can finally rejoice with this product and what it has to offer.

How Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Work

Before choosing any product, including an earbud device, it is always useful to understand how it works. This way, users can make a solid determination as to whether it is right for them. In this case, Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds promotes amazing sound quality and a no-tangle design by way of the main components of the device.

To begin with, the sound quality is due to the high-quality and powerful speakers that are in the earbuds. Those who use this device will be able to compare them to the capabilities of a Bluetooth device, just without the exorbitant cost involved.

Better yet, the sound quality is clear, regardless of whether one is using their phone’s music features or video playback.

Second, the headphones have a no-hassle feature, which means that users can finally start using their headphones without having to worry about spending hours on end detangling the wire. To prevent tangling, the device features a magnetic cap. Once the cap is secured in place, the wires will not tangle and users will have an easy time using them when they need them.

Charges For Hours Of Use

Another outstanding feature of this device is that with just a few minutes of charging, users can be well on their way to using this product for hours on end. As the brand explains, the product charges in a matter of minutes.

Once it is charged, those who have the product can simply connect the headphones and use them to listen to music, make calls, or any anything else.

The Benefits Of Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds

There are many prominent benefits to be had when one adds Microboom to their routine. Here are the main advantages of this product so that users know what to expect:

A Convenient And Hassle Free Headphone System

One of the main advantages of this product is that it offers users the opportunity to use their headphones without any hassle involved. The product is a convenient solution that can be unclasped in a matter of seconds.

Users do not need to worry about these headphones becoming tangled either – they will stay untangled and intact once the magnetic clasps are connected.

Built-In Microphone

Second, the device features a built-in microphone that allows users to take calls quickly and easily. Very few headphone systems make it so simple to manage one’s calls and it is certainly much better than having to unplug the headphones before using the phone’s calling mechanism.

Hours Of Use For A Short Charge

Third, users are bound to love how long the phone can be used with just one charge. Each charging period takes a matter of minutes. Once fully charged, users can take the headphones with them anywhere for hours on end use, without having to worry about the battery dying.


Fourth, for those who are tired of uncomfortable and painful ear buds, then this product may be just the right solution. This device is designed to be extremely comfortable for ears of all sizes, which means no dealing with strained and sore ears.

Easy To Use

Finally, all of the mechanisms on this device are self-explanatory. Those who add this product to their routine won’t need to waste any time trying to figure the device out.

Clearly, there are many prominent benefits to be had when one adds Microboom to their routine. These headphones are simple, easy to use, and high-quality devices that can compensate for expensive headphones that are just not worth it sometimes.

Microboom Bluetooth Earbuds Summary

Overall, those who are interested in Microboom can order the product through the brand’s website. The device is currently being offered for just $29.99, plus shipping and handling. Those who are dissatisfied for any reason can return it for a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.


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