Emberlight Review – Turns Any Light Into A Smart Light Bulb?

Technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated as each year passes.

We are exhibiting more control over our lives by way of using said technology to make every aspect of our life a tad bit easier.

Some say this makes us lazy, some have dreams that robots will one day take over the world. Science Fiction fantasies like these should stay where they belong; on television.

The truth is the recent and oncoming innovations in technology will only improve the quality of life for all individuals on earth.

That’s not to say that every innovation will be grandiose, some are small and their compounded affect shows in our lifestyle.

One of these small changes is the use of the smart phone. Smart phones have completely taken over our society. Changing it forever.

This isn’t just a western phenomenon, the presence of these devices are felt globally, even in parts of the world that are looked at as barren and destitute.

The thing is, to call smart phones “phones” would be extremely misleading. They can do so much more than a traditional phone.

One of the newest aspects of smartphones is their ability to sync with other objects within our circle of influence.

This mini-computers are now able to connect with our TV and stream media from one device to another, they are able to connect with wearables like watches and fitbits, they can even change the temperature in houses.

The companies that create this ability to sync with different products are constantly thinking about the next thing that our phones should be able to control. One of the companies on the vanguard is Emberlight.

Let’s see how they hold up.


What is Emberlight?

The company Emberlight has 1 mission: To allow us to exhibit more control over the light in our homes from anywhere.

Literally anywhere.

How? The do this by pairing the light bulbs in the houses of consumers to their smart phones. From there, owners of this technology are able to control which lights are on, how long they stay on, and how bright they are.

The steps to making this happen are easy. First, you screw in the lightbulb. Then, you connect to wifi. Finally, you take control.

The whole process is that simple.

The crazy part about this whole thing is that turning a light off and on was already a easy process that was made even easier by Emberlight’s innovation. They turned the process of turning on a light into a spectrum.

Lights are not either off or on. They can be off, on, low, high, and timed. Emberlight simply created more possibilities.

This is a product of mere convenience as most products are nowadays. Some may think that that controlling lights from a smart phone is something that can offer minimum entertainment at best, while others are excited by the idea.

For those that are excited they can’t wait to get their hands on some Emberlight bulbs.

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at those.


When Emberlight bulbs are purchased it is sure to transform the perspectives of those who are used to traditional lighting.

Once you go Emberlight, no other light is right.

The great thing about Emberlight is that they understand people don’t want to just throw out their bulbs just to buy a whole new set.

To remedy this problem, Emberlight developed a product called the Emberlight Socket. This product allows customers to still enjoy all that Emberlight has to offer while keeping the bulbs they have already paid for.

It would be expected that this socket would be a pain to set up and would have excess materials like cables that would have to be set up.

This isn’t the case. All one has to do with this socket is screw it on to their current lightbulbs and connect with it. It’s as simple as having a bulb made by Emberlight.

Just like Emberlight bulbs, the socket will allow consumers to control their lights from everywhere and also dim them. This thing effectively turns every light in ones house into a smart light.

As stated above in this review, these type of products aren’t for everyone. Many people just don’t care to be able to control their lights from anywhere, and that’s ok.

Emberlight is aware of this and certainly understand that their products are for a small group of people. This is evident through the pictures on their website.

Virtually every photo on Emberlight’s webite is one of captured affluence. That is to say the primary buyers of Emberlight are those in a higher tax bracket.

Emberlight is aware that this is their niche so these are the types of people their ads speak to. That’s not to say that if someone is not rich they can’t enjoy Emberlight, nothing could be further from the truth.

All that it’s saying is that it’s unlikely that a middle class person would even want to purchase a lightbulb or socket for $50 per light bulb.


So what has been learned in this review?

Emberlight makes products that allow their customers to completely control the lighting of their house, no matter where they are.

This is accomplish per use of special bulbs and sockets that can be applied to traditional bulbs already present in the house.

These bulbs are not for everyone and will likely be purchased by those living a lifestyle of more luxury.

Emberlight isn’t necessary, but is cool and convenient. If that is what people are looking for, Emberlight has it.


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