T1800 Tactical Flashlight

T1800 Tactical Flashlight Review

The T1800 Tactical Flashlight is a brand new flashlight that claims to output 1800 lumens at a price of just $58. Here’s our T1800 Tactical Flashlight review.


What is the T1800 Tactical Flashlight?

The T1800 Tactical Flashlight describes itself as a high-performance tactical flashlight. The flashlight uses an 1800 lumens light powered by something called CREE XM-L2 technology.

The flashlight promises to provide “20% brighter” light and better heat dispersion than a traditional flashlight (as compared to the absolute brightest tactical Shadowhawk X800 flashlight).

Your T1800 Tactical Flashlight comes with five operation modes, including:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • 1 Flash Pulse
  • 1 SOS Signal

The flashlight is also described as “tactical” because it doubles as a melee weapon. The flashlight has a beveled edge designed to help you break glass or “disable opponents”.

You can also adjust the focus on your flashlight beam from 1x zoom to 2000x zoom.

Typically, you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get an 1800 lumens flashlight. The T1800 Tactical Flashlight, however, is priced at a surprisingly cheap rate of $58.

What’s the catch? What else do you need to know about T1800 Tactical Flashlight? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

T1800 Tactical Flashlight Features

When you take a strong look at our tactical flashlight review guide, you will see and take note of all the special specifications and fancy flashlight features you should look out for. Here are some of the T1800 benefits:

  • -Brightness: 1800 lumens
  • -5 Operation Modes: High, Medium, Low, 1 Flash Pulse, and 1 SOS Signal
  • -Beveled Edge: Designed for tactical use as a weapon or for breaking glass
  • -Zoom Power: Beam focus 1x to 2000x
  • -Charging Power: 12V USA Outlet Battery Charger and Car Charger for “remote ops”
  • -Long Lasting: Powered by 1-18650 Rechargeable Battery or 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • -Storage Case: Hard-sided, foam-lined storage case for easy transportation
  • -Impact-Resistant and Waterproof: Made from “durable aircraft-aluminum construction” and is water tight “for rain operations”
  • Clearly, the flashlight is really heavily promoting its “operations” angle. Instead of calling the flashlight water-resistant, for example, the flashlight is water resistant “for rain operations”.

The flashlight also calls itself “military-grade”, although it doesn’t appear that the flashlight is used by any military or police forces around the world (although the product’s packaging and sales copy is filled with images of police officers and special forces units).

T1800 Tactical Flashlight Pricing

Pricing per-unit gets cheaper the more flashlights you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 x T1800 Flashlight Kit: $58

-2 x T1800 Flashlight Kits: $97

-3 x T1800 Flashlight Kits: $134

-4 x T1800 Flashlight Kits: $169

-5 x T1800 Flashlight Kits: $196

All purchases come with two battery holders: including the 3xAAA holder and the 1×18650 plastic tube. You only get the battery inserts. You don’t get the actual batteries – so you’ll need to buy the batteries yourself.

Your purchase also comes with:

-Battery Charger

-Home Wall Charger

-Car Remote Charger

-Travel Protection Case

You also get a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders. “If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.” Purchases are accepted through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Note: The company says the normal retail price for the flashlight is $220 USD, although we couldn’t find much evidence of that online. The flashlight seems to be sold at a normal rate of $58 per unit.

Who Makes the T1800 Tactical Flashlight?

The T1800 Tactical Flashlight is sold online through a website called SurvivalSolutions.co. That website does not sell any other products, nor does it provide any type of contact information.

The “customer service” section for the company simply directs you to this support page, where you can create a new support ticket and wait for the company to respond to you.

WhoIS data shows us that the website was registered on November 3, 2015. However, the registrant’s name and information is protected through WhoisGuard.

Ultimately, the T1800 Tactical Flashlight appears to be a powerful flashlight similar to many other tactical flashlights that have recently popped up online. You can find similar flashlights on Amazon for a price of around $10 to $20 – including the Buytra 1800 Lumens flashlight and the UltraFire 1800 Lumen flashlight that uses the exact same lens as the T1800.


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