Electra Hair Brush – Ceramic LED Straightening Brush?

Talk about a grand entrance for the newest and hottest hair straightening brush in 2016…

We asked the same question as you, “is the Electra hairbrush quickly becoming the future of healthy hair care?”

Due to being a new ‘category creator' in professional salon quality straighteners, Electra has exploded in popularity for being the first electric brush to combine a sleek digital LED display and a shiny ceramic-encasing that shows it can naturally help straighten your hair faster and easier because of innovative light-heat technology – all without damaging your hair.

After carefully reviewing the Electra hair straightening brush and all of its glorified glitz and glam, we want to give you genuine guidance on whether or not this innovative 2-in-1 straightener and brush hair care technology actually works.

Electra Hair Straightener Brush Review

Hair drying/straightening have long been a part of our culture. From not-so-great hot iron rods to not-so-good heavily-heated plates, hair straightening tools, devices and technology have not made many significant advancements on the health vs harm of straightening your hair frequently…until now.

Before the Electra was recently released, there was never an overall optimal (and affordable) solution when it comes to either over harming your hair with excess heat or paying beauty salons for professional work (which isn't cheap and usually lasts a few days as we all know) vs actually having a health alternative that gives you both in one easy to use hairbrush.

The Electra Hair Straightening Brush is changing how people dry and style their hair. By combining the convenience of a brush with the heating and drying power of a straightening iron, the Electra Hairbrush is able to smooth and straighten hair, but without exposing it to excess heat. The ceramic Electra Hair Straightener has changed how people will do their hair, giving them back valuable time as well as the health of their hair.

What is the Electra Hairbrush?

electra hair straightener brushThe Electra Hair Brush is a hair straightening brush that works as both a straightener and a styler. By combining these two vital components of the haircare routine, the Electra Hairbrush has made getting ready much easier for people. Not only can users of the Electra Hairbrush cut down on their prep time, but they’ll get salon-like hair in the comfort of their own home.

What sets the Electra Hairbrush apart from so many other straightening and drying tools is that it is able to do both at the same time, which helps protect the hair from damage. One of the biggest problems with drying and straightening hair is that when the process is repeated, it can cause serious hair damage. The Electra Hairbrush is able to prevent this type of damage by combining the times users would spend on drying and styling, cutting down on the amount of time the hair is exposed to heat.

In addition to providing an amazing alternative to hair dryers and straightening irons, the Electra Hairbrush is extremely easy to use. The brush looks just like a regular bristled brush, but its sleek design sets it apart from other straightening options. And, because it swivels a full 360 degrees, it is able to be used in the right or left hand with ease. By offering an LED screen to control heat settings, the Electra Hairbrush is also completely customizable. Users can adjust exactly how much power they want to use when styling their hair, putting them in control of the entire process.

Benefits of the Electra Hairbrush

Several of the benefits of the Electra Hairbrush are easy for customers to see. The before and after shots show that it is extremely effective. Not only can it get hair curly and frizzy to straight and sleek in no time at all, but it does so while protecting the hair from heat damage. The swivel designs and customization available on the brush only reinforce the fact that it is one of the best products available on the market.

However, there are several more benefits that come with the Electra Hairbrush. These benefits can be experienced when users purchase their brush, but are explained below for those who aren’t sure if the product is for them.

The benefits of the Electra LED Hairbrush are listed below.

  • 2 in 1 – Brush and Straightener
  • Faster straightening time
  • Leaves hair just as straight, with more volume!
  • Safe guards placed all around bristles make it nearly impossible to get burned
  • Power of a dryer
  • Precision of a styler
  • Dries and styles in one step for less heat damage
  • Three-year warranty
  • The trusted beauty brand
  • Smooth, frizz-free results in half the time
  • Tangle-free bristles
  • Features 2 heat setting and a cool shot setting
  • Provides 1000 watts of power
  • Slimmer design for ease of transporting and storing
  • Hot air brush and styler causes less heat-related damage

And because all these benefits are available in one device, it makes styling and straightening hair a breeze. Users will be able to get out of the house faster, with gorgeous hair that looks like it was just done by a professional.

Electra Hairbrush Features and Specifications

While hearing about the many benefits of the Electra Hairbrush is great, actually knowing what makes up the brush and how it stands apart from other hair straightening options is extremely important. The Electra Hairbrush has a number of amazing features that make it a leader in its market. Added to the specifications that make the Electra Hairbrush easy to use and versatile, customers are soon able to see why this is the best hair straightening brush on the market.

Electra Hairbrush Features

  • Alloy Base
  • Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Heated Contact Points
  • Power Switch
  • Temperature Adjustment Buttons
  • Hard Durable Plastic
  • Piano Lacquer
  • LCD Temperature Display
  • 360 Degree Swivel

All these features work together to give users the best hair straightening experience possible. In very little time, they can turn their wild hair into smooth, straight hair. Perfect for a variety of styles, the Electra Hairbrush was designed to help all hair types achieve their perfect smoothness.

Electra Hairbrush Specifications

While these are the more technical components of the Electra Hairbrush, they’re still important to know, especially for those who are purchasing from overseas. The Electra Hairbrush was designed with specifications that would fit into multiple lifestyles and countries across the world. By offering such diverse and varying specifications, the Electra Hairbrush is able to assure that as many people as possible can use it.

  • Voltage: DC110v-220v (Dual Voltage)
  • Power: 29W
  • Wire length: 230cm
  • Heating time/optimal styling time: 30 seconds
  • Temperature range: 150°C-230°C or 300°F-450°F
  • Thermostat adjustment segments: 5°

The power cord provided with the Electra Hairbrush is shipped out according to the country where the order was placed. This allows as many people as possible to use the amazing Electra Hairbrush, no matter from where they’re shopping.

Purchasing the Electra Hairbrush

Purchasing the Electra Hairbrush is an extremely simple process. The brushes are available for purchase on the Electra Hairbrush website (ElectraHairbrush.com). On the website, customers will see a variety of purchasing amounts available. These options are broken down into cost per unit as well as total cost.

Support can be reached at 844.738.7902 or by email on their official site.

What makes purchasing the Electra Hairbrush so great is that the more of the product that customers purchase, the more they save on their per unit cost. This makes purchasing multiple brushes easier and saves customers money, making it the perfect option for gifts or reselling.

The purchase options available for the Electra Hairbrush are listed below.

  • 1 Electra Hairbrush – $56 (56/Unit)
  • 2 Electra Hairbrushes – $97 ($48.50/Unit)
  • 3 Electra Hairbrushes – $134 ($44.66/Unit)
  • 4 Electra Hairbrushes – $169 ($42.25/Unit)
  • 5 Electra Hairbrushes – $196 ($39.20/Unit)
  • 10 Electra Hairbrushes – $350 ($35/Unit)
  • 15 Electra Hairbrushes – $525 ($35/Unit)
  • 20 Electra Hairbrushes – $700 ($35/Unit)



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