Identity Fence RFID Sleeves Review – Stop Theft, Protect Personal Data?

Identity Fence RFID is a credit card protection tool that promises to prevent people from wirelessly stealing your credit card. Here’s our Identity Fence RFID review.

What Is Identity Fence RFID?

Identity Fence RFID is a product that just launched online through The product promises to prevent theft by “wireless pickpockets”.

The makers of Identity Fence RFID claim that “thousands of dollars are stolen everyday” by RFID scanners. By placing your credit cards in a secure wallet, you can prevent RFID theft.

Identity Fence RFID is sold by a Tampa, Florida-based company. The founder of the company was inspired to create the product after having his information stolen while on vacation in Spain.

Today, Identity Fence RFID is priced at around $10 for a pack of 3 protectors.

How Identity Fence RFID Works

RFID wallet protector manufacturers claim that anyone can steal your credit card info simply by walking past you in public. In reality, this isn’t a big issue.

Today, most credit cards now have radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This is the same technology that allows you to tap to pay at credit card terminals.

If your credit card has RFID technology, it means it’s embedded with a small microchip that stores all of your account information. You can complete transactions on-the-go without actually inserting your credit card into a machine.

There’s limited evidence that RFID theft takes place on a widescale basis.

The schemes are easy to spot and easy to shut down. However, RFID wallet manufacturers use a special protective technology to create a shield between your credit card and these mysterious “wireless pickpockets”. Here’s how Identity Fence RFID explains it:

“By creating a shield that blocks the ability to power and communicate with the RFID chip, our products protect personal information stored on these items”.

Think about it: if credit card thieves could easily steal banking information wirelessly, then RFID technology would be banned tomorrow. After all, most people don’t own RFID wallets to “protect” themselves.

Nevertheless, RFID protection devices like Identity Fence RFID may provide an extra layer of defense between your banking information and the outside world.

Identity Fence RFID Features

Identity Fence RFID claims to use “sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology” to prevent people from stealing your credit card information. In fact, the manufacturer claims to use the same technology used in military jamming systems.

Typically, jamming technology requires a constant source of electricity. Identity Fence RFID, however, uses no batteries or electrical source. It promises to provide full-time protection with no power required.

Some of the key features in Identity Fence RFID include

  • Security: Protect your RFID cards, passport, driver’s license, and office key fobs from RFID skimming technologies
  • Slim: The protective case is 1.1mm thick, which makes it easy to fit into a wallet
  • No Battery: Identity Fence RFID is just a piece of material – there’s no electrical source or current required
  • Military Technology: “The same technology used in military jamming systems”

Identity Fence RFID Pricing

Identity Fence RFID is priced at the following rates when purchased through the official website:

3 Sleeves: $9.95 USD + Free shipping

6 Sleeves: $14.95 + Free shipping

The prices listed above are advertised as “free” – you just pay shipping. The manufacturer claims the normal price is $29.99. You have the opportunity to pay that normal price on the official website – although for all intents and purposes, the price is what we listed above.

The official website is filled with warning signs in an attempt to rush your purchasing decision. The website has a 5 minute countdown timer, for example, and claims that their product is in short supply “due to extremely high media demand”.

In reality, Identity Fence RFID has never been featured by any major media outlet, and the company has never run out of supplies. Don’t be tricked into making a rushed decision.

Who Makes Identity Fence RFID?

The makers of Identity Fence RFID don’t give out too much information about themselves online. The company claims to have launched in 2016 after its founder was victimized by RFID pickpocketing while on vacation in Spain.

The company is based at the following address in Tampa, Florida:

5136 W Clifton St.
Tampa, FL 33634

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at (877) 403-2406.

A quick Google Search for that address shows that it has been associated with online scams in the past – including supplements like Pure Life Garcinia Cambogia and Skinutra skin care products. The address is home to a company called The Fulfillment Lab, Inc.

Identity Fence RFID Summary

Identity Fence RFID is a credit card protection tool that promises to hide your banking information from “wireless pickpockets” using “military jamming technology”.

Despite the fact that there are no batteries or power sources inside Identity Fence RFID, the company claims to use the same technology used in military jammers.

Ultimately, you can find RFID wallet protectors on Amazon for under $5.

There are a number of red flags associated with Identity Fence RFID that should make you think twice about buying from the company – including the misleading marketing website.

And, of course, there’s the problem that electronic pickpocketing isn’t nearly as big of an issue as the company claims it to be. If none of these problems bother you, then Identity Fence RFID is available to order online today through


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