Micro Touch One Review – As seen On TV Modern Design Safety Razor?

Micro Touch One Review

Micro Touch One is a razor that recently launched online at around $30 for a set of 12 blades. Today, we’re reviewing the Micro Touch One razor to find out if it’s worth your money.


What Is The Micro Touch One?

The Micro Touch One is a classically-designed safety razor that comes with a set of 12 razor blades. Priced at around $30, the Micro Touch One is made from chrome-plated brass and promises to give you “the best shave of your life.”

The Micro Touch One razor is endorsed by Rick Harrison, the guy from Pawn Stars. You know how barbers will use a single blade razor to give you a hot shave? The Micro Touch One promises to offer similar benefits in your own home.

The razor is made by IdeaVillage, the same company responsible for other As Seen On TV products like the Copper Fit Sleeves and HD Vision sunglasses.

Modern disposable razors come with 2, 3, or even 4 blades. Should you really go back to using just one blade with the Micro Touch One? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Micro Touch One Features

-Solid brass, chrome-plated design

-Opens with a simple twist for easy cleaning

-Comes with a set of 12 razor blades

That’s pretty much it. It’s a single blade razor with a classic design. It also comes packaged up in a carrying case for easy transport.

Using the razor is straightforward. You start by using as little pressure as possible, letting the weight of the razor do the work for you. Then, you hold the razor by the tip of the handle, tilt the blade at a 45 degree angle, then shave with the grain of your beard. That’s it.

Then, to clean the razor, you gently twist the handle, open the razor head, carefully remove the blade by its blunt edges, and then rinse the blade and replace it in the razor.

Using this method, you can stop wasting your money on expensive, multi-blade refills. And, when the blade in your Micro Touch One gets dull, you have 12 replacement blades available.

Micro Touch One Pricing

Micro Touch One, like many As Seen On TV-style products, comes with a weird pricing policy where you pay a ridiculous shipping fee and get a bunch of “free” stuff added onto your order whether you like it or not.

-1 Micro Touch One: $32.97

That’s $19.99 + $12.98 Shipping. Your purchase includes a set of 24 blades and a free case. Technically, the offer is advertised as being one Micro Touch One with one set of blades plus an additional 12 bonus blades (you “just” pay shipping). However, the final cost is $32.97 whether you want the extra blades or not.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. However, you will never get a refund on your shipping costs. That’s a problem, since shipping is such a huge part of the cost ($13 out of the total $33 price tag). Typically, manufacturers do this on purpose to dissuade you from cashing in on your money back guarantee.

Who Makes The Micro Touch One?

The Micro Touch One is made by a company named Idea Village, also known as IdeaVillage Products Corp.. You can contact that company by phone at 877-709-7723 (you can also order the Micro Touch One over the phone) or email them at [email protected].

The company describes itself as “The As Seen On TV Category Leaders”. Other popular products made by the company include the MicroTouch Tough Blade, endorsed by Brett Favre, the Copper Fit Sleeves, and the HD Vision sunglasses. None of the company’s products are very well-reviewed. Customers typically complain about poor-quality design and failure to live up to expectations.

IdeaVillage Products Corp. is based at the following New Jersey address:

155 Route 46 West, 4th Floor
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

Should You Use the Micro Touch One to Get the Best Shave of your Life?

The Micro Touch One makes bold promises about giving you the best shave of your life. In reality, this is just a disposable razor that comes with 24 replacement blades. Like other As Seen On TV products made by this company, they’re not typically well-reviewed, and customers often have problems with material quality and craftsmanship.

Nevertheless, if you want to pay $33 for a set of 24 metal razor blades in a high-quality handle, then the Micro Touch One is one option available online today.


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