KeyBar Key Holder Review – Top Every Day Key Organizer Tool?

KeyBar Review

Despite the many advances that technology and science are making throughout the world, one thing seems to have stayed pretty much the same for centuries: The key. While phones get smaller and more multi-functional, and cars are driving themselves, people still have to carry their keys on a bulky keychain. Not only are these keychains unattractive, but they also take up a lot of space and make a lot of noise. We also reviewed the KeySmart key organizer tool so you can effectively compare which is the best and most used for your personal style.

For those who are tired of having their keys mess up the outline of their pants or take up too much space in their bags and purses, the KeyBar is the perfect solution. KeyBar takes a simple concept and finally moves the art of carrying keys into the 21st century.

What is a KeyBar?

A KeyBar, in simple terms, is a key organizer. Instead of having to place a bunch of keys on a keyring and having to deal with the clang and noise that those keys cause, KeyBar is a simple, quiet solution for storing noisy keys.

KeyBar works like a pocketknife. Keys can be taken off their rings and placed on the KeyBar, which will hold them together in a tight, secure bar. Instead of having to carry around a group of keys that take up space and make a lot of noise, KeyBar allows users to place all their keys in one device. The KeyBar key holder allows users to slide out the key they want to use when it’s time, so it’s not just better looking than keyrings, it’s much more convenient.

KeyBar comes in multiple designs and is made from multiple metals. KeyBar comes in aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. This variety allows customers to get the sleek or fun look they want with their KeyBar. And, since KeyBar is made from quality material, customers will never have to purchase another keyring every again.

The Story of KeyBar

KeyBar was created by Michael Taylor, a chief engineer who had been working at upscale hotels in Savannah, Georgia, for over a decade. Because he oversaw so many of these hotels, he carried multiple keys for everything on the property. Taylor was constantly walking around with a large keyring that he had to attach to his belt. For a long time, Taylor didn’t think anything of his large ring of keys, until it started effecting his work life.

Michael Taylor realized that he never saw any of his workers being lazy. Whenever he walked into a room, they were always hard at work, focused on the task in front of them. This went on for years, before Taylor realized that he never caught his people down on the job because they could hear him coming from a mile away. His large ring of keys announced his arrival long before he actually arrived.

While the noise of his keys clanking had always been annoying to Taylor, it was in this moment that he realized he needed to do something to keep them better organized and, more importantly, quiet. Taylor started designing the KeyBar by thinking of it like the many other tools he carried with him. He knew it needed to be able to carry several keys, clip to his pocket, and maybe even hold other tools.

The final design of KeyBar came after a lot of trial and error for Taylor. He made multiple designs and prototypes, but none of them worked just the way he wanted. The biggest problem he faced was getting all his keys on to one slick, easy to use device. When he realized he could stack the keys, the first real prototype for KeyBar was made.

Taylor started by selling KeyBar to friends and family members. As the interest in the KeyBar grew, so did the materials and designs. And, when KeyBar created a following on social media, the company grew exponentially. Now, KeyBar has gone from being a solution for one man’s problems to an accessory that everyone wants.

KeyBar has become the easiest way to carry keys, keeping them looking neat and sleek in beautifully designed components. And, with all the accessories offered with KeyBar, there’s truly something for everyone.

The KeyBar Kit and Assembly

Every KeyBar comes with an assembly kit. This kit includes:

  • 1 KeyBar, with removable titanium pocket clip
  • 2 half inch screws (in the 1-4 key kits)
  • 2 three quarter inch screws (in the 1-8 key kits)
  • 2 7/8 inch screws (in the 1-12 key kits)
  • 15 washers
  • 2 O-rings (to adjust tension settings)
  • 1 key fob link

Assembling a KeyBar is an extremely easy process and only takes a few minutes. KeyBar comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions, so even those with no experience putting things together can easily assemble the KeyBar.

Below are the steps to assembling a KeyBar.

Step 1

Insert screw and O-ring into front side.

Step 2

Layer keys and washers according to the placement that fits the customers’ needs. Add extra washers between keys if necessary.

Step 3

Insert pocket clip into the back side and screw the two sides together.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 for other end.

Step 5

Adjust tightness as necessary.

Step 6

Enjoy not hearing keys jingling and knowing exactly where they are!

Not only is the KeyBar extremely easy to assemble, but it’s also very easy to care for and clean. Most of the KeyBar options only need to be wiped down every now and then. However, the oils from the fingers can cause the titanium KeyBar to look a little dulled. This, however, is an easy fix. Owners of the titanium KeyBar can simple wipe down their KeyBar with Windex and a soft cloth or paper towel. After a few wipes, the titanium KeyBar will look brand new.

Purchasing KeyBar

As mentioned above, there are many materials and design styles that are offered by KeyBar. No matter what a customer’s personal style choice is, they will find something to love on the KeyBar website. Each design and material is a different price, so KeyBar definitely varies in price range. However, this variation makes sure that there is something in everyone’s price range.

  • EOS Titanium – $100
  • Glossy Carbon Fiber Pocket Clip – $12
  • Gray Nitride Coated Titanium – $70
  • Yellowish-Orange Anodized Aluminum – $55
  • Aluminum – $45-$48
  • Green Anodized Aluminum – $55
  • Honeycomb Pattern Aluminum – $55
  • Multicolor Titanium Biohazard Pattern – $85
  • Zombie Titanium – $85
  • Aluminum/Carbon Fiber – $55-$58
  • Black Anodized Aluminum – $55
  • Bronze Anodized Aluminum – $55
  • Titanium – $65-$58
  • Titanium/Carbon Fiber – $70-$73
  • Carbon Fiber/Engraved Aluminum (We The People) – $75
  • Treated Titanium – $70-$85
  • Anodized Aluminum Freedom Bar – $60
  • Treated Titanium/Carbon Fiber – $75-$80
  • Freedom Bar Aluminum – $55
  • Copper – $90
  • Flash Drive – $9-$23
  • Spare Key Fob Link – $1.50
  • Extension Screws – $5
  • Hardware Set – $5
  • PVC Patches – $3
  • Quick Key Tab – $5
  • Spare Pocket Clip – $6
  • Vinyl Stickers – $1.50-$3
  • KeyRabiner – $10
  • Toothpick and Tweezers Set – $15
  • Titanium Comb – $14
  • Bottle Opener – $10

KeyBar comes with a 30 day refund policy. This applies to most KeyBar products, but not customized items. This refund does not include the cost of shipping. If the items have been damaged, there will be a 15% restocking fee charged.

Contacting KeyBar

KeyBar has a contact form on their website for those who wish to reach out. For dealers or any marketing requests, KeyBar can be reached at [email protected].


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