FlashTact G1000 Tactical Flashlight Review – The Right One?

FlashTact G1000 – Your Best Choice?

When asked what tool they would want in the case of an emergency, most people will instinctually say they would want their phones. And this makes sense. After all, phones have become such an integrated part of society that people can’t seem to go anywhere without them. Whether it’s walking through a store or even, unfortunately, driving down the street, people are on their phones. However, are these devices really the tools people would need in a crisis?

Times have definitely changed. A generation ago, people were still used to working with their hands. They still knew how to protect themselves. Most importantly, they still knew what to do in the case of an emergency. While times are definitely shifting, one thing remains the same. There are certain tools that everyone need to give them a basic chance of survival in an emergency situation.

There are several of these tools. Some prime examples are knives, guns, a source for fire, tarp, and the newly released ‘military grade' tactical flashlights as of early 2016. Most of these tools are pretty simple and quality ones can be found at even the local hardware store. However, one of these tools leans more towards being a device. And, like all devices today, getting a quality one requires a little more thought if wanting to use for strategic advantages and tactical purposes.

A flashlight doesn’t have to just be a flashlight. It can be something much, much more. And, for those who are familiar with tactical flashlights, the fact that these tools, or devices, are sometimes the only things keeping them from the brink of death isn’t something new. However, there are those who aren’t aware of the importance of tactical flashlights, much less what they need to be looking for in one.

Many will compare the FlashTact G1000 with the Shadowhawk X800 as the perfect tactical flashlight. It offers all the basics that even the most expensive tactical flashlights offer, but at a fraction of the price. And, because it is made of durable, strong materials, it can last even the most harrowing situations. The FlashTact G1000 is perfect for self-defense, protection, and for emergency situations.

What is the FlashTact G1000?

The FlashTact G1000 is a high performance tactical flashlight. Considered one of the brightest flashlights ever sold in the United States, FlashTact G1000 offers its users the support and quality they’ve come to expect in even the most expensive tactical flashlights. However, unlike these heavy, expensive tactical flashlight options, the FlashTact G1000 is compact and lightweight, making it perfect to carry around, especially in emergency situations.

The FlashTact G1000 was specifically designed with self-defense in mind. Because of this focus, the FlashTact G1000 has used military grade materials for both its components and its casings. This allows the flashlight to be light, but extremely durable.

In addition to being easy to carry, but durable, the FlashTact G1000 also has a head shaped like an oyster. While this gives the flashlight a sleek, modern design, it serves another purpose. Since the FlashTact G1000 was designed with self-defense in mind, this oyster-shaped head is actually ideal for tactical maneuvers that can be used as self-protection against threats.

Benefits of the FlashTact G1000

As mentioned above, the FlashTact G1000 is compact and lightweight. However, the tactical flashlight is able to expand. When it is closed, it is only 5.2 inches long. When it’s opened, it opens to a full 6.18 inches. This extra length makes it perfect for focusing in on targets or allowing it to be brandished in self-defense.

In addition to being so small, but expandable, the FlashTact G1000 also comes with different lighting options. First, it has an adjustable focus beam. This, like the extendable body, allows users to narrow in on targets or see darkened areas much clearer. While having an adjustable focus beam is more than enough for most people, it also comes with 5 preset modes. These modes include:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • SOS
  • Strobe

The different modes can be used in different settings. For example, a low beam might be useful when camping or walking pets. However, the high option is perfect for searching for items or when walking in an unknown area. The SOS mode is a crucial function, especially in the case of natural disasters. In storms or their aftermaths, having a strong SOS signal can be the difference between life and death. The strobe mode is perfect for getting people’s attention if stranded on a dark road. Or, it can be used to shock and temporarily blind threats.

While this has already been mentioned, the FlashTact G1000 is made from military grade materials. Many tactical flashlights have this bragging right, but FlashTact G1000 is made from military standard aircraft aluminum. This makes the portable flashlight durable and long-lasting.

Features of the FlashTact G1000

In addition to the amazing benefits that come with purchasing the FlashTact G1000, there are also some amazing features that need to be mentioned. While many tactical flashlights can be used for defense or in the case of emergencies, very few of them have the quality or price offered by the FlashTact G1000.

Some of the key features of the FlashTact G1000 are listed below.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power: 118650 Battery or 3 AAA
  • Lumens: 700
  • Zoom: 1X to 2000X
  • Modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS

Purchasing the FlashTact G1000

One of the best things about the FlashTact G1000 is that the more flashlights a customer purchases, the lower their per unit price. And, since the FlashTact G1000 is already such an amazing deal, the fact that price decreases with amount means customers can get one for all their friends or family members.

In addition to already being at an amazing purchasing point, the FlashTact G1000 is currently offering a deal where new customers get 75% off the regular price of the flashlight. With drops in price this steep, it’s unlikely that the flashlights will be around for too long, so it’s vital that customers purchase their units as soon as possible.

Below is a list of the purchasing options available for the FlashTact G1000, as well as the per unit price.

  • 1 FlashTact G1000 – $55.95
  • 3 FlashTact G1000 – $133.95 ($46.95/unit)
  • 5 FlashTact G1000 – $196.25 ($39.25/unit, plus 2 Free)
  • 8 FlashTact G1000 – $279.60 ($34.95/unit, plus 3 Free)
  • 12 FlashTact G1000 – $359.88 ($29.95/unit, plus 5 Free)

The most popular deal for the FlashTact G1000 flashlight is the buy five, get two free option. Again, supplies are limited, so customers need to hurry to get their flashlight today!


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