Frequency Shield Review – Powerful EMF Protective Device?

Every day, people face dangers and threats that they don’t even realize. While many of these dangers have no long-term effects, like walking past a store that’s being robbed and not realizing it, some of these invisible dangers have horrible, life altering effects that can completely change a person’s life. And the problem is that many of these dangers are hidden, making it so most people are left with a changed life and no idea how it happened.

In the past several decades, the world has seen a complete transformation. In the 1960s a computer would fill an entire room, while now people carry powerful processors in their pockets on a daily basis. So much good has come from the advancement in technology over the past several decades. However, with these amazing benefits have come some startling dangers. And, as mentioned above, most of the time people don’t realize these dangers until it’s too late.

One of the most overlooked, but worrying, danger that faces the modern world is the result of electric and magnetic fields, or EMFs. Unknown to most people, EMFs are areas of powerful energy. EMFs are better known by the term radiation, though most people don’t realize that they’re being exposed to this type of radiation on a daily basis.

EMFs are associated with the use of various forms of electrical power, whether natural or man-made. Recognized by the frequencies and wavelengths produced by these fields, EMFs come in two forms: Non-ionizing and Ionizing. Non-ionizing EMFs create low levels of radiation, not enough to harm humans. However, ionized EMFs are high level radiation and have serious potential to cause damage at a cellular level, even harming DNA in those exposed.

What Is The Frequency Shield?

Decades ago, the biggest worry about EMF was due to power lines, appliances, or other electrical substations. Because these were the main producers of power at the time, there wasn’t a huge worry about them. However, now that everyone carries a power source with them where ever they go, in the form of their phones, and are constantly around wireless routers, tablets, computers, and even GPS devices, people are being exposed to EMFs more than ever now. The biggest fear of EMFs is what they will do to the health of those who are exposed to them over a long period of time.

Because no one should risk their health and their lives by being exposed to EMFs constantly, the Frequency Shield was created. This shield comes as a small pendant and is able to protect wearers from the EMF frequencies released by phones and other electronic devices. The Frequency Shield can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. As long as it’s making contact with users, it is able to protect them from the dangers of EMFs.

About The Frequency Shield

The Frequency Shield is an EMF protective device that is physically worn by users. Coming in a pendant form, the Frequency Shield is able to remove the harmful frequencies and currents that accumulate in EMF fields. Not only has the Frequency Shield been proven to work, helping instantly relieve issues caused by EMFs, but it is extremely easy to use. Because the Frequency Shield comes in the form of a small pendant, it can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket, allowing users to walk and move through life with a peace of mind.

The Frequency Shield works by grounding the bioenergy fields of users into the electromagnetic field of the earth. Because the earth works as a kind of neutralizer, when the body is grounded into the earth through the Frequency Shield, the harmful currents that would cause health damage in users are removed.

While the Frequency Shield has been met with a lot of doubt, there are tests that can be done to prove that it works. Found on the Frequency Shield website (, interested customers will find something called a twist test. This test will reveal symptoms of EMFs that many people don’t realize they’re suffering from. For those who are ready to protect themselves and keep their bodies and minds safe from EMFs, the Frequency Shield is the best option available.

Benefits of the Frequency Shield

There are several ways people have chosen to protect themselves from EMFs. Some of the most popular options are in EMF blocking clothes, like jackets, pants, and even hats. The problem with these options is that they are extremely bulky and no one wants to wear the same clothing every time they leave the house.

One of the biggest benefits of the Frequency Shield is that it is very small and discreet. Users can wear the Frequency Shield as a stylish pendant, keeping it around their neck to protect themselves from the harmful effects of EMFs.

For those who aren’t comfortable wearing the Frequency Shield as a necklace, the pendant can be tied into a stylish bracelet. And finally, for those who don’t want people to see the Frequency Shield at all, they can keep it in their pockets. As long as users are in contact with the Frequency Shield, they will be safe from EMFs and the effects caused by these waves.

Another huge benefit of the Frequency Shield is that it has been proven to work. While many might hear the word pendant and get suspicious, research and scientific studies have been done on this technology.

The International Institute of Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility, or IIREC, is an authority in the field and has been very verbal about the benefits of EMF protection devices, especially pendants like the Frequency Shield. For those who want more information on these studies, there is a contact page on the Frequency Shield website, listed above, where they can ask and discover as much as they want about EMFs and EMF protection devices.

Purchasing a Frequency Shield

All Frequency Shields come with a hole drilled into the pendant to make it easier to string. A thin chain or cord can be used to thread the pendant or a clamp can be used. Included in the purchase of the Frequency Shield is a 1mm black leather cord, though a 1.5mm cord will also fit if users want to purchase their own. The best way to thread the Frequency Shield is from the back.

There are two purchasing options for the Frequency Shield. For individuals who only want one Frequency Shield, they can purchase it for only $99. However, for those who want to buy a few shields for loved ones, there is a deal currently being offered where customers can get three pendants for the price of two. This means that for $198, customers can get three Frequency Shields.


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