HDFX360 Review – Legit ‘DSLR’ Camera Phone Lens?

HDFX 360 Review

HDFX 360 is a set of 3 high performance camera lenses that fit over your mobile smartphone to create different visual effects and photo enhancements. Here’s our HDFX 360 review to find out if it can really create DSLR-quality images all from your mobile camera phone.

What is HDFX 360?

hdfx360 review

HDFX 360 is a set of three precision lenses that fit over the front of your smartphone camera and claim to capture professional DSLR (digital single lens reflex) fashioned images with ease. They can fit over a wide variety of popular smartphones (they just clip onto the front) and work seamlessly with all iPhone and Andriod mobile phones. In fact, the manufacturer claims they can be used with any and all phones and mobile devices so there should not be a limit or downside no matter what your current phone or provider is.

Check out how each of the high-definition effects of the HDFX360 works.

The three lenses include:

  • Fisheye for ultra-wide panorama shots
  • Macro for extreme close-ups
  • Wide-angle for including all your friends

By default, today’s smartphone cameras are pretty good. But HDFX 360 promises to make your mobile cameras better, more functional, and more interesting. We all know that digital cameras can be a hassle to carry around and hard to fit in pockets especially when everyone now uses a mobile phone everywhere they go.

But can you have the best of both worlds? Can you really use your beloved iPhone or Android as a professional tool? Is it compatible with an iPad, tablet or laptop? Let's find out.

How Does the HDFX 360 Work?

The lead technologist from Stuttgart, Rolf Guderian, said the German-designed HDFX 360 lenses work in an extremely efficient and straightforward way: it’s a camera lens attached to a clip (like the plastic clips you use to seal a bag of chips when you only ate half the bag), and should not cause any harm or problem to your phone or hardware. These smartphone camera lenses are also capable of enhancing videos as well, not just photos.

hdfx 360 camera lensThat clip latches over both sides of your smartphone. It will work on all makes and models – however, in some models, the clip will cover a portion of the screen and may interfere with the touchscreen.

For example, if your camera is closer to the middle of the back of your device, then you may have to move the clip further down the device, blocking a portion of your screen and preventing you from taking a picture.

So yes, the device will work with your phone, but it works particularly well on phones where the camera is at the very top of the back of the device.

As an interestingly value-added bonus, the HDFX 360 also promises to work with laptops, tablets, and other devices with cameras.

The machined aerospace polymer internal construction boosts functionality and gives the HDFX 360 added features like:

  • Scratch-resistant aspheric lens (protect against dust and water)
  • Free microfiber cleaning kit & quick fasten clip included
  • Life-like photos and HD Videos
  • Shoot all focal lengths
  • Create “stunningly creamy bokeh”
  • 180 degree field of view with the fish eye lens
  • 20x optical zoom with the macro lens
  • 100% auto-focus and auto-stabilization compatible

HDFX 360 claims these features turn your phone into a “pocket-sized DSLR” that lets you shoot like a pro without ever buying a $1000 camera. These are the same similarities we have talked about in the marketing for the X800 Tactical Flashlight too but these are for DSLR mobile camera lenses and enhancements.

HDfx 360 Pricing & Free Shipping

HDFX 360 advertises a price of around $200 for a single lens. However, you’ll see numerous 75% off offers all across the internet. So if you end up paying $200 for a single HDFX 360, then you’re doing something wrong. They are also including free shipping on all orders, no matter how many HD-FX 360 camera lens kits you buy.

The official HDFX360 manufacturer and hi-definition camera effects maker is supplying a 75% discount depending on how many you want to get and give as gifts as chances are you know at least a few people who use phones 24/7/365 and wouldn't mind having these easy to use extra enhancements readily available anytime the picture perfect moment and capture is required.

hdfx360 3 camera phone lensesIn reality, HDFX 360’s normal retail price after the promo deal is applied is around $50 per set (remember 3 lenses are included).

Per-unit pricing drops the more HDFX 360 lenses you order:

  • 1 Lens: $56 + $1 Shipping
  • 2 Lenses: $97 + $1 Shipping
  • 3 Lenses: $134 + $1 Shipping
  • 4 Lenses: $169 + $1 Shipping
  • 5 Lenses: $196 + $1 Shipping (priced as bestselling package on manufacturer's website)
  • 10 Lenses: $350 + $1 Shipping
  • 15 Lenses: $450 + $1 Shipping
  • 20 Lenses: $550 + $1 Shipping

When you order 20 lenses at a time, the final retail price drops as low as $27.50 per unit. So if you’re ordering for you and your friends, you can end up saving a significant amount of money.

Is HDFX 360 Actually an Award Winning Lens?

HDFX 360 prominently advertises that it has one several major photography awards, including an award from the “Global Photography Association”, a “CMA Award from the Consumer Mobile Camera”, and an INPLA from the “International Photo Lens Association.”

We recommend you research more there if you feel inclined despite these being a relatively new product and camera add-on to test and use if you are an avid photo taker and selfie snapper.

The website that offers the HDFX 360 camera lenses does say their technology and products can produce equal or even exceed resolution quality of household name brand cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica and Zeiss. They are keen on describing their advanced CCD fabrication and ultra multi coated rugged materials that will do well in various lighting situations.

About HDFX 360

Unfortunately, HDFX 360 doesn’t provide much information about itself or its history online. But that could be due to how new they are and they do a great job of running their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts.

The company does have an “About” page where they talk about how the HDFX 360 was designed by “professional photographers who didn’t want to sacrifice quality and creativity in their everyday snapshots”.

During the manufacturing process, the makers of HDFX 360 claim to use “German designed precision lenses” that allow for precise high functioning internal construction. The company doesn’t list its mailing address or physical location. It only provides a phone number and email address:

-Phone: +3129-772-8113
-Email: [email protected]

You can also contact the company through its customer service management website. Or you can head to their HDFX 360 Official Website and learn more.


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