Invictus One Review: HEPA-Certified Cordless Smart-Slim Vacuum Filtration System?

Invictus One is a compact, cordless smart-slim vacuum with a HEPA-certified stainless steel filtration system with a high-speed, high-powered brushless motor to clean up real life messes in tight spots.

Invictus One is a handheld vacuum with an intense filtration system and multiple attachments to give a deeper level of clean than vacuums that are twice its size. The device has amazing suction power and a German-engineered motor to improve performance.

What is Invictus One?

Keeping a home clean is essential during these times when illness seems to be spreading like wildfire. With most people confined to their homes right now, there’s no better time to start spring cleaning, and one of the most used tools in homes is a vacuum. While there are many models out there right now, it is hard to get into every nook and cranny in the home. That’s where the Invictus One comes in.

According to the claims on the website, Invictus One can take on more work than the average vacuum, and it's easy to see why. The compact and handheld design makes it easy to use in any tight space without having to carry a clunky machine along with them. There’s no brushes used, so users won’t have to worry about hair or dust collecting, which means they won’t have to worry about clogging either.

Just like a regular vacuum, this machine comes with a few attachments that lets users get into the crevices of the areas that they clean. Though most of the attachments are likely familiar to the average consumer, the star is easily the extension that arches around other spaces, making it easy to get behind window treatments, around heaters, and more. After cleaning a home, office, or even a car, the user can press a button to open the lid and empty the canister.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invictus One

While vacuums are not exactly new in the world, the way that the Invictus One transforms cleaning is innovative and fresh. Let’s discuss some of the questions that consumers may have about this product and how it can make a difference.

Q: How does Invictus One benefit users?

A: The greatest benefit of the Invictus One has to be the Two-Stage HEPA-certified filtration system. This filtration system can help to deeply clean every surface, but with the performance power of the motor and stainless steel design, anything that the vacuum picks up will stay inside the canister, rather than allowing dust and dander to blow around the room.

Q: Not every vacuum is strong enough to eliminate the shedding fur of dogs and cats. Can the Invictus One handle pet hair?

A: Yes, it can, thanks to the high speed and power of the motor.

Q: Does the Invictus One come with a return policy?

A: Yes. If the user finds that the Invictus One doesn’t serve their needs, they can return it within 60 day for a full refund. However, it is best to first contact customer service before sending it back.

Buying Invictus One

When it comes to buying the Invictus One, users have two options offered on the website – a single Invictus One or the Invictus Bundle.

The package with a single Invictus One offers just the device. However, the Invictus Bundle includes the chance to add the 3-piece accessory pack for $19.95 more. Both packages come with the color option of either a Pearl White or Anthracite Gray, and both sets can be divided into four payments of $24.95. To purchase the Invictus One in full, the total cost is $99.80.

While there is no charge for standard shipping, customers will have to wait about three to eight weeks for delivery.

Contacting Invictus One Customer Service

If there’s anything that the website doesn’t cover, the easiest way to learn more is to reach out to the customer service team. If the user has questions about their status of their order, it can be checked at

Any other question can be addressed by calling 866-772-8522 on weekdays, starting at 8:00am EST.

Invictus One Summary

The Invictus One provides a machine that is a level up from what consumers are used to, even with the most advanced vacuums. Though the user has to pay for the cost of the accessories as a separate charge from the device, these accessories are absolutely necessary to the performance of the device. Based on the claims online, this device is always charged, so users won’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in constantly for optimal performance.


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