Strikelight Tactical Torch – Baton Flashlight For Protection?

According to the Bureau of Justice, assault, robbery, and theft are common occurrences; about 51 percent of the population experiences these violent crimes on a yearly basis. While becoming apt in basic defense skills is important, you and your family are much better off when you have an easy-to-use weapon at your disposal. While there are many products on the market, one of the most user-friendly options is the Strightlight. This device is recognized is akin to a torch or baton that can be used as a self-defense tool so that you can protect yourself and those you care about.

Since it is always important to understand what you are buying, here is everything you need to know about the device before you buy:

What is the Strikelight?

The Strikelight is a baton-like and light weight device that is made out of solid aluminum. According to the brand, the “blinding torch” can protect you from an attacker by harming them just enough for you to get away. Aside from functioning a device used to protect yourself from an attacker, it also has a flashlight capability with three different light strength qualities. Ultimately, with this expandable baton at your disposal, you’ll be able to not only feel more secure, but to protect yourself in almost any situation.

A Powerful Flashlight

There are many great qualities to the Strikelight, the first is that it works as a powerful and effective flashlight with three different light functions. The three different light functions are as follows:

Full Brightness

Full brightness is the strongest function and it works as a blinding light so that you can divert attackers when they are nearby. Some attackers may even interpret the light as that of security personnel, which makes it even more likely that they will back away.

Half Power

The second function is half power and it is half as bright as the full brightness function. The half power is also ideal for deterring attackers, but many use it for lighting their path as well. You can use the half power function to illuminate a space when necessary.

Strobe Lights

The final function of the flashlight is strobe lights. This stbe light is one that flashes on and off and it works well to deter those in the space around you.

With these three light functions, you’ll be able to feel safe and secure. Each function is bright, powerful, and it provides you with the desirable protective results. Another interesting quality to the light function is that the size of the light can be adjusted. You can twist and the baton to impact how far the light reaches and the strength of the light.

An Expandable Device

The StrikeLight is also an expandable device. That is to say, you can lengthen it a few more inches so that you can properly protect yourself from your attacker or so that you can feel safer as you carry the device around. The aluminum frame also ensures that you are able to carry around the product without having to struggle.

Three Survival Guides

When you purchase this StrikeLight, you also receive three different survival guides that you can download instantly to your computer. Upon downloading it, you’ll be able to read through them and enhance your survival skills and defense mechanisms almost instantly. Here are the three main survival guides that are available when you purchase this product:

Plain B Defense

The Plan B Defense booklet is a guide that teaches you how to protect yourself in case of an attack. It features an array of targeted techniques that enable you to bring down an attacker, despite your smaller statute. A few of the main tricks and attacks contained in this booklet are the Black Zone approach and the Slight of Hand skill. By learning and incorporating these moves into our routine, you’ll be able to make the most out of your self-defense abilities and to protect yourself as needed.

30 Day Survival

The 30 Day Survival Booklet is a “bug-out essential guide.” That is to say, it reaches you everything about the basics of survival, such as water, food, shelter, creating a fire, and how to protect yourself when needed. You will also learn how to create a nifty survival bag that enables you to prepare for the worst and to function through the best. There are also a number of hacks that you can implement that reduce the weight of the bag by up to 3 pounds. This makes your survival system more manageable and easier for your to implement.

Wild Scavenger

The final booklet is Wild Scavenger. This booklet provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary on how to flourish off of the land. The training guide also teaches you about which wild plants are edible and which ones you must avoid.

The total value of each survival guide ranges from $39 to $49. However, when you order the StrikeLight, you receive each of these guides for free. When you order the device, you’ll be able to download the guide to your computer and to read it in PDF form. The guides are also very easy to read and follow.

Money Back Guarantee

While the StrikeLight is a serious device, the brand still wants to make sure that you are satisfied with its performance and the guides that come with it. As a result, when you order this device, you also receive a 100% money back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is good for 60 days from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact the brand and get your refund.

Strikelight Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking for an effective, powerful, strong, lightweight, and reliable protective device, then the StrikeLight may be the right product for your needs. To order the StrikeLight, visit the brand’s website today and go through the secure payment portal. Once you order, the product will ship out and you should receive it within the next few days.


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