Hatch Sleep Products Review: Restore Deep Sleep with Light, Sound and Alarm?

A host of studies released over the past couple of years have shown that a little more than 70% of all adults living in the United States suffer from insomnia as well as other sleep-related conditions. If that wasn’t enough, medical data also suggests that American adults, on an average, spend up to 90 minutes lying awake every night. And while such statistics may not look like much at first glance, it is worth considering that poor sleeping habits have been linked with a whole host of medical issues including poor digestion, increased mental stress, decreased mental acuity/acumen, etc.

What Is Hatch?

Hatch (formerly known as Hatch Baby) is a company that deals with the creation of products that can help people get a good night’s sleep in the easiest way possible. In this regard, the firm is currently offering interested individuals with a whole host of unique items.

Hatch Sleep Products

Hatch Rest:

As the name suggests, Rest is all-in-one sleep inducer that provides users with a wide array of relaxation tools such as:

  • Sound Machine: Hatch Rest comes with a digital control unit that can help increase/reduce the volume of its native soundboard using one’s smartphone device. Additionally, Rest also comes with a massive library of snooze-inducing sounds, along with a white noise option.
  • Soothing Light: The device comes with a highly attractive night light that has been designed to allow users to feel relaxed, comfortable and more centered before they sleep off each night. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that users are also provided with a rainbow of colors to choose from when setting up the Hatch Rest.
  • Alarm: To help one wake up, the device comes pre-built with an advanced alarm system that informs users that they are supposed to wake up in a manner that is not disruptive.

Hatch Rest+:

In addition to all of the features that are included in the standard Rest version of the device, the Rest+ comes loaded with a number of advanced settings such as:

  • Two-way Audio Monitor: As the name suggests, this feature allows users to check in on their children (listen as well as talk) using their smartphones.
  • Added Privacy: Owing to the fact that the machine comes as a standalone unit, it offers users a high level of security and privacy.
  • Alexa Integrated: Another unique feature associated with the Hatch Rest+ is that it comes with a hands-free module that enables users to not only communicate with Alexa but also perform a number of useful actions such as change lights, sounds, etc.
  • In-Built Power System: The system comes with a powerful battery backup unit that allows users to enjoy uninterrupted services even during times of extended power outages.
  • Wifi Enabled: Owing to the fact that Rest+ can be synced with one’s WiFi connection, it can be controlled on the go (even when one is away from home).

Hatch Restore Pricing and Availability

In order to facilitate a purchase, all one needs to do is visit the official company website and follow the simple instructions outlined there. From a monetary standpoint, the aforementioned devices are priced as follows:

  • Hatch Rest: A single unit is available for a base sum of $59.99
  • Hatch Rest+: A single unit is available for a base sum of $89.99

Payments can be made using a variety of safe and secure avenues including MasterCard, PayPal, AMEX, Visa. Lastly, in case users have any queries regarding the products listed above, they can send in a message to customer service representatives by visiting the official company “contact us” page.


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