FIXD Active Health Monitor Review – Automotive Car Check Engine Status?

Owning and maintaining a vehicle is expensive. The average fuel cost for a vehicle in the United States is more than $1700 USD, which is further compounded by the average $1000 annual cost of vehicle insurance.

If you’re currently repaying finance on your vehicle, these costs are added to the average $2,200 in monthly premiums, which adds up to almost $5000 USD for the privilege of owning a vehicle.

One of the most expensive factors in owning a car, however, is mechanical maintenance. Most independent mechanics cost between $80 and $100 hourly for repair, while dealerships can charge even more, at an average of around $125 hourly.

The cost of taking your vehicle to a mechanic is compounded by the fact that the combustion engine, once simple and easy to perform DIY maintenance on, has become a complex, highly engineered mechanism that requires a significant amount of experience to service.

As a result, many car owners are unaware of the impact of small issues that can rapidly become expensive, large scale problems.

A lit up engine light on the dashboard of your car can be a stressful omen of impending financial ruin, presenting only a vague, implied threat that something has gone wrong with your vehicle.

It’s often impossible to determine what causes the activation of the engine light without mechanical experience, so many drivers keep on driving despite the warning, causing serious damage.

A new intelligent car health monitor, however, is promising to demystify the meaning of car issues by taking the ambiguity out of warning signs and engine lights.

FIXD does for your car what a fitness and health wearable does for your body, and is able to monitor all of the vehicular vital signs of any car it’s plugged in to provide easy to understand, simple, and actionable advice in plain English.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor and find out how it works to help you determine whether it’s the right car health tracker for you.

What Is FIXD Active Health Monitor?

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor is a revolutionary new smart device that pairs with an intuitive smartphone app to help car owners interpret the warning signs in their vehicle.

Able to help drivers better understand and maintain the health of their vehicles, the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor is designed to translate mechanical data into clearly defined terms.

The FIXD solution has captured the attention of tech and media news outlets such as Mashable, Engadget, Autorevolution, Fox News, The Car Connection, and Gizmag. Now available to order online, the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor began as a crowdfunding campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The primary issue that the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor seeks to address is that the engine light monitor is extremely vague, and can, in reality, represent more than 7000 separate issues.

The FIXD takes diagnostic data directly from the car itself and translates this data into simple information that is presented through a smartphone app to empower car owners, provide them with confidence when dealing with mechanics, and deliver peace of mind.

How FIXD Active Health Monitor Works

The FIXD solution works with any vehicle sold in the United States after 1996, and consists of two elements- the FIXD vehicle sensor, and the FIXD app. Each car made after 1996 has a port in the dashboard called the OBD-II, or the On Board Diagnostics-II port.

By drawing this information from the car and transmitting it to a smartphone via bluetooth, the FIXD solution provides simple, comprehensible, and actionable information.

Every time a driver enters their car, the FIXD solution provides an immediate status update via the FIXD app that delivers an up-to-date health report on their car.

If the car is in good mechanical order, users are presented with a green “good to go” sign, but various mechanical problems, if present, will cause the app to present either caution or warning signs.

Users are able to view a detailed explanation of each individual problem in the vehicle, along with an explanation of what will happen if the issue isn’t resolved immediately.

By comparing the average repair cost for every single possible repair process in the US, the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor app is even able to provide a highly accurate assessment of what it will cost to have the problem fixed.

The FIXD Active Car Health App also provides car owners with a handy service timeline that presents users with a detailed list of service tasks that need to be performed by pulling odometer data.

The FIXD Active Car Health App can also monitor multiple cars that are fitted with the FIXD vehicle sensor, allowing families to track the health of each car in one place.

FIXD make their app available for both iOS and Android smartphones, and, most importantly, uses industry leading encryption and safety protocols to ensure the security of user data, preventing unauthorized users from gaining access.

FIXD also don’t sell the information gathered by their platform to third parties.

FIXD Active Health Monitor Verdict

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor is the only solution available on the market that is able to do for your car what antivirus does for your laptop.

At just $59 USD for one FIXD Active Car Health Monitor, it’s far cheaper than using a repair shop every time your engine light comes on, and has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

FIXD is also currently running a promotion in which consumers are offered 50% of the price of their second FIXD Active Car Health Monitor when purchasing two at the same time, making it a great time for families that own two vehicles to attain peace of mind over the mechanical status of their cars.


  1. I have a 94 toyoya camry v4. It has a port OBD will it work on this car? I also have a 94 Ford F-150 v8 it also a port OBD, will it work on this vehicle? Thanks


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