Hush Earplugs Review – Smart Way To Block Out All Noises?

Hush Earplugs Review

Having trouble sleeping?

Hush Smart Earplugs promise to solve your insomnia troubles by using a combination of science and soothing sounds to wash out the noise that keeps you awake at night. Forget about active noise cancelling headphones or high tech valve earbuds, the Hush Earplugs combine silicone or foam plugs with relaxing white noise to send you gently off to the land of nod.


Hush takes a novel approach to the science of sleep to offer consumers a piece of peace and quiet. In this article we’ll examine the method and philosophy behind Hush and find out just how effective they are at promoting restful, healthy sleep.

Who Are Hush?

Hush was founded in 2014 by student entrepreneur trio all by the name of Daniel- Daniel Lee, Daniel Chesong Lee, and Daniel Synn. The three students were all enrolled at UC San Diego when dormitory living, tight study schedules and loud roommates made it difficult to catch sleep between classes. Lee, studying mechanical engineering at the time, came up with the concept for the Hush Earplugs during a product design and entrepreneurship class and soon had a working prototype assembled with the assistance of two other students.

The Hush team took advantage of the entrepreneurial resources available to them through their university and within a few short months of product development and prototyping managed to secure over $200,000 USD from local San Diego Angel Investors to assist them in the further development of the Hush Earplug concept. The Daniel Trio also engaged the assistance of multiple other entrepreneur development programs, such as The Rady School of Management, the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and the BrightEyes mentorship program.

After running through countless variations of foam earplugs, 3D printed component housing, battery models and endless sleep trials, the Hush team created their ideal sleep-assistance device, and took it to Kickstarter. Describing their product as ‘Wireless noise masking earplugs that block out the world while still letting you hear the things that matter most’, the Hush Kickstarter campaign started with a $100,000 USD goal and was quickly picked up by tech news giants such as Mashable, CNET, SlashGear, and many others. Within just 40 days the Daniels watched their project explode onto the internet- at the end of the funding round Hush raised just under $600,000 USD from over 4,400 backers ready to purchase a set of Hush Earplugs for better, calmer sleep.

What Do The Hush Earplugs Do?

Lee states the goal of Hush is to provide a device that can block out unwanted noises such as loud parties, snoring roommates, and screaming housemates, while still allowing users to hear their alarm to wake up in the morning. The solution is provided in the form of a pair of smart earplugs that can play soothing sounds to block out more noise than normal earplugs, but also connect wirelessly to a phone to deliver important notifications when necessary.

Designed for wearing during sleep, the Hush Earplugs are designed with comfort in mind.  Hush cradles into the ear, lying flush to the head in a way that it can be comfortable even for side sleepers, and is customizable, recognizing the fact that no two ears are the same. There are a variety of tip choices available, from foam to silicone, and customers are even able to create DIY custom moulded tip solutions. Each headphone is complete with an angled design to follow the natural curve of the ear canal, and has a rounded back to allow for freedom of movement while the user is sleeping.

The Hush Earplugs work by blocking out the majority of external noise, while playing ambient, soothing sounds to the listener while they sleep. Playback choices range from forest sounds, waterfalls, ‘white’ or ‘pink’ noises, binaural beats and ethereal sounds. The audio files are stored on memory within the earplugs themselves, helping cut down on battery usage- each earplug offers 8 hours of playback time, enough to complete two full cycles of REM sleep to gain a full night of rest.

How Do The Hush Earplugs Work?

The Hush Earplugs sync with and are controlled by a smartphone app available on both iOS and Android, which allows users to select their audio track and set notification filters to allow important updates such as alarms or emergency phone calls through, but block incessant social media updates and the like (facebook game invites, we’re looking at you).

The app also offers a personal alarm, and an incredibly convenient Hush Tracker that helps you locate your Hush Earplugs should you misplace them. In an innovative twist, the app doesn’t actually engage the bluetooth to connect to the device unless the user is actively changing settings on the earplugs. The app connects to the plugs, transfers the audio files for the ambient noise, and terminates the connection, allowing the bluetooth connection to remain in low energy mode.

Hush isn’t only aimed at sleepless college students- Hush’s founded Daniel Lee has suggested that Hush has applications that may benefit people with tinnitus, who require noise masking to help them sleep through the irritating ringing that becomes especially acute at night, or those with hyperacusis, a hypersensitivity to certain frequencies. Frequent travelers and couples with snoring partners are also advised to utilize the Hush Earplugs to help them gain some peace whilst sleeping.

The Price Of Restful Sleep

The trio of Daniels behind the Hush project are currently searching for a retail channel for their Smart Earplug solution, but for the moment Hush is available for order via their website, and retails for $150 including 9 different Earplug tip sizes and a portable charging case that can charge the Hush Earplugs multiple times- up to ten hours- on one charge. Hush also offer a 30-day return policy and a one year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

Hush is the perfect example of an innovative response to a specific market niche, and with almost four thousand orders placed via crowdfunding campaigns already, Hush is set to become the next big thing in sleep-assist wearables.


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